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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam getting Neil’s call that Jignesh tried to suicide. She informs Karn, Dimpy, and others. Karan asks why did he tried to suicide. Pam says Neil told Nishi thought Jignesh is having marital affair and left house. He took sleeping pills and tried to suicide. Nivedita comments that she is worried about Neil as Ragini misunderstood him and ruined his life and now Ragini’s daughter is doing same, he must be very tensed. Agam asks why is she scratching past. Arav says she is telling right. Pam asks them to stop fighting and says she will go to hospital with Karan and Nivedita and Dimpy should stay with children here.

Pam reaches hospital and shows her fake concern to Nishi. Jignesh’s mom says her son tried to suicide because of nishi.

She asks how much she knows nishi and why is she yelling at her. Dad interferes and asks how much she knows Nishi, she did not even stay with her. Nishi falls unconscious. Everyone rush her to hospital bed. Doc checks her and says she is in deep shock and is not in a condition to handle any stress. Neil starts crying looking at Nishi.

Ragini walks out of Nishi’s room. Pam follows her and says this all happened because of her. Neil is crying seeing Nishi’s condition and Nishi is in trauma because of Ragini’s teachings. She gave birth to her children, but Pam took care of them and is their actual mother. She continues showing her mirror that she always forced her decisions on her children and everyone and was so egoistic that she ruined everyone’s life. She did not see Neil crying in his life till now, but he is crying because of Ragini. She asks her to mend her ways, but knows she will not. Doc informs that Jignesh woke up.

Jignesh wakes up. Neil asks why did he take such a big decision, why did not he think about Nishi. He says he cannot stay with Nishi and does not want to even life because of Nishi’s repeated habit of doubting him. Neil says Nishi is a kid. Ragini asks if he saw Nishi’s condition and asks him to give her a chance. He says he is tired of giving chances and cannot take it any more, please spare him from Nishi.

Ragini walks out and goes to Aman’s cabin. Aman speaks to doc and says her that both Nishi and Jignesh are out of danger. He shows marriage cards. She asks how can he think of marriage when her daughter’s life has messed up. He says he knew she would say same. Earlier she wanted him to wait as her ex-husband came, then left her, then her son went to jail, and now her daughter’s problem. He is tired of waiting and she has to answer him. She says her daughter is about to divorce and she is her most important to her now. He says he cannot wait more and understood she will not come out of her past and enough of her now. She says sorry. He snatches engagement ring from her finger and says it is over now, their life is on a road where there is no u turn.. She walks out crying.

Ragini stands in a lawn crying. Neil comes and says if she heard what Jignesh told and says she taught Nishi to doubt on her husband and pushed her in darkness. She (in a frustration of losing much younger Aman) starts shouting to stop blaming her and says he is a selfish father, brother, husband, etc. She alone took care of her children alone, but he left his children’s responsibility to Pam and ruined even Pam’s life. He asks when he is talking about Nishi and Jignesh, why is she dragging Pam in it. She says he doe snot know how to handle relationship and alleges instead that he agreed for Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage when she was opposing it as she knows the consequences of marrying so early. She continues shouting repeatedly that he failed as a father, brother, etc.

Neil says it is waste talking to her as she will not leave her arrogance and egoism and will continue ruining everyone’s life. He tries to leave, but she stops him and being more frustrated starts that he ruined her life instead and she curses the day she met him, he is bl..dy disgusting and leaves.

Pam asks Nivedita if she saw Nei’s condition and asks if she loves him. Nivedita says yes. Pam says if she gives solace to Neil and become his support, he will be hers forever and asks her to go and become his support now. Nivedita runs and tells Neil that she heard everything and cannot see him like this, she will be with him forever.

They both travel in a car. She plays zindagi kaisi hai paheli…song on FM and tries to switch off. Neil stops her and starts crying.

Ragini’s mom tells her that Aman told her everything and asks why does she wants to postpone marriage. She says she is worried about Nishi the most at this time and does not want Aman to wait for her. She starts crying vigorouslly.

Precap: Ragini loudly shouts at mom and why did she lie to Nishi. Neil asks how will Nishi face lie. Mom asks them to make it true then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sick n tired watching raagini always misunderstanding nachiket. Now she seems more of a stupid arrogant woman. She is not fit to be loved.

  2. K.Ajay Manikanta

    Neil crying…..dont tell me…He is 80%responsible for messing up Aarav and Nishis lives…..And Ragini is strict accepted….but she is really unlucky with that those two ungreatful brats who get easily carried away by their wealthy father…..
    And those who is writing update…for GOD’s sake dont involve ur personal opinion…Ragini never accepted Aman…All she done is out of frustatiom..Byt Ya it s gud that finally engagement broke off……Aman better search another girl for u…

  3. Sad but a good episode. Very relevan to what happens in day to day life. Love this serial.

  4. I don’t understand anything. Pls is it Ragini’s fault or Neil’s fault?

  5. Raagini is a egoistic woman.. She is the one at fault.. And her kids r brats.. Neil is always the one who handles things

  6. I’m sick n tired of raagini.. Poor neil.. She is nt fit for neil at oll nor vamp nivedita..

  7. Sick of watching the yelling and screaming…Neil and Ragini’s character or travail showed them as strong, independent and professional people…now it just seems to go downhill. And the youngest two characters seem to be the most mature. Please show some concern and love between Neil and Raginin. they both deserve to be a little happy.

  8. Wow. I loved pam today. Whatever she said to ragini was correct. I don’t understand why should ragini stay there. Why can’t she go out of their lives. Let the children stay peacefully. The kids don’t want her. Ragini is least ashamed. She still doesn’t understand how badly she has brought up her children. Neil is of course very egoistic but knows how to handle kids. Bar bar thapad deke koi bache ko bada karthe hai kya. That was all in older generation. Please don’t make Neil and ragini together

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