Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam telling Neil that Panditji told engagement muhurath is very auspicious and they should go ahead. He says ok. Nivedita asks him to come and check her shopping items. He asks why did she call him. Pam says she is going to marry him, then why should not call him. He says he does not want Nivedita interfere his private space and leaves. Nivedita vamp starts her emotional atyachar and says when Neil does not want to talk to her at all, why will he marry her and says she saw Neil with Ragini today. Pam says Ragini is a big menace for their family. She took away her daadaji, Neil and even children from her. Her dadaji died when she was studying in US and nobody informed her, Ragini took even that right from her.

Suhani speaks to Neil over phone and asks

how is he. He says how will he be when his daughter is out since 4 days and asks when is she coming. Ragini from behind asks if she is talking to her papa. Neil asks who is she and asks to give phone to her. Suhani cuts call saying she will talk to him later. She then tells Ragini that she will go home tomorrow and gets emotional. Ragini also gets emotional and says it will be difficult to live without her now and she already lost Neil, etc., because of Rupali and her child. Suhani asks what if she will know that girl is not Neil’s, will she accept him. Ragini says if it is true, he would told her 15 years ago, why is he keeping quiet. She does not know how difficult it was to live alone and bring up 2 children, it is good she has a friend Aman in need, else she does not know what would have happened. She asks her to go and rst. Suhani apologizes her and asks to calm down. Ragini says she has habituated to live alone now. Suhani asks what about Aman. She says she is not married to Aman and he is just her boss and philosopher. Suhani gets happy that mom is not married to Aman and thinks of informing Neil before his engagement.

Raj is busy with Neil’s engagement arrangements. He sees Pam and says even he wants to get engaged. She says no way. He says with Devika. She says he should definitely go ahead and says she cannot stop anyone’s self-destroyal. He says she is jealous.

Dimpy gets Nivedita for engagement. Nivedita says she knows she, Karan and Raj still want Neil to be with Ragini and don’t like her. Pam comes just then and says she used to think whoever her brother marries will be lucky, but she feels Neil is lucky marrying her and gifts her diamond earrings.

Raj asks Neil to wear sherwani for engagement and says sherwani which he wore for Ragini and his engagment was good. He says if he does not to marry Nivedita, even now he can tell. Karan suggests him to elope for some days. Neil says he is thinking of his dear ones than himself and says Nivedita is Suhani’s aunt and will take care of her like a mother. Pam comes and asks him to get ready and come down soon. He asks to tell Agam to get his shoes from car. She says she will send it from someone else. Neil asks what happened to Agam. She says he got headache yesterday night and after taking pills is still sleeping. Neil gets concerned and says he will go and check. She says Ranbir is there to take care of him asks her to send it from someone else then.

Agam says Ranbir he wants to attend dad’s engagement and tries to leave. Ranbir stops him and says he knows his and Suhani’s stupid plan of stopping engagement for Ragini. Agam says mom is not bad and mom/dad have misunderstandings. Ranbir says he will never let him or Suhani interrupt engagement. Suhani calls Agam, but Ranbir picks call and says Agam is not there. Suhani thinks why is he stopping Agam there and reminisces Nivedita asking who Kareena is to Aman and realizes Nivedita must have informed Pam and she must have held Agam, so she will have to reach the engagement venue and inform dad first.

Precap: Suhani reaches engagement venue. Pam says engagement is over. Suhani tells Neil that she would have come earlier to stop this engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. cant wait to see next epi the climax seen

  2. Ridiculous!
    This is getting more and more stupid by the day.
    Totally waste of time

  3. Rushad Rana will be making an entry in the show as Suhani’s biological father.

  4. I agree that this show is getting ridiculous by the day…before, I couldn’t wait for the next episode to air…now I read the written updates once a week n that’s more than enough…unnecessary stretch of storyline n annoying characters

  5. A good serial going very bad it has to if it is madam ektas brainchild

  6. Lol huh eish !!! True good story dragd on same point daaaa neil u engage to nivi no love or anyting! Y u do as pam asks gggrrrrr

  7. This is …!!!!!I Mean Niel is not going on good track..

  8. plz neil ang ragini plzzzzz unite them as soon as you can
    love you ronit
    love you neil and ragini

  9. Can’t wait for the next breathtaking episode

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