Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam taking Suhani to meet Nishi. Nishi gets happy seeing Suhani and says she is so cute. Suhani says she is also so cute. Agam asks beggar to call Pam and speak. Beggar calls Pam and gives phone to Nishi. Nishi speaks as Suhani’s friend. Suhani then takes phone. Pam asks how is Delhi. Suhani asks what???, then says she saw Delhi in 1 ticket. Pam asks her to come back for Nivedita and Neil’s engagement. Pam sees Raj coming with Devika and gets irked and asks Devika if she left hospital duty. Devika says it is her off today.

Suhani asks Ragini she told her husband changed name. Ragini says he changed his name from Nachiket to Neil after going to US. Their conversation continues. Ragini says she got a call from Ragini, but due to her

children’s sound and holding pic she could not speak to her. If she had known that Rupali’s condition was so bad, she would have informed Neil. Suhani asks if she did not inform dad…then says she means Agam’s dad. Ragini says after Rupali’s dead, Neil stopped trusting her and without trust, it was difficult to stay together. Suhani thinks both mom and dad misunderstand each other and in these 15 years, if anyone would have stepped ahead, their misunderstanding would have cleared..

Suhani calls Agam and tells their doubt was right, mom and dad both misunderstand each other. Agam says they wil have do something and unite them once Nivedita leaves dad. Suhani asks what about aman who is already in mom’s life. Agam gets sad and says why god is punishing them so much. suhani says everythign will be alright.

In the morning, Ragini and family perform pooja. Suhani also performs aarti with her. Naani hesitantly gives prasad to Suhani. suhani says she performed aarti first time in life and is very excited. Ragini asks if she does not performed aarti at her home. She says she has only dad and her and asks what is special today. Ragini says it is ram navami and her wish will be fulfilled. Suhani prays god to do some miracle and unite her parents.

Ragini says her mom that even upbringing fails due to behavior, her own son left arti in between, but unknown girl performed aarti.

Agam and Arav go to Karan’s restaurant. Arav gets irked seeing Ranbir and Shilpa holding each other’s hand. Arav says Karan he needs his advice to become successful like him. Karan says in his love story, his villian was Dimpy’s dad who asked him to become rich firs and then marry Dimpy, in reality dad says he does not have to earn and marry first, later he can study and earn. Karan further says he challenged his father-in-law that he will earn 1 rs more than him. He studied hard and did his MBA. Raj asks him to stop his lies. Karan continues and asks Arav to study first and then start business. Arav says he wants to do business first. Ranbir interferes and says some people are always in a hurry. Arav says he is talking to uncle and not him. ranbir says even he is talking to uncle, else he is to low t talk to him. Arav says he is rich as his dad is rich, else he is lower than him. They both start fighting. Raj intervenes and asks them to stop fighting. Arav thanks Karan and leaves with Agam.

Naani tells Suhani she knows she is Suhani and did a mistake coming her, if Ragini will know, she will not spare her. Suhani starts crying and says she came to clear mom and dad’s misunderstanding and heard dad’s side and came to hear mom’s side. She knows becausew of her, mom and dad divorced, she wants them to unite and says Neil is not her dad and he just gave his surname Khanna to her.

Neil and Ragini reach home. Suhani hides and peeps from door. Naani goes to get water for Neil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nowadays i really love suhani very much after hearing her sad history hope nani will help her in her plans. love u suhani!!!!

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