Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The to episode starts with Neil driving bus and rushing to farm house leaving goons behind. Aman praises Neil that he drives really well. Neil asks Karan to inform police and he does. Goons reach there and Neil warns them not to do anything as he has informed police already and police will arrest them. Goons say they are from nearby village and were trying to stop bus as a goon with gun sat in their deckie. Neil checks deckie and does not find goon. Sunny searches badi naani’s jewelry box and does not find it. Goon comes from lugguage compartment with gun and badi naani’s box and says he got what he needed and if they try to catch him, he will shoot them. Neil catches goon from behind and beats him. Karan catches goon. Police come on time and arrest goon.


panics seeing badi naani holding gun and points everyone. Baadi naani says she will shoot chamanlal/Aman for stealing her jewelry box. He says he did not. Nani says then phoolmati/Sunny must have stolen it. Sunny shows jewerly boxes and says they are fine. Naani calms down. Everyone then get into farm house and Aman distributes everyone’s room. he asks Sunny to sleep in naani’s room and she insists a separate room.

Ranbir calls Suhani and says they are going to US back tonight. She says they cannot as they are in Karan’s karjat farm house. He says he will go then alone.

Nishi nurses Neil’s wound. He panics and resists. Ragini comes there and takes over. Neil reminisces their younger days when she removes glass strand from his hand and bandages it. He gets malvika’s call and she asks him to continue with the call and leaves.

Nishi insists Suhani to tell about her boyfriend. She says she will let him meet once he comes here. They hear a sound and gets afraid. Ranbir enters from window and tells Suhani that he came to pick his passport. Suhani asks him to meet mom once. He asks will mom meet him. Just then, Ragini enters hearing sound and gets irked seeing Ranbir. She reminisces Arav’s jail term because of Ranbir and angrily walks out.

Ragini goes out fuming and asks Neil why did he call even Ranbir here. He says he did not. She continues shouting that Arav is in jail because of Ranbir. He says he is in jail because of her as she insisted to punish Arav for his mistake. She says he really did a mistake. Neil says he told her that he will sort out things, but she was adamant and sacrificed Arav for her rules. He continues that sometimes one has to think from heart also instead of brain and says she should stop forcing her decisions on others as everyone have their own individual lives. She angrily walks from there.

Neil calls children and asks Agam and Suhani why did not they inform that Ranbir came with them. Ranbir also asks them why did not they inform dad is here as he has to sign important documents in US. Agam handles situation by tell all is well that ends well.

Ragini tells Aman that everyone blames her that she forces her decisions and rules on everyone, but she is like that. Aman to cheer her up invites her for dinner and takes her to restaurant. They reach restaurant, and Ragini reminisces Neil bringing her to this restaurant and their romance. Manager meets and reminds her that she came with Neil 15-16 years ago and praises Neil’s lively nature. She says she is not with Neil now and points at Aman. He greets him and says he will give 1 day stay and food free for Ragini. Ragini says she came here for coffee. He asks to enjoy coffee and leaves.

Precap: Vidya Balan comes to promote her move Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh for Gods sake stop bickering Rags/Neil…round n round dialouges…

  2. wen is dis drama gonna finish?lyk seriously since last year november

  3. Hey everyone!!!! I luv this serial … For me this is the bestest serial i ever had seen??…… I m just waiting for the episode when nachiket and Ragini reunite… If ragini will marry aman the serial will be flop and i will stop watching it??? … Anyways i love this serial…?????

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