Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Pam walking in the corridor and getting surprised seeing flowers falling on her. Baharon phool barsao…. plays in the background. RK comes with heart shaped balloons, proposes her and asks if she will be his valentine. Just then Naani comes and says she will. Sunny comes and takes Naani from there. Pam jokes with RK if she should talk to Nani about being valentine. RK says he is serious and wants to marry her. She says she has moved on in life and does not need partner. He says in life, a partner is needed at some point. She says she does not need and walks out, breaking his heart again.

Aman comes to Ragini’s room, sees her sleeping, and prays god to give her happiness of whole world. Dr. Devika calls him. He says her timing is just like

Neil’s and during their conversation he tells that Neil is Ragini’s ex-husband. She is surprised to hear that and reminisces badmouthing about Neil’s ex-wife in front of her. She tells she had bought bouquet for Neil, which will go waste now, but anyways she will attend marriage tomorrow.

Agam sees Arav scribbling on papers and throwing them and asks his friend if he is studying. Friend says he is trying to write letter to Shilpa. Agam says he should take love guru’s help and takes him to Karan who is ironing Dimpy’s sari but says he is ironing his t-shirt on sari. He tells Arav to use reverse psychology and demonstrates it on Dimpy. Arav likes the idea and thanks him.

Aman comes to kitchen to get coffee. Jignesh’s grandmother/Baa comes there suddenly and he afraidly calls mummy. Baa says she is not his mummy. He says she looks like her mummy. She says she came to take some lime water as her stomach is upset after overeating and asks what is he doing. He says he is having headache, so he came to get coffee. During their conversation, she suggests him to marry Nivedita. Aman gets nervous hearing that. Baa says he is old enough to marry and she will speak to Nivedita tomorrow. Aman gets tensed thinking how to handle situation.

Jignesh kneels down on floor, wishes Nishi happy valentine’s day and gifts her ring. She happily hugs him. All youngsters come there and Agam says Nishi is lucky to get such a romantic would be husband. Baa comes there and shouts that is happening. Youngsters say they are celebrating valenitne’s day. Baa sees ring and scolds Jignesh for wasting money and angrily walks out. Agam taunts Nishi that her MIL is very strict.

Inebriated Ragini wakes up and starts singing Aye dile bekaar….song. She sees Agam sleeping on sofa and asks why is he sleeping in her room. Aman murmurs about dance rehearsals. She goes to Neil’s room and knocks door. He opens door and asks her to back to her room. She says she wants to rehearse and starts dancing.

Precap: Neil thinks he made a mistake by giving brandy to Ragini. He sees Daadi who asks him to give her some digestive medicine, and if he does not have, she will take it from Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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