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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishi shouting at Ragini that she forces her decision on everyone. She says because of this nature, she divorced her husband and now she is trying to correct her mistake by trying their patchup. She walks out fuming while Naani runs behind her. Aman comes and tells Ragini she is not wrong iand he is with her in every decisions of hers. Dimpy comes and tells Karan and Neil are planning to send Jignesh from here and have plan something during dinner.

Sunny sees Karan cooking food and asks what is he doing. He jokes. She says it is a poor joke, else she will call Dimpy here. He gets afraid and says they are friends now. He says he is cooking special dish for Jignesh as he is damad of them. Badi naani comes there and asks why is Phoolmati getting friendly

with British guy. Sunny says he is Karan and not British. She asks her to accompany her and leaves. Sunny goes and watches Karan hiding. He comes behind her and asks what is she looking at. She leaves.

During dinner, Jignesh starts coughing due to peanut allergy. Karan says he added peanut paste in his dish and apologizes. Suhani asks Neil to give antiallergic medicine. He says he does not have and says Jignesh has to go to karjat hospital. Jignesh says he will go home and have her mom’s herbal medicine. Karan says he will drop him. Ragini says she knows Jignesh’s mom’s herbal recipe and will prepare it. Neil says there is no need for that and asks Karan to get pen and paper. Jignesh starts choking. Nishi rushes him under shower. Everyone follow her. Jignesh coughing stops and he feels better. Karthik also gives him antiallergic injection. Neil asks how does she knows jignesh would feel better under water. She says she used and says when she was dining with him near swimming pool, he got same attack and slipped and fell into pool and he felt better. Suhani says she has good sense of presence and loves Jignesh a lot. Jignesh looks at Nishi and she fumes.

Karthik comes to Aman’s room and asks his opinion regarding Dr. Neil. Aman says he is asking a wrong man. Karthik says when he first met him, he realized he is the only sensible person here and asks him to help. He reminisces each incident and tells Neil is straight forward, clear minded, reaches places at right time, judges people right, etc. Karthik asks him to continue. He says he is feeling suffocated, asks him to practice breathing exercise by closing eyes, and escapes.

Agam comes to Naani’s room and asks if she met Arav in jail. She says only once and even Ragini did not meet him. He asks why. She says Ragini is shattered after arav’s jail term. He says mom should have gone to meet Arav at least once. She says she went actually with Aman once, but Arav scolded her a lot, so she came back and cried a lot. Agam asks why did mom got engaged to Agam. She says Agam is a good friend of hers and stands with her in each step. He says he is with her as a friend since 15 ys ears, then why did she get engaged now. She says after Neil left her again, she shattered and Aman stood with her like a true friend, so she got engaged to him. Agam changes topic and then leaves room.

Neil meets Ragini in a lawn and says she sometimes takes a right decision. she asks only sometimes? He says he felt Nishi still loves Jignesh but is anger on time for the time being. She says Nishi is immature. They both start their nok jhok and taunts again.

Precap: Neil and Ragini see Aman standing in garden in a shadow, think him as thief, and beat him with stick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow…could someone pls give Ragini a shake!! Nishi is completely right…Ragini is trying to fix her mistakes!

  2. I am so bored the serial is a waste of time

    1. Stopped watching
      This serial now….story doesnt move on…

  3. Wow the precap is so funny ????

  4. This serial is just going round & round, reaching no where in the end ! Same crap everyday…

  5. Gimmi a break, this serial is playing in circles for peets sake!

  6. Where is 22 June 2015 written update?

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