it will always be shrenal — description and prologue

in this story, shrenal are happily married with shrenu seven and a half months pregnant with their first child. after many difficulties, realization moments, both shrenu and kunal became shrenal.

however many say that happiness is always tested by god and in that case, their happiness also gets test by god.

an enemy in the past enters their life. why? because she is madly in love with kunal and hates shrenu with all her heart. even if she has to risk her self respect, she will do it only for kunal.

what will this enemy do?

kill shrenu all together?

get kunal hook or crook?

ruin shrenu’s life?

no one knows.

but will kunal let anything happen to shrenu?

will shrenal let anything happen to their unborn child?

just keep reading to find out.





kunal pinned shrenu to the wall. shrenu tried to escape but he wouldn’t let her.

shrenu: kunal, what is this?

kunal left trails of kisses on her neck and then whispered huskily: romance.

shrenu: shameless.

kunal: only for you.

he brushed his beard against her soft chubby cheeks making her squirm and giggle. he did it more vigorously only to see this childish behaviour of shrenu’s which was always a treat to see.


someone was watching this from outside with a thought in her head: chi! these two are such a disgusting couple. I should be in shrenu’s place!! she ruined my life. she has so much trust in her husband. now let’s see when her husband breaks her trust!

she laughs to herself.

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