Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthik calling Suhani and informing her that her parents helped lady’s delivery and it is a boy. Suhani informs family. Everyone get happy hearing that. Sunny prays god that there Ragini and Neil helped in delivery of a boy and here Nishi and Jignesh performed krishna janmastami here. Pam thinks Neil went to attend Nivedita, then how did he reach hospital with Ragini.

Nivedita enters hospital limping and shouts at Neil that she met with an accident and instead of attending her, he is in hospital with Ragini. RK says she just got a leg sprain and will be fine. Nivedita shouts in pain. Neil makes her sit on wheelchair and takes her for examination. Ragini says RK Nivedita must be in severe pain. RK says pain has reached her head. Ragini

asks what does he mean. He says nothing.

Pam tells Ranbir that gujratis add ghee and prepare high calorie food, so she has decided she will diet and exercise from tomorrow. Ranbir says her tomorrow never comes. Sunny then stuffs her hands with ghee prasad. Suhani and Agam laugh. Sunny then gives prasad to Agam. Suhani asks if there is any function in society tomorrow. Sunny says dahi handi breaking ceremony. Nishi says she and Arav used to enjoy it a lot. Arav angrily leaves towards his room. Agam follows him and asks why did he come to his room when whole family is enjoying outside. Arav says he cannot act as being happy and blames Ragini that she ruined his life. Agam asks why is he blaming mom. Arav says she forced him to go to jail and whole society stares at him as if he is a criminal.

Nivedita tries to lure Neil that she is holding him here when he has to attend pooja. Neil says it is okay. She says he must be thinking he is stopping her from being with Ragini. He says she knows his situation. She insists him to stay with her tonight. He says he will inform Ragini and come back. He then tells Ragini to go and attend pooja while he stays with Nivedita. She agrees. He says he will ask RK to drop her home as it is raining outside. She says she will go via taxi as usual.

RK enters Nivedita’s room and asks her to stop her drama as he knows she is trying to separate Neil and Ragini and forgot that they are remarried. She asks him to mind his own business. He says he is warning her, else he will inform Neil. She says she does not care and stands up to argue. Neil enters and asks what are they discussing. RK says he is asking her not to put much pressure on her leg. Neil says she should not and says he will get her x-ray and other tests done. She says she will be fine and he can go and perform pooja. RK says he will be with Nivedita. Neil leaves.

Ragini reaches home. Children asks why did she come late and where is papa, if he is parking car. Ragini gets nervous thinking what to say. Neil enters and says he was parking car. They both then perform pooja.

Jignesh’s parents say they will leave now. Nishi touches their feet and takes their blessings. Neil says he will drop them till car and walks down the building. He asks them to wait while Jignesh brings car as it is raining. Jignesh’s mom says they did not want to come after seeing Jignesh’s heavy losses and rift with Nishi, but came to respect him. Neil says Jignesh is like his son and will compensate his losses, he wants Nishi and Jignesh to reunite and not make mistake which he and Ragini made. Dad says they will try their best to reunite them.

Precap: Ragini sees room light on and asks Neil to switch it off as she cannot sleep. Neil says he does not get sleep without light.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    As soon as i hear nivs name i chose not to c episode n Neil irkes me by being lk a numbskull…lol…
    much enjoyed lstnyt episode they way he eyes Rags so i stil dnt kw y nivs sh******

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