Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam getting irked seeing Ragini and Neil coming together in a bicycle and asks where they had been. Naani asks Ragini if she found her purse. Ragini says yes and tells how goons surrounded them and how Neil rescued, etc. Jignesh’s family comes and they all greet them in. Karan introduces RK to Jignesh’s father. Jignesh’s father likes him. RK takes everyone in.

Nivedita tells Pam she is right about Ragini that she is very manipulative and is eyeing Neil again. Pam says she knows how to tackle.

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Pam enters Ragini’s room and continues her usual yelling that she

trapped Neil at first, then she trapped Aman, now seeing rich Neil again trying to trap him with her drama, etc. etc. She says if she does not stop eyeing Neil, she will inform Jignesh’s parents the reason behind her and Neil’s divorce. Ragini says she does not need any complications in her daughter’s wedding. Pam asks her to remember her words then and comes out of room. She sees Aman coming and starts yelling on him next that he is too leniant and has left his wife to lure Neil, etc. Aman gets embarrassed hearing her drama.

Haldi applying rituals start. Agam asks Ragini why is it applied. She says it will make the skin glow. He asks her to promise she will apply it on him in his marriage. She asks why to promise. He says she was away from him for 15 years and cannot take a chance again. She promises.

Neil asks Pam to go and apply haldi to Nishi. She says she does not know the rituals. He says she just has to bless her. Pam agrees and takes Nivedita with her. She acts good in front of Jignesh’s family.

Neil sees Aman in a beautiful sherwani and asks if it is yesterday’s alcohol. Aman tells him how someone locked him inside room. Neil asks when did is his marriage anniversary. Aman says he does not remember. Neil says if Ragini hears that, she will make him touch her feet. He says next month’s 5th. Pam hears their conversation and says Neil that they should get Aman and Ragini married in same mantap after Nishi’s marriage to make Ragini realize who is her current husband and who is ex. Neil says it is their daughter’s wedding and she should behave well.

Panditji asks groom and bride to apply haldi on unmarried people. Karan sends Ranbir. Pam asks Nishi to apply haldi on Nivedita. RK asks Pam to go ahead. Pam asks if he is mad. RK says she had responsibilty of Neil’s children earlier and now kids are grownup, so now she should think of marrying. She says she does not want to. Pandit asks bride’s mom to apply teeka on her husband. Pam warns Ragini not to apply teeka, else she will tell Jignesh’s parents why their divorce happened. Ragini applies haldi on Neil’s hand instead. Pam asks why did she apply. Ragini says she applied on his wound as a nurse and not as his wife.

RK asks everyone to have lunch. Nivedita gives food plate to Neil. Jignesha’s grandma sees Nivedita and tells her bahu that she should get Aman and Nivedita married.

RK announces Sangeet dance rehearsals and says everyone should dance. First Jignesh and Nishi will dance, next Agam/Arav/Ranbir will dance, then Aman and Ragini. Jignesh’s grandma says Neil and Ragini should dance. Neil agrees hesitantly. Grandma asks Aman and Nivedita to dance together.

Jignesh and Nishi share a romantic moment. He feeds here chocs and gifts her a basketful of chocs. Arav comes there and says even he needs one. Jignesh says it is for Nishi. He takes one and runs.

Nivedita is irked hearing about Ragini and Neil’s dance and says she will not dance with Aman. Pam says she knows how to stop Neil and Ragini’s dance.

Aman comes enters Ragini’s room fuming and says he cannot continue with the lie and will tell Neil about their false marriage. Ragini asks her to calm down. He says how Neil asks about their wedding anniversary date and Pam asked to remarry in same venue. Ragini requests him not to tell it to Neil and continue the drama. RK hears their conversation and says Ragini he will inform Neil and she cannot stop him. Aman requests him to listen to his story and tells how Dimpy and Karan misunderstood that they are married and spread the news to Neil and his family. Ragini says she did not want to involve Neil, but he came on Nishi’s insistence. She asks him to safeguard the secret from Neil. Sunny comes in and asks if the secret is out. Aman says yes. She says she will prepare a list who will tell what and SMS them. Aman asks to write it down. She says SMS is free for her and asks RK to come down and attend youngsters.

Suhani video chats with Pam and asks why did not she or Agam inform her about destination wedding, etc. Agam joins Pam, Suhani says she does not want to talk to him. She asks Pam about Neil. Agam says dad is doing dance rehearsals with mom and tells Pam and Nivedita that RK is waiting for their rehearsals with Aman. Nivedita says Pam what to do now. Pam tells her plan to stop Ragini and Neil’s dance practice and the reason behind their divorce. Nivedita gets happy.

Neil comes to Aman and Ragini’s room and asks why did they hide such a big secret from and RK had to inform it. He says he is very disappointed. Ragini and Aman get tensed thinking RK told the real secret.

Precap: Pam tells Ranbir that Shilpa is manipulative like Ragini and asks him to be away from her. Ranbir says he knows.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pam and Ranveer spoiling the whole show…Pam jealous of Ragni and Ranveer with Arav…well hope to see interesting part of the show only!!

  2. Update fast

  3. Is Suhani Pam & RK’s child?

  4. No I think its neil and ragini child. Lets see what happend next

  5. wating 4 monday… just love watchin ragini and neil 2gther……. n pam hate her

  6. I thinking suhani is Pam &RK child..bcoz ragni&Neil have only 4childrens…its Ranbir Nishi Arav Agam …

  7. Omg! who is Suhani? The suspense is killing me…..

  8. quboolhai4ever

    I like arav and agam
    who is ranbir and suhani as far as i know they have 2 girls and 2 boys

  9. Suhani is also Ragini and Neil’s child

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