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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil asking Ragini and Aman why did they speak the RK instead of speaking to him directly. They both get tensed, but relax when Neil asks why did they tell RK that they want to dance together instead of dancing with Nivedita and him. He says he will inform Jignesh’s daadi that Aman will dance with Ragini instead of Nivedita. Aman says he did not mean that and gives some weird explanation.

Dance rehearsals start and RK pairs Arav and Shilpa. They both dance, but Arav says he cannot dance. Shilpa’s mom asks him to pair Ranvir with Shilpa and forces him. Ranvir dances with Shilpa passionately. Arav gets sad seeing them together and Pam gets annoyed. Agam asks RK to make Ranveer, Shilp and Arav dance together. They all 3 dance together,

but Arav is still nervous. Once dance finishes, Pam asks Ranvir why was he dancing with a chawl girl and getting closer to her, if he does not remember what chawl lady Ragini did to her dad. He says he remembers everything and since Arav loves Shilpa, he wants to break his heart and trouble Ragini indirectly. Pam gets hapy hearing that and asks him to continue his revenge plan.

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Aman and Nivedita’s dance rehearsals start. They both get nervous. RK asks Aman to start. Aman asks if he can act tree and let Nivedita dance. Everyone start laughing hearing his jokes and Neil asks Ragini where did he find this joker. He says Aman he will show him and dances with Nivedita well. Pam says they are dancing superb and asks RK to let them dance and let Aman dance with Ragini. Aman says he will manage and starts dancing like robot. Neil starts laughing and taunting again. RK asks Aman to hold Nivedita’s back. Neil asks Ragini to go and teach her husband. Ragini takes Aman to the corner and asks him to think he dance without her support and tells about Neil’s taunt. Aman then dances well with Nivedita. Neil taunts Ragini again. Ragini thanks him and he has become an inspiration for Aman and made him do his first surgery and dance well, he should extend his stay to stop Aman’s confusion.

Pam takes Aman’s phone silently and tries to leave. Aman stops her and says she is holding his phone. She says both their phones are of same color and brand, so she got confused. Aman says there is no reason for confusion as their phone colors are different. Pam asks if he observes ladies phone so well. He says she can use his phone if she does not have balance in his phone. She says she does not need his phone and gives it back.

RK tells Sunny though Ragini and Neil have separate, they still love each other. Sunny says he is right and she has seen Ragini remembering Neil. RK says if she helps him, they can unite them both. Sunny says she will do as he says.

Pam asks waiter to tell Aman that Ragini called him in godown. Waiter tells him the Aman the same and Aman goes to godown. Nivedita pours oil before he goes there and hides. Neil comes in and thinks why did Ragini call her, maybe Neil has done something. He steps on oil and falls with boxes falling on him. Agam sees him there and runs to call people. Pam on the other side tells Nivedita that Aman and Ragini will get a fracture or sprain after falling down and will not dance. Nivedita sees Ragini standing out. Agam informs about Aman’s fall. They all go to help Aman. RK asks why did he come into godown. He says Ragini called him. Ragini says she did not. Aman says servant told him. Servant tries to speak, but Pam slaps him and asks to stop. Sunny thinks something is fishy. Neil and RK help Aman out. Nivedita says Pam that her plan failed. Pam says Ragini’s luck helped her, but it won’t next time.

Ragini applies medicine on Aman’s sprained leg. Neil sees them together and sadly walks out. Ragini sees him walking. Neil goes to kitchen and starts preparing cofee. Ragini comes and asks what is he doing. He says cofee and does not need her help. She says she is preparing turmeric milk for Aman, so she asked if she can help him also. Neil reminisce their younger romantic days where Ragini gives him turmeric milk, but he drinks alcohol after milk and their romance thereafter.

Shilpa gets confused which dress to wear during sangeet. Arav tries to help, but she says she is more confused. Ranvir sees that silently.

Nivedita gets irked thinking about Ragini and Neil’s dance and tells Pam that she will tell Jignesh’s grandma to let Ragini dance with her husband and not Neil. Pam asks her to relax, else she will get into Neil’s bad books. Neil comes there and asks what is happening. Pam says Nivedita is upset about his and Ragini’s dance as she loves him a lot and wants to participate in every function with him. Nivedita asks who will dance with her. Baa comes there and says she will dance and calls Pam Lajvanti. Pam gets irked. Neil smiles and says he will dance with Naani. Nivedita says she will dance with Naani. Neil thanks her and takes Naani. Pam asks why did she do that. She says as she told she does not want to upset Neil and will use Nani as tool to get Neil.

Nishi’s mehandi ceremony starts. Dimpy and other ladies bring her to the venue and start apply mehandi. Nishi thanks Dimpy. Dimpy tells Ragini your daughter has really grown up. Daadi tells Jignesh will apply mehandi first and lets him apply it. Sunny asks Ragini to go and apply next as she is Nishi’s mother. Neil tries to give her mehandi, but RK pushes him and mehandi bowl falls. Ragin holds bowl and a bit of mehandi spills on her hands. RK smiles and says it is good a husband applied mehandi on his wife. Agam comes and says even he wants to apply mehandi. Dimpy says guys don’t apply it. Agam asks to apply it on finger.

Sunny asks servant to get her coffee. He asks her to mind her business and shouts. She asks why did not he shout at Pam when she slapped him. He says he does not want to talk about it. She tells they both are of same profession, so he should not hide. He tells Pam asked Aman to go into godown. She asks if she asked to send Aman or Ragini. He reminices she told to send Ragini in. Sunny thinks to teach Pam a lesson.

Precap: Pam tells Aman that she thinks he and Ragini are not married. He laughs and asks how does she and her brother get such weird thoughts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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