Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita thinking by now Ragini must have seen Suhani’s pic and would be cursing Neil. She calls Ragin thinking of consoling her and asks if she is fine. Ragini says she is fine and asks what happened. Nivedit asks if she is in her cabin. Ragini says she is on stairs with Aman and cuts call. She tells Aman Nivedita was behaving weird. Aman says everyone is weird in Neil’s house, she came to hospital to meet him here.

Pam and Agam drop Suhani at airport and get back in taxi. Nivedita thinks she will stop all this drama at once by taking Suhani to Ragini’s house and introducing her to Ragini. She goes to her room, but does not see her. She calls Pam asks where is suhani. Pam says she went to delhi. She asks how can she go without

informing her. Pam asks what does she mean. She says she is worried for suhani. Pam asks her not to and say she will come home and explain everything.

Aman drops Ragini in her locality and leaves. Ragini sees Suhani wandering on road and identifies her. Suhani says her uncle tortures her and her dad stays south africa. Ragini says kidnapper told her dad is doctor. Suhani says her doc is SA businessman and will come here in some days, till then she will stay in shelter. Ragini says she should stay in her home in her daughter’s room and takes her home. Naani thinks she is Pam and asks where is Nachiket. Suhani gets tensed. Ragini says she is not Pam and asks her name. Suhani says she is Kareena. Naani goes in. Arav comes out and Ragini introduces her. Suhani runs and hugs him. Arav asks Ragini what is it. Suhani says she does not have siblings and got emotional seeing him thinking he is her brother. He says even he has a sister and in her absence, she can be his sister. He takes her to Nishi’s room. Ragini’s mom asks who is she. Ragini she will tell her later and calls Aman.

Suhani calls Agam and tells his plan worked, she used emotional atyachar and got into mom’s house. Ranbir takes phone and asks Suhani to give phone to her friend. Suhani says her friend went out to bring chat for her. He asks her not to each chat much. She says she will just taste. Agam then asks Suhani how is everyone there. She says everyone is very emotional. He says he will come there soon and asks her to call Pam. He then calls beggar lady and tells her that Pam will speak to her in some time. Pam speaks to Suhani and then calls beggar. She asks what did she prepare today. She says missal pav. Pam is shocked and asks what does she mean. She says she prepared item well. Pam asks her to give Suhani sweet corn. Beggar says she will and not to worry. Pam thinks her language is like Sunny Tai’s.
Arav and his friend plan budget of their catering business. Suhani comes there. Ragini comes with milk and tells Suhani she went to Nishi’s room. Suhani says she is helping Arav in his studies. Ragini asks them to drink milk and sleep. Arav thanks Suhani for covering him up like Nishi.

Aman goes to Ragini’s room and wishes her navratri wishes and says she should not keep stranger girl in home. She says she will not send her until her dad comes and picks her. Suhani comes and asks what is this festival. Ragini tells its importance. Suhani wishes her same and asks Aman if she identified her. He says of course. She says he is looking handsome today. He says after his mother, she told him handsome after many years. He tells Ragini she is very innocent and can live here.

Agam comes and says he came with dad. Ragini asks where is his dad. He says he is parking car and asks who is this girl. Ragini says she is Kareena. Agam asks Kareena kapoor??? Ragini says no and tells Suhani Agam is Arav’s twin brother. Agam says dad is coming up and signals suhani. Neil enters

Precap: On the way to Nishi’s home via car, Ragini tells Neil about household issues and says Nishi got love marriage and should control her household issues herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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