Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani gelling naani that Neil is not her dad, he has just given his surname khanna, her dad is Ronnie who used to stay in US and left her mom before she was born. She says her mom wanted to abort her, but on Neil’s insistence, mom gave birth. She cries vigorously and says dad could not convince Ragini mom and they both divorced because of her, she would have died instead before being born. Naani consoles her and asks her not to tell that. Suhani says she wants Ragini mom and dad reunite.

Badi naani starts crying and naani asks what happened. Badi naani says she wants to go to ram mandir with Neil. Sunny says she will take her. She says she does not want to go with phoolmati who wears glasses. Sunny says these are goggles. Badi naani says she

is pagal. Sunny calls Ragini. Badi naani speaks to her and says he wants to go to ram mandir only with her and Neil and asks her to call Neil. Ragini agrees and calls Neil and informs him that badi naani wants to go to mandir with him. He says he will come there. Aman comes and asks her to come and check new equipments. She says she is going to temple with Neil and badi naani and asks if he wants to accompany. He says with both of them, never. Pam comes and tells Neil he should go with Nivedita to select engagement sari. Neil says he is a bit busy and asks Nivedita to go alone. Nivedita says it is okay, she will go alone.

Nivedita takes Karan’s car and it breaks down. She calls Pam who says that car is under repair and asks her to leave it on road, Karan will get it towed. Aman passes by, sees her and asks where is she going. She says lower Parel. He says he will drop her and says he knows each part of mumbai and asks what she wants to buy. She says sari. He says he is going to check equipments before and asks her to accompany him. She agrees.

Ragini and Neil reach home. Suhani sees them and gets back to her room. Ragini goes to her room and asks what happened. She says she is not feeling well. Ragini asks if she can get her medicine. Suhani says she will be alright and she can go. Neil tells naani that he is taking badi naani towards car and asks her to send Ragini.

Ragini and Neil take badi naani to temple. A beggar identifies them and asks if they had been out of station that they did not come to temple since a long time. Ragini says yes. Beggar says she used to give her a lot of money and was very generous. Ragini gives her money and she blesses her and Neil. Ragini prays god to keep her children and Neil well. Neil prays god to give Ragini happiness which she deserves. Badi naani prays god to reunite Neil and Ragini and remove the hurdles.

Aman helps Nivedita selects sari and gets along with her well. He selects her 10 saris but does not like one. She says he is very confused and cannot select 1 sari for her. He shows 2 saris and says she can select 1. Salesman suggests to buy both. Nivedita thinks if he had really married Ragini, he would have made her life hell. Aman asks if she said something. She says nothing and takes him from shop.

Neil and Ragini see Nishi and Jignesh in temple arguing. Nishi says she does not want to fast while Jignesh says she has to as per Baa’s wishes. Ragini and Neil meet them. Nishi and Jignesh take their blessings. Ragini asks Jignesh where are his parents. He says they are at home arranging ram navami pooja. Ragini tells Nishi that she has to fast as per rituals and can eat fruits and milk shakes, etc. Nishi says she will fast and leaves with Jignesh happily.

Aman takes Nivedita to a roadside pav bhaji stall. She thinks how can she eat such an unhygienic food. Stall owner asks Aman he brought his wife for the first time. Aman says she is not. Owner says she will soon. Aman serves her pav bhaji. She says she did not try roadside food in life. She then sees Neil in car with Ragini and asks Aman if he saw them. He says Baa was also with them and Ragini took his permission and wanted him to accompany, but he had work, so did not go. She says he is not Ragini’s husband, so it does not affect him at all.

Precap: Nivedita informs Pam that she saw Suhani in Ragini’s house. Pam says she is in Delhi. Nivedita says Suhani lied.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Me too Mehak.Such a nice spoilers and Nivedita get the hell out from NEIRA’S Life.soon I just want to c Neira together……

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