Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil informing Ragini that he is taking Nishi to US for some days. She is surprised and asks how can he take a decision without her permission and says wherever her daughter goes, she will. She then corrects and says she is worried about her daughter and says she wants to talk to him. He asks what is there to talk. She insists and he follows her.

Suhani and Agam feel sorry for bringing Ranbir to India and apologize him. He says he has moved ahead of past and does not remember it. He sees a girl and leaves with her in taxi. Karthik asks if he is weird from the beginning. Agam says she is. They then walk towards taxi.

Ragini takes Neil to her terrace and asks how can he take her daughter she is still a kid. He asks when she saw calender last

time and if she really knows Nishi’s birthday, she has grown up and already married. They both start verbal argument. He breaks flower pot by mistake. Aman hears it and says sunny there must be a world war 3. She says when Neil and Ragini face each other, there always is a world war 3. They both go up to check. Neil drops another pot purposefully. She yells. Nishi and Naani go up to check next. Ragini continues shouting that he cannot take Nishi with him. He continues that his daughter is grown up and she herself wants to stay with her dad. He asks her to stop trying to control everyone’s life and taunts that she is having a live-in relationship with Aman even before marriage. Aman hears that and says he does not stay there and last time came as plumber. Neil taunts him.

Ragini says she will also go with Nishi wherever she goes and she will take her to some other place than US. Nishi enters and says she is okay with it and just their presence matters. Sunny says even her vacation is pending, so she will come long. Aman says even he will and Naani says even she will. Neil says he spoke to RK and he said he won’t be present in his farmhouse, but they can go there. He calls travel office to book car. Nishi says even Karan and Dimpy are coming. He books van. Ragini says even Jignesh should come. He asks from where she gets these weird ideas and says Nishi would not feel good if he hs. She says he is Nishi’s husband. He says Nishi needs some space now.

Sunny sees Aman holding ice pack and asks what is he doing. He says he is cooling his head and says even after years Neil has not changed. Sunny says he is like maha rana pratap, etc. He says all weird characters are in his life and says he will sit in toilet until van comes.

Nishi updates facebook update that she is going on trip with papa. She informs Sunny who asks how many likes she got. She says she just uploaded it and will get a century. She gets Jignesh’s message and ignores him. Door bell rings and she opens it thinking van driver must have come, but is surprised to see Agam and Suhani. She asks how did they come. They say it is a surprise for her as they could not wait hearing her pregnancy news. She asks who else came with them. Agam says Karthik. She asks who is he. Agam asks her to ask Suhani. Suhani says she will call him directly here. Nishi insists to tell who is he. She changes topic. Nishi says she got well because of papa. Agam and suhani are surprised to hear that and say they came here without informing papa. They both see Ragini and happily hug her. Neil comes and asks when did they come. The are surprised to see Neil there. Ragini taunts how can he come with children for 1-day trip and asks him to stop lying.

Precap: Badi naani falls unconscious during trip. Neil tries to revive her pulse and everyone get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sooo funny…..I can’t stop my laughter

  2. chanda panday

    Loved the way Dr.Neil told Ragini and Aman off,

  3. Lovely and funny episode.

  4. Boring. I like both the main characters acting but the way they handle their relationship is very bad. Ragini really does not deserve Neil. And Neil Is dumb to try to get back to her.

  5. Seriously. Ragini is being foolish and too rude to neil. Neil n ragini r the main characters of the show. N i dnt see any signs of them getting back 2gether. Ragini is stubborn

  6. Why does aman want to marry ragini she is old at least 48 years old a mother of 4 and still in love with Neil

  7. The tracks of aman are stupid following ragini around

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