Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil coming out of room with Ragini and telling family that he did not get sleep well last night. RK jokes it is obvious. Dimpy jokes that Ragini’s face is glowing. Agam says he heard sounds from their room and asks if they fought again.

Nishi serves breakfast and says naani prepared it. Agam asks where is naani. Ragini says she has gone to temple. RK also join and says breakfast is very good. Neil says he needs omlette. Ragini says neighbors prepare nonveg and they have gone on vacation giving keys to her, so she will prepare breakfast at their house. She asks Neil to follow him if he wants. He follows her. Nivedita enters and asks RK why did not he wait for her. He says breakfast was so tasty, he could not resist and did come down to

pick her. She asks where are Neil and Ragini. Pam says Neil wants to have omlette, so Ragini took him to Neighbor’s house. Nivedita says she will come back and goes to Neighbor’s house.

At Neighbor’s house, Nivedita asks Neil why is Ragini trying to act as real wife and was getting closer to him. He asks what does she mean. She says ragini painted him with her colors. He asks her to mind her language and says he is already having headache and can’t hear her bullshit. Pam comes there and interrupts. Ragini brings omlette and sandwitches. All other family members enter. Karan and Dimpy say they loved gujrati breakfast. Nishi says naani told today is janmastami pooja and they have to perform it. Neil says he will not have breakfast. Everyone force him. He finishes 1 omlette and leaves. Ranbir says he will have remaining omlette. Sunny asks if he needs sauce. He says no. She says he is just like Ragini, even she does not like sauce. He takes sauce bottle and pours it on omlette. Karan also comments he looks like ragini, sunny comments he wipes nose like ragini when he gets angry. Ranbir says he is like his mom. Pam gets angry and tries to walk. He holds her hand and says he is like his Pam mom and loves her a lot. Ragini feels dejected.

Sunny gives grocery list for pooja. Suhani says they have to buy them from mall. Nishi says they have to go to Dadar market to buy them cheap. Suhani says she will accompany her. Nishi says it will be very crowded and she will get lost. She asks Arav to accompany them. He says he is not interested.

Ragini wears sari and tries to correct it. Neil watches her and thinks she is so arrogant even now she does not want to ask his help. She thinks he is same and would not help until she asks him. Neil opens his laptop and says wifi is not connecting in her room. She says yes. He gets up and asks if he should help her. She says yes. He helps her and she asks to be careful. He asks what does she mean and corrects her sari. She thanks him and he leaves.

He then goes to Arav’s room and sees him working on mobile and says there is no wifi here. Arav says there is no wifi here. Neil asks how can he work on laptop then. Ragini comes and says she did not find need to have wifi. Neil asks she did not want cable and now TV. She gives him dongle and asks him to use it until wifi is bought in 2 days. He connects wifi and speaks to his secretary who says his phone was not working and she wanted to give him important message. Pam hears her voice and in lieu of talking to her breaks dongle. Neil scolds her and says he cannot speak to his secretary now. She says she will send Ranbir to cyber cafe and get her message. N

Precap: Devika gives bouquet to Ragini and congrats her for marrying Neil and says Dr. Aman sent this bouquet. Pam asks Ranbir to go to cyber cafe and get Neil’s secretary’s message.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice epi!
    When this show is going to end because sometimes when I read episodes I get angry and I think when they are going to unite again properly.

  2. This was an nice episode and i really really hope that neil and ragini come close again even though they still have feelings for each other they are not admitting.

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