Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini sleeping peacefully on bed and Neil trying to catch network on his phone. He also falls asleep on sofa and drops phone on floor. Miljaye is tarah do lehren jis tarah….song.. plays in the background. Ragini wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed and sees Neil’s mobile on floor. She picks it, Neil wakes up and asks if she is checking her mobile. She says she picked it from floor. He asks her to prepare tea as he did not sleep yesterday night. She asks why. He says he is habituated to her snores and since she did not, he did not get sleep.

Suhani dressed like Sunny tai enters Pam’s room with Agam and Nishi and tries to wake her in sunny’s style. Pam thinks she is sunny and asks not to disturb. Suhani insists. Pam

opens eyes and asks why is Sunny looking so thin. Suhani laughs. Pam asks why are they are all wearing weird dresses. Agam says they are going for society’s dahi handi celebrations and wants her also to attend it. Pam says never. They start acting that mom does not love them. Pam asks to stop their bad acting and says she will come down in 1 hour. Suhani says she will send her Sunny’s style sari. Pam says never… Nishi says she will send her lemon tea. Pam smiles.

Nishi asks Aarav to join in dahi handi pooja. He says he will not and asks not to force him. She says she will keep his clothes and if he wishes, he can attend.

Neil sits for breakfast. Pam asks why is he looking tired. He says he did not sleep whole night due to Ragini. Pam asks again? Ragini feels embarrassed. Society members come and asks Ragini to send her 3 sons to become govinda as there is shortage. She agrees. They ask her to call Neil. She calls Neil. Neil greets them and asks if they are the same who called Ragini characterless and even alleged him. Members ask him to forget past and request to become chief guest. Neil asks how can an incompetent man like him become chief guest. Ragini asks him to stop and says members that he will come. Members say he should wear kurta pajama and ragini maharastrian sari. Neil nods ok. Ragini tells Neil not to taunt members as she will be in trouble once he leaves back to US.

Arav tells his friend he will atttend function for his and Nishi’s sake. Friend gets happy. They both go down and see Naani coming back from pilgrimage. Naani asks how is he and how are Ragini and Neil. He asks her not to talk about Ragini as he will not patch up with her in life. She says Ragini is his mother and he should not hate her. Arav leaves. Naani then meets Ragini and asks how is she and Neil. Ragini says she is fine. Naani says she told her husband and wife can separate but not parents. Ragini thinks how can she tell her that her marriage is a contract marriage and not real.

Sunny gets busy guiding people in decoration for pooja while Agam takes her video.

Ragni sees Ranbir outside home speaking over phone and asks why did not he get ready yet, she has kept kurta pajama for him. He asks why did she commit without his permission and asks where was she all these days when he needed her. He was so small that she left her, he used to get afraid in crowd and used to hide under her palloo, but she was not there for him, he used to miss his mom seeing other children’s mother, but she was so egoistic and wanted divorce from dad and did not even think once about him. Ragini starts crying. He says he does not need her now and asks dare not to show her authority as a mother.

Neil hears Ranbir insulting Ragini and asks how can he call his mom Ragini patel. Ranbir says she committed society people without his permission. Neil asks did he teach him to misbehave with elders and says Ragini committed as she considers him as her family member. He orders him to get ready and come down as a punishment for misbehaving with Ragini and even apologize her. He says sorry and leaves. Ragini thanks Neil. Neil says he does not want their children misbehave with elders and know moral values.

Precap: Nivedita asks Ranbir why is he tensed. He says same reason. She says she knows it must be Ragini and says Ragini knows just to force her decisions on everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    it is new begining for Ragin and Nachket?

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I hope so toooooo dat wil be Awesome…i just want nivipigy out uuufffff

  3. I hope that they will not break this contract marrige.

  4. nivi behavior shows educated famous lawyer is so stupid running behind a man who will never love her , has five children, what kind of marriage life will she get. show some sense in indian women, otherwise people abroad think indian women are so stupid they have nothing else to do

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