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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam telling Ragini that his best birthday gift is her cake. He says he promised he will cut her prepared cake every year and takes cake out from box. Sunny brings candles and he cuts cake and feeds Ragini. Pam calls Suhani. She gets tensed. Agam asks her to pick. Pam asks where is she. She says she came to drop Arav’s friend Akash. Pam says Arav is here, then why did she go. She says Arav did not go out, so she came to drop Akash. Pam asks to give phone to him. She gets tensed. Agam asks her to tell Akash is in bathroom. Pam says it is okay, she just wanted to ask Akash what Arav likes and cuts call. Agam says he is going to US, but will come to meet Ragini twice in a year. Suhani says even she will and hugs Ragini. Aman gets concerned seeing

their closeness.

Nishi (changed from beautiful teenager to a bit ugly much older woman) hears Jignesh speaking to someone on phone and asks who was it. He says a friend. She shows him a pic hugging a girl and asks who is she. He says she is his friend and asks if she is spying on him. She says she is and says she is thankful to the one who clicked this pic.

Pam thanks Nivedita for coming to save Neil in such a short notice. Nivedita says she still loves Neil and says she will get back Neil at any cost. Pam is surprised to see that she has not changed at all.

Nivedita comes to Aman room and sees him shouting at his staff for missing a file and telling he does not tolerate mistakes. She asks then why is he allowing Ragini make many mistakes and taunts that even after being near Ragini, he will never get her. He says he does not like anyone interfering in his personal life and asks her to get out and shows door. She continues her taunts. He repeats. She says she came to take Aarav’s passport and asks him to tell Ragini not to make any drama and handover Agam’s passport. He says he heard she is going to US with Neil. She says it is none of her business and walks out.

Pam asks everyone to pack bags and says once Ragini says Arav’s bags and passport, they will leave. Dimpy says Ragini is sensible woman and she herself will go and bring bags and passport. Pam shouts that Ragini is most insensitive woman in this world. Neil comes down. Agam says he wants to stay in India with Ragini. He asks why this sudden decision. Agam says this is not sudden decision, he always wanted him and mom to unite. Pam starts yelling. Arav says Ragini is a selfish woman and she will make his life hell with her self-made rules. Neil asks Arav to stop badmouthing about his mom and leaves from there. Pam starts yelling at Agam how dare he is to talk about Ragini and says if he will stay with Ragini, he will cut his relationship with everyone.

Nishi enters Jignesh’s friend’s room and starts searching Jignesh. Friend asks what is she searching. Nishi asks from when she is having affair with Jignesh. Friend asks her to mind her tongue and says Jignesh is her friend and is partnering a business with her friance. Nishi continues her drama. Friend’s fiance calls. Nishi picks call and shouts that his fiancee is cheating on him like her husband is cheating on her. Friend asks her to get out and she leaves. Jignesh comes after she leaves.

Neil comes to Ragini’s house. Mom gets happy and says she thought she would never see him again. He says whenever she wants to see him, he will come to meet her. He checks her expired medicines and asks to take care of her health. He says he came to pick Arav’s bags and passport. Ragini comes out and asks mom why she allows strangers inside home. Neil asks her to cut the crap and talk to him directly. She starts yelling that he brainwashed Arav and taking him to US away from her to take revenge. He says he is tried of all this and just came to take Arav’s passport. She says she knows he forced Arav to come along, so she will not stop and will bring passport. Neil waits for a long time and gets into her room. She asks him to wait until she comes out. He says he was waiting for a long time. She says she knows and says whenever someone stands on her head, she gets nervous. He asks if she is trying to hide Arav’s passport and tries to open suitcase. She tries to stop him and says she has her personal things in suitcase. He holds her hand. Aman enters and tells Neil he should not someone’s room like this and asks him to wait outside.

Neil walks out. Mom asks what happened. Aman comes out and says Ragini could not find passport, but he will hand it to him by evening. Neil asks if Ragini does not want to find it. Aman says he did wrong by brainwashing Arav. Neil says Agam wants to stay with Ragini, that means Ragini brainwashed Agam.

Precap: Aman gives Agam’s suitcase to Neil and says he is marrying Ragini soon, and if he wants to come here next time by chance, he should take his permission as he does not want people badmouthing that ragini’s ex-husband still visits her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz stop this crap serial. No value for relationships … something that is good for society.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tis used to be my best serial..Now i hate Neil Nivi Shit man alllll of them.immoratily abuse n mental trauma all around.move on faster or end promos misleading viewers man For Gods sake gv us a break….

  3. The best comedian in this serial is ragini

  4. Any serial that tends to teach something to society shouldn’t be like this. Because this isnt the first time that Ekta kapoor is doing this. It has been done a long long time ago. So, the result was star plus throwing her away.Now, Iam damn sure that sony tv will do the same to her.

  5. Can the Director /Producer Sciptwriter for once think positive about the couple who loves each other but are under the influence of outsiders.cant they ever think alike and be together as one of the best serail which could be en an instrumental for for many couples staying sepaately to once again be together rather promoting Dr. Aman”s entry into Ragini’s life. Pls. stop all this and bring neil and ragini together, they r not teenagers

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