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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunny tai thinking of teaching a lesson to Pam. She provokes Jignesh’s daadi to force Pam to apply mehandi on her hands. Jignesh’s daadi commands Pam to go and apply mehandi. She agrees and takes Nivedita along. She sees Ragini sitting and asks mehandi lady to write Aman’s name on her hand. RK comes there and asks to write his name on Pam’s hand. Pam gets irked. Sunny breaks Pam’s sandal to make her fall. Nivedita wears that sandal and falls instead and writes in pain. Neil carries her into home. Ragini gets jealous seeing them.

RK asks Sunny why did she break Pam’s sandal. Sunny says she wanted to teach her a lesson and tells RK how Pam wanted to break Ragini’s leg to stop her from dancing with Neil.

RK is surprised to hear that.

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Neil massages Nivedita’s leg. Ragini comes there. Pam asks her to help Nivedita asks she was nurse before. Ragini stands still. Neil continues massaging Nivedita. RK thinks if Neil is ready to help Nivedita, will he help Ragini if she falls ill, he will wait and watch. Nivedita asks Neil to help him out till her room. He holds her back and carries her, while Ragini looks at them jealously.

Aarav dances vigorously reminisces Ranbir touching Shilpa. Agam sees that and asks what is happening. Arav tells him that he does not like Ranbir touching Shilpa, Ranbir knows that he loves Shilpa, so to make him jealous he purposefully does it. Agam says he will confront Ranbir. Arav says he will show he is best dancer and will propose Shilpa in front of Ranbir. Agam says he will help him in his rehearsals.

Jignesh’s daadi sees Aman and Nivedita’s broken legs and tells Sushila that they both are made for each other and they should get them married. Sushila asks her to keep quiet until Jignesh’s marriage happens. Dadi says she as an important work. She calls everyone and tells Ragni and Neil that she is very happy about their arrangement and her relatives are praising them a lot, now she wants them both to do Nishi’s kanyadaan. Pam asks how can they do kanyadaan when they are divorced. Daadi says both parents are alive and she wants them to do kanyadaan. Ragini says she wants to talk to Neil once and takes him to a room. She asks where was he when Nishi went to school 15 years ago, when someone eve teased her, when she was ill, etc. When he was not present, then how can she let him do kanyadaan. She wants him to tell daadi that he cannot do kanyadaan. Neil sadly walks out. He takes Baa out and tells that Ragini wants to do kanyadaan alone as she took care of Nishi alone since she was born, so it is not good he does it. Dadi says it is necessary that both parents perform kanyadaan. He asks then Aman should perform it. Daadi asks why should Aman perform. He says when he was not present, Aman helped Ragini in every aspect of life. Daadi says as per rituals, she wants him and Ragini perform kanyadaan for Nishi and Jignesh’s brighter future. Neil tries to speak again, but Ragini says she is okay with it for Nishi’s future. Baa says she is happy that they agreed to her request.

RK calls everyone to come out and see fire crackers. Everyone walk out except Aman and Nivedita. Pam comes back and tries to provoke Aman that he should perform kanyadaan as he is Ragini’s present husband and starts badmouthing about Ragini. Aman says he did not marry Ragini with expectations and leaves everything on her. Pam says Ragini does whatever she likes always and she doubts they are not married. Aman starts laughing and asks how does she and her brother get such waiter ideas and asks if he should marriage certificate. Pam certificate does not prove marriage until wife accepts husband by heart and challenges him to make Ragini agree to perform kanyadaan with him. Everyone come back, and Daadi annoucess that Ragini and Neil will perform kanyadaan. Nishi happily hugs Neil and Ragini and thanks them. Ragini walks from there.

Sushila asks Sunny to serve sweets to everyone. Pam taunts Neil that he always gets trapped in Ragini’s emotional blackmail and does not care about others. Pam then sees Ragini alone and starts yelling at her that she emotionally blackmailed her brother again and made him agree for kanyadaan. She says she has only 15 days and after that, it is her time. She says after Neil goes back to US, she should not think of him or use her children to get him back. Ragini asks her to stop her rubbish and says she considers Neil as only her children’s father and she does not care if he goes before marriage.

During youngster’s party, Agam asks Arav if he loves someone. Arav says he loves a girl since a long time but does not know if she loves him. Agam asks Shilpa if she loves anyone. Shilpa looks at Ranbir who is standing behind Arav and says she does not know, but is waiting for someone. Jignesh asks Ranbir if he loves someone. He looks at Shilpa and says he did not know what love is till he came to India, but looking at someone, he thinks he has developed feelings for her. Agam says he has become poet and has changed.

RK asks Neil if he loves Ragini still. He says he does not. RK says he came to India and joined Ragini’s hospital to confirm if she is remarried and even convinced her for destination wedding, that proves he still loves her. Neil dreams about romancing and dancing with Ragini. Sabkuch kami hai sabkuch yahi hain… plays in the background. RK says Neil that he loves the moments he was with Ragini and still reminisce them. Neil says he is doing it for Nishi and not for Ragini. Karan says Ragini is coming and Neil stops. Ragini comes and asks them to stop drinking, else Jignesh’s daadi will create a problem. Jignesh’s dad comes there and asks if there is alcohol served. Ragini is shocked to hear that and asks what will Baa say. Dad says they can mix it in cool drinks and asks Neil if he mixed alcohol in Ragini’s drinks. Neil says once Baa mixed it. Ragini gets nervous and leaves keeping sweets for them.

Ragini walks near water sprinkler and gets drenched. Neil asks RK to stop sprinkler and asks Ragini to go and change. She falls and he helps her. RK and Karan enjoy seeing them together and record it on mobile. Saathiya ye tune kya kiya… plays in the background.

Precap: While playing card game, Ragini tels she will not play as she does not have mone. Sushila asks how can it be when she is such a big heartologist’s wife. Pam says it is cardiologist and Ragini is Aman’s wife, not Neil’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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