Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil telling naani that he can do anything, but compromising with Ragini. Naani says years ago, even she did a same mistake and let him and Ragini separate, but she will not let Nishi’s life ruin now. She says Nishi is behaving like Ragini as she did not have father’s love in her life and asks why is he shying away from his responsibility as a father. Neil asks what will happen to Aman, he is eagerly waiting to marry Ragini in 4 days. Naani says Aman broke engagement and is out of Ragini’s life permanently. Neil asks since Aman is out of Ragini’s life, she is trying to force him in her life now. Naani says she is not. Ragini yells she will not patch up with Neil. Neil says even he will not and says he has promised Nivedita that he

will marry her, what will he tell her now. Naani says she does not know anything, but her decision is final. Neil leaves. Ragini asks her to solve the issue herself when she has made mistake. Naani says she will not as she is thinking right.

Ragini reaches Nishi’s hospital room and doc congratulates her that Nishi recovered so quickly hearing her and Neil’s patch up story and it worked like sanjeevini for Nishi. Nishi says she wants to stay with parents together.

Pam happily packs her bags to leave for America and thinks Neil will finally marry Nivedita and get rid of Ragini. Neil’s assistant Nancy calls her and informs that Neil has been removed from hospital’s panel of doctors after news broke out of him going to jail after hitting his ex-wife. Pam is shocked to hear that and sits like a statue. Ranbir enters and says the are destroyed now because of Ragini as dad is removed from his job and even their hospital deal is at risk. She shouts that Ragini succeeded in her plan.

Neil enters home and asks Pam if she packed their bags. She says they are not going as she booked ticket of month month later by mistake. He shuts how can she. Karan enters and asks what happened. He says she booked 1 month later ticket. Karan says he will book tomorrow’s tickets. Neil says he will book tickets himself with assistant Nancy’s help. He walks towards his room. Pan runs behind him and snatches phone from him and says why is he so angry on her silly mistake. Neil says he cannot stay here even for a day as Ragini’s mom wants him to patch up with Ragini for Nishi’s sake. Pam yells that it must be third class Ragini’s plan. Neil says she is not involved. Pam says she must be and now she wants to destroy him completely. Neil leaves fuming.

Ranbir tells Pam he has a plan, but it is weird. Pam asks what is it. He says if we spread news about Neil and Ragini patching up and send their pics to Neil’s hospital, they can save both Neil’s job and hospital deal. She shouts if he is out of mind and is inebriated. He says he is not and asks her to think calmly. She thinks and says it is a brilliant idea and says since he is her son, he can get such brilliant ideas.

Sunny and Agam/Suhani inform jignesh about Neil and Ragini’s patchup. He is surprised to hear that. Sunny says soon Nishi will also calm down and will patch up with him.

Pam enters Neil’s room and says she is concerned about Nishi. He asks how come she changed her mind in 5 minutes. She says she thought well and decided that Ragini still loves her and only she is perfect for him. He says naani was talking weird and now she is, if she is inebriated. She says she is not drinking during day and says she is sure only Ragini can support him emotionally. She continues praising Ragini and says she handled children as a single mother and did not marry Aman as she still loves him. Nivedita hears her conversation standing near door and is shocked.

Precap: Ragini with Naani and Nishi comes to Neil’s house and Pam greets her enthusiastically with a hug.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The writers better get going and make this series interesting not boring and predictable and full of the villains only winning

  2. A lovely episode.

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh dear one step atleast hope they dnt get stuck again pls
    as it is took so flipping mths n mths to get here…n send the dyayan nivi away….atleast pam is a camellion lol….gud luck Ra/Neil….

  4. Lovely episode

  5. OMG , everyone has a plan … Ragini must be real trapper ..what a crap serial .. I stopped watching it long time back as watching it is wasting half an hour now I am leaving to read telly updates of this serial also .. Bye bye crap serial .. I will not waste even a second on it from now onwards

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