Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini crying and saying she did wrong. Pam says I heard that you didn’t go to meet Aarav in Jail. Ragini cries and says she is worried about Aarav. She says she thinks about him being in jail and has failed. She says Aarav said that he wants to go back. She says she pretends to be happy and hopes Nisha’s marriage is saved, but is suffocating inside. Pam asks why you are torturing yourself. You can’t take breath without him. Ragini says she can’t see him there. Pam says what will happen if you meet him. Ragini says she will break down and cry. Pam says Aarav is your son and is strong like you. She asks what is wrong with you? She says Aarav might think that his mum is still angry with him. Ragini says it is not like that. Pam asks her to meet Aarav and assure

him that she loves him very much. She says I am sure that Aarav might be waiting for you. Ragini thanks her.

Someone knocks on the door. Ranbir asks Aarav to open door. The Pandit comes and says he has to do Shudhikarn. Karthik asks about the birth of a baby through mantras and pooja. The Pandit gives his own reasoning. He asks them to mail on his id for further questions. Karthik tells that they have to convince Nishi’s inlaws for IVF. Nishi’s mum in law gives food to Pandit. He starts eating it and asks everyone to eat. Nishi says she wants to have sandwich. Sunny says she will bring food. Pam says I love you sunny. Sunny tai says she will keep the food for all. Ragini gives milk to Aman. Aman asks if there is anything else in kitchen. Ragini asks him to have fruits. Aman agrees. Ragini asks Sunny Tai about Neil. She says he is on terrace. Suhani says she will take fruits and milk for Dad.

Agam and Karthik talk about IVF while they want to be heard. Suhani gives fruits to Neil and says Mom didn’t have as she was waiting for you. She thinks Dad says they don’t love each other, but cares for each other. Nishi’s inlaws come to Neil and says they want to have private talk with him. He asks him if anyone can conceive without any relation. Neil is surprised and says I assume that you were talking about Nishi. Jignesh’s dad says he heard Dr. Karthik talking about IVF. Neil says Nishi can become mother with IVF and explains it. Agam and Karthik are happy. Jignesh’s parents agree to get baby through IVF. Neil says we have to talk to Nishi and Jignesh first. Jignesh’s dad says okay and asks him to talk to Karthik. Neil says Karthik is like a son and he will talk to him.

Ragini tells Sunny Tai to hear Neil and jignesh’s parents conversation. Sunny says you are going out of character, but it is good. Karthik assures Neil that he takes Nishi and Jignesh’s IVF treatment responsibility. Neil asks him to make sure that everything goes smooth. Karthik asks do you want to hide it from Ragini. Neil says he just want not to inform Ragini right now, as if IVF didn’t get right then Ragini might feel bad.

Neil asks Ragini, are you spying on me? If you wants to know anything, you can ask me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is wrong with Ragini? First she ruined her own marriage, then she tried to control her children. Now she’s crying like a baby for her children and still suspecting Neil. Actually, Ekta isn’t making any good serials. Her serials are all boring to the core.

  2. Lovely episode. Can’t believe Pam’s change of heart. Love this serial.

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