Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam going to Karan’s restaurant for lunch after shopping. Karan asks how was her shopping. She says it was good, but it is very hot outside. Raj comes with paneer tikka masala. Pam says she loves it. He says it is for Devika. Pam angrily adds bowl full of salt in dish and says Raj forgot salt in it.

Badi naani thanks Neil for taking her to temple like a son. He says he is like her son and says whenever she needs him, he will be present. She blesses him. Ragini asks naani where is Kareena. She says she is in terrace. Neil asks who is Kareena. She asks if he remembers that hospitalized girl, she met him again and is about to continue when Arav comes and says Neil he wants to talk to him. He asks him to explain mom that he wants to work, but

she wants him to study. Neil asks Ragini to let him study and work both. Ragini says he focuses on one thing at a time and will neither study or work. Neil says Arav has promised that he will do both and if he fails, he will study and work again. Arav promises that he will study while working. Ragini says when she asked, he told he will have to work after studying, then why should he study. Arav says papa explained him well and she yelled at him, so he listened to papa. She shouts and he leaves. Neil tells children will do what they like and even he used to do same, so they should not force them. She says even she wants that, but what will happen when he goes back to US, she cannot control Arav.

Nivedita vamp calls Neil and asks where is he. He says he is busy. She says she will send 2 sari pics and asks him to select one for engagement. He says he does not have time and asks her to pick pink sari and cuts call. Aman asks why did she ask Neil when she knows where he is. She says it is ladies’ mind and he will not understand it. She thinks Neil is ignoring her a lot and it is not a good sign.

Nivedita vamp then goes to Pam and tells she saw Suhani in Ragini’s house and she is staying here. Pam says Suhani is in Delhi and why will Ragini allow her in when she hates her. Vamp says she is staying there as Kareena and Agam knows this. Pam angrily goes to Agam’s room and asks where is Suhani. He says in Delhi. She asks him to stop lying and asks why did he send suhani to Ragini’s house. He says Suhani wanted to meet mom and clear some confusion. She shouts that she took care of them since 15 years when their parents did not care about them. He says he wants his parents to unite. She shouts that his parents will never unite and Suhani’s life is at risk in Ragini’s house. He says he does not want his parents to unite and he will never let she or anybody, looking at Nivedita, come in between them. She angrily leaves.

Nivedita tells Pam that she will go to Ragini’s house and get back Suhani as her life is at risk. Pam says if she comes here, she will be in more risk and says let us wait until Neil himself finds Suhani in Ragini’s house and by then she will get Neil and her engagement. Nivedita smirks and thinks she wanted the same.

Aman comes to Ragini’s room and asks if Neil went out. She says yes. He says she is very intelligent and looks hot, but she is even very cunning, knows everything. She asks who. He says sunny tai. She asks if he thinks Sunny tai is hot. He says no and asks her to call sunny tai. He asks sunny tai to get her a list in which they wrote who knows Ragini and he are married. Ragini asks what is he telling. He says Nivedita knows that he and Ragini are not married and must have told Neil. Ragini is shocked to hear that and says Neil may not know it. He says they should inform Neil before someone tells him, else he will kill him. Suhani comes with naani, and Aman leaves. Suhani asks where did Aman uncle go. Ragini gets into her room without telling anything and sunny goes to kitchen.

Precap: Ragini tells Suhani she felt good talking to her and says she is happy leaving a lonely life. Suhani asks her husband Aman is with her. Ragini says she is not married to Aman. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. finally nice epi hope neil wil knw coon dat ragini s nt married waitin for it…

  2. cant wait to see the next episode plzzzz quickly reval the truth of fake wedding

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