Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam breaking Neil’s wifi dongle purposefully and acting as breaking it by mistake. Neil scolds her. Pam asks Ranbir to go to cyber cafe and get Neil’s secretary’s message. Ranbir leaves. Arav insists Neil to play cricket with him as he always used to get sad seeing fathers playing cricket with sons. Neil agrees and follows him.

Ragini reaches hospital. Nurses congratulate her for her second marriage. Devika enters with bouquet and congratulates her for marrying Neil. She says she is happy for her and says she has refreshed herself after a long break. She then says Aman gifted her this bouquet. Aman calls her and she gives phone to ragini, but he disconnects. Devika says Aman is still angry on her, but he will calm down if he

sees her happy with Neil.

Neil plays cricket with Arav and his friends and during his batting breaks neighbor’s window glass. Neighbor lady starts yelling at him and asks why is he playing cricket with children. He asks how much is her window glass. She says 500 rs. He gives her 5000 rs and says she should not yell if children break glass 9 more times. Sunny passes by and says he did good by teaching this lady a lesson. A lady walks calling Neil insane. Sunny scolds her. Neil asks her to forget it. Sunny asks him to come and have lunch after some time.

Sunny reaches Ragini’s home and sees Agam and Nishi decorating home with flowers for pooja. She asks Nishi to decorate pooja place while she goes and brings leaves. Arav enters and tells Suhani and Agam that papa played cricket well. Neil asks him not to praise him much. He sees Agam struggling to fix flowers and picks him. He then asks Nishi if she needs help. She says no. Ragini comes home from hospital and gets happy seeing Neil helping children. Suhani gives him bright pink kurta and asks him to wear it for pooja. Neil resists. Suhani insists to wear it for mamma and he agrees.

Neil wears pink kurta. RK asks he is looking dashing. Neil says children bought him this for pooja. Agam comes wearing krishna’s dress. Whole family gets happy seeing him as krishna. Pandit enters and Neil greets him. Jignesh’s family enters next. Neil greets them and asks why are they late. Krishnakanth says they got stuck in traffic jam. Neil says don’t know when will mumbai’s traffic will be under control. Ragini signals Nishi to go and greet them. Nishi touches Baa’s feet and greets everyone. She also looks at Jignesh with eager eyes.

Whole family sits for pooja. Neil gets call from Nivedita’s phone where a man speaks and asks him to come to Mir Chowk right now. Before Neil could speak, Nivedita takes phone from man and disconnects it. She gives money to man and thinks she will see why will Neil not come here leaving pooja. Neil walks out from pooja. RK follows him and ask what happened. He tells he got call by a man from Nivedita’s phone asking to reach Mir chowk right now, he is worried for Nivedita. RK says he will go instead. Neil says he will as there may be medical emergency. Ragini enters and says she heard his conversation and says he should go. Neil asks what about children. She says she will handle them. Agam enters and she says Neil has got medical emergency, so he should go. Agam says he should go then.

Neil informs pandit that he has to go on a medical emergency, but his daughter Nishi and her husband will perform pooja. He walks with RK when Pam stops him near door and asks if he is going to America, she and Ranbir will go and solve problem. He says he got a call from Nivedita’s phone by a man and there may be a medical emergency, so he is going. Pam relaxes and says he can go.

Nishi and Jignesh perform pooja. Pandit asks them to serve keer prasad to everyone. They hold bowl together and serve it to everyone.

Precap: Suhani tells everyone how Agam had become Krishna before during janmastami and created havoc. Pam gets angry and stares at her to stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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