Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil sitting alone on a chair and reminiscing his younger days with Ragini and their romance.

Arav comes to Ragini’s room and asks why did not Aman come to his room. She says she sent him. He asks her not close her door at night. She asks why. He jokes that if she hears someone shouting, she can easily find Aman there. She asks him to stop joking and go and sleep. He gives he goodnight hug and leaves.

Naani asks Ragini to give Nishi’s shagun haldi and jewelry. Ragini checks her purse in whole room, but does not find it. She then reminisces forgetting purse on road while changing Karan’s car tyre and worriedly tells Naani. Naani asks her to go with Aman and get it back. She says Aman is missing. Neil passes by and asks

why are they awake till midnight and not to worry about Aman as he is sleeping in his room. Ragini asks to wake him up. Neil says he is inebriated and will not wake up till morning. Ragini tells him about leaving purse on street while changing tyre. Naani asks Neil to go with Ragini and bring it back. Neil asks her not to worry and he will not let anything wrong in his daughter Nishi’s marriage.

Pam freshens up after a bath. Nivedita asks what is happening between her and RK. Dimpy says Pam and RK used to like each other. Pam says she does not and says she is having severe headache. Just then, RK brings coffee with Karan. Nivedita says he came on right time as Pam is having headache. Karan says that is the reason RK insisted to prepare coffee. RK says Pam as she lives, he has added less sugar and will bring tablets for her. She says she does not need. He says he knows which tablet she is allergic to. Pam says again she does not need tablet. RK leaves with Karan and Dimpy. Nivedita says Pam that she needs a friend like RK, he is very sweet. Pam says as a friend yes, but not more than that. She says she has seen relationships making and breaking and refers to Ragini and Neil’s marriage and divorce and because of them, she had to take care of children and Neil. She says Ragini is very manipulative and she knows how to tackle her.

Neil takes Ragini in a car to find purse and on the way, he asks her why is she careless. They both start argument. She continues confronting and scolding. He says he is not Aman to hear her yelling. She says he is right. They continue their argument. Neil sees her shivering in cold and gives his sweater. She says she does not need it. He says it is her daughter’s marriage and he does not like her moving around in red nose. She accepts sweater and asks him to play song. He plays pop song. she asks if he even like these weird songs. He says no. She asks him to change song then. He plays old song. She does not like even that. She then sees the spot where she left purse, gets out of car and says she left it on one of stones. He asks if she thinks she will get purse back after 12 hours. She gets into jungle to find it. She continues searching nervously. He finds her purse in bushes and gives it to her. She emotionally hugs him and says only good happens to good people. He asks her to stop crying and says if Aman know about us, it will be difficult to clam him down.

They go back towards car, and Ragini gets in. Neil asks her to check bag if it has jewelry or not. She checks and says everything is intact and relaxes.

Pam comes out of her room. Nivedita asks where is she going. Pam says she is going to check if Neil is in room and says Ragini is very smart and can even enter in locked room. She sends Nivedita, checks lock and comes down. Sunny frightens her. Pam asks what is she doing here. Sunny says she came to drink water and asks what is she doing. Pam says she does not answer servants. Their argument continues when Ragini’s mom comes and gets afraid if pam came to know about Neil and Ragini going out, asks what is she doing here. Pam says she came to get water and asks if Ragini is asleep. Ragini’s mom says yes and leaves. Pam smirks thinking Ragini’s plan has failed, her present and ex-husband are both away from her.

Neil’s car punctures and he gets out to check. Ragini asks what happened. He checks and says all 4 tyres are punctured. Ragini gets worried and says why all bad things are happening today. He sees nailed wood piece and shows it to Ragini. Goons come out from bushes. Ragini asks who are they. Neil jokes at first and tells they are good people and then says it is obvious they are goons who have come to loot jewelry and money. Ragini asks why is he telling them. Goons asks to give jewelry to them. Neil says she saved since 15 years for her daughter’s wedding and why will she give. Goon says if they don’t give it, they will beat them. Neil beats goon and one of them cuts his hand by mistake. Neil continues beating them and they run.

Ragini sees blood on his hand and asks what happened. He says goon hit him. She takes out antiseptic lotion from her purse. He says if she remembers, he is allergic to antiseptic lotion and may faint. She smiles and asks if he stil is afraid of antiseptic burning and applies it, while he closes his eyes. She says let us go now by walking. He says they have come 60 km away and starts sneezing. She says when he knows he gets cold easily, then why did give his jacket to her and asks him to get into car. Neil leaves her in car and gets cycle. She says she will not come in it. He says if she doesn’t, she will miss Nishi’s haldi. She agrees and sits in cycle with him and he starts pedaling.

In the early morning, Shilpa’s mom sees Ranveer exercising and forces Shilpa to go and exercise with him. Shilpa says he is sleepy. Mom says Ranveer is Neil’s son and lives in America, it is better to become Neil’s bahu than Ragini’s and asks her to lure Ranveer in 4 days and marry him. Shilpa says love is not forced. She says it is a very beautiful outdoor environment and asks her to get ready in 5 min and start jogging with Ranveer. Shilpa wears her jogging tracks and joins Ranveer. They both start jogging.

Pam gets up in the morning and wakes up Nivedita. She looks outside window and says it is very beautiful and they cannot see in mumbai. Nivedita also peeps out and sees fog outside. Pam says with this beautiful envorinment, we will also see Ragini’s sad face. She sees Ranveer and Shilp and asks why is he roaming with Shilpa, she should talk to him. Nivedita asks her to calm down. Pam says these girls trap rich boys like this. Aman shouts to open door. Pam thinks Ragini must have locked him and goes to check. Arav and Agam hear his voice and asks Aman what is he doing inside Neil’s room. Aman unlocks. Pam with Nivedita also comes there and asks how did he come in. He says he came to speak to Neil, but some stupid locked him in. Aman says he has CCTV footage and whoever has locked him will be punished. Pam gets nervous hearing that, asks to forget that and asks where is Neil then. He says he does not know. Aman sees Neil and Ragini coming together in a bicycle and shows it to everyone. Pam gets irked seeing them together.

Precap: Pam yells at Ragini that she trapped Aman after losing Neil and now she is trapping Neil again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this couple is so adorable when i look at their scenes i feel that love does exist…so cute

  2. that pam is so annoying ,she should just leave her brother alone,im sure she the reason they gt neil n ragani together.

  3. Rosheena Singh

    i love this couple,hopefully they come together once again.

  4. superb episode…neil and ragini are a lovely couple and looks awesome when they both are with each other..this show is lovable and fantastic cant miss even a single you ragini and both are superb..

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