Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aman asking Neil not to blame Ragini and says he should not take Arav and he is there for Arav as a father. Neil says he is just Ragini’s puppet and cannot be Arav’s father, he is still alive. He says he does not want to argue with him now and leaves. Aman follows him and gives Arav’s bag and says he wanted to drop it at Karan’s house, but since he came, he is giving it to him. Neil says as Arav’s father, he can right to take it. Aman says he is getting married to Ragini soon, so Neil should not come back again here as people will badmouth that Ragini’s ex-husband visits her often. Neil leaves sadly.

Aman goes back to Ragini and apologizes for his sudden change in behavior and asks her to accompany him for a dinner

date tonight to chill. She agrees hesitantly. Ragini picks Arav’s passport and starts crying reminisces Neil’s taunts. Neil also gets sad while driving reminiscing Aman’s taunts.

Karan calls Agam and says he wants to try his clothes. Ranbir says he can try his clothes. Karan says his style is old and boring, so he likes only Agam’s clothes. Agam gives his clothes and says these are his new clothes and a bit lose. Karan wears them and says these are even loose for him.

Jignesh comes back home and asks Nishi why did she misbehave with his friend and says she was helping him setup business with her fiance. Nishi yells that he is lying and is having affair with girl. Jignesh says she is same as her mother who misunderstood Neil and divorced him. She says she will inform his parents. He says he will inform her parents instead and says he is tired of her taunts and wants to free himself.
Neil comes back home. Nivedita says she had been to Aman’s hospital to inform him to get Arav’s passport. Neil says Aman is insensible puppet and starts fuming. Karan comes wearing Agam’s tight clothes. Neil asks why did he wear Agam’s clothes. Karan says he is buying new restaurant, so going on a business meeting and wants him to accompany and even check restaurant. Neil hesitates, but agrees. Karan asks Nivedita also to accompany as he many need her legal opinion. She agrees.

Aman reaches same restaurant Ragini and says ragini that he wanted her to relax, so he brought her here. Neil reaches restaurant with Karan, Dimpy and Nivedita and sits in an adjacent table, but Ragini does not notice them. Neil walks towards washroom when he hears Aman proposing Ragini to marry him in 5 days as there is no good muhurat after that. Ragini sees Neil and leaves asking Aman to give her 5 minutes. Neil goes to washroom and starts washing his face to hide his tears. Ragini comes there and he congratulates her. She asks for what. He says after many days of wait, Dr. Aman’s time finally came and it is good as she is getting old and her children have reached marriage age. She gets angry and asks him to keep his concern to himself. He says he forgot woman should be reminded of age and says soon there will be new children, etc. She asks what is he talking about. He says he is talking about Aman as he would be wishing to have his own children. Ragini says it is their life and they will decide when they will marry and have children.

Ragini continues that Neil has everything, but always tries to peek into his wife and even snatched her child. He says he did not snatch, but her child himself came back to him unable to tolerate her torture. Aman comes and Neil says her would be husband came.. Aman asks what is he talking about. Neil says he is talking about their marriage and suggests to marry as soon as possible. Ragini says marriage is fixed after 5 days and says hope they don’t meet again.

Ragini goes back to her seat and reminisces Neil’s words and Neil reminisces Ragini’s words.. He sits back with his friends.

Precap: Neil says Ragini that her daughter is doing same mistake which she did long ago. Naani says he is mistaken. He says he is not and Nishi is doing same misunderstanding Jignesh and wants to divorce him, though he did not betray her and did not even touch, she is lying. He pushes ragini and says he will talk to Nishi now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. I hate it too. too boring and dragging now. Same old thing with Neil and Ragini fighting and accusing each other every time. Just end it now.

  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Lol pushing verbal abuses.. if people hv moved on dnt kw y they cry n taunt each other???? Eish ekta get up….we not fools so lucky just read update n not irate myself by watching….other comments are ryt Ekta nogood…

  2. Interesting episode.

  3. chanda panday

    Both are very ego people,always blaming

    1. Honest opinion

      Ragini is much much much worse than Neil! She always puts her ego before everything else!

      1. I agree.

  4. Boring story
    improve it by bringing sum romance in it

  5. Is this how the so called rich class people behave in their family also. Is the funda true that ” doesn’t matter if one’s own life is ruined, as long as the other person is deeply hurt?” Are the lead actors of similar character in real life also? Or is it that they are willing to potray any stupid character as long as they get money? This is the worst serial of Ekta Kapoor!!! Zero Ethics the characters have!!

  6. Sad but lovely episode

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