It was too late….Shivika ff Part 11

Hey everyone…Sorry for being so so so late. I have been lately occupied with a lot of work.
Recap ?

So out of fear, the remaining cabin crew rang up the pilot to land at the Lucknow Airport.

Anika sat motionless on her seat. It wasnt difficult to tell, why is was so. They had lost the chance of an emergency exit and once the plane would land at Lucknow Airport, there was hardly 1% chance that the passengers would be safe.
An old lady sitting beside Anika said, " What happened my child ? Why have you lost hope ? "
"What else can I do Aunty ? There was one chance to escape , but that also failed. Hardly a handful of passengers escaped. We are trapped in this hell again. No one knows if we will be able to see our families again…"
"Do you believe in God ? "
"Sorry Aunty. I havent ever left anything to God. He has never been merciful towards me. Whenever something wrong happens, he never does justice with me. Its me who looses everything. So I never trusted God. "
" Child, God knows everything and does justice with everyone. There must have been one time when you would have trusted God and he wouldnt have let you down.."
Anika tries to think and recalls that time when Gauri had asked her to have faith in God and had taken her to the temple to pray, when Shivaay had gone missing.
"Yes Aunty…there was one time when I trusted God.."
"Did he let you down ? "
"No Aunty…he gave me the greatest happiness of seeing my husband safe again…"
"So my dear child, have faith in God. He will fix everything. "
Saying so, both of them smiled and the lady kept an assuring hand on Anikas.

Meanwhile, the airpory authorities had managed to estimate that the forced landing would be made at Lucknow Airport,so the best trained military men and soldiers had been prepared for having an army invasion.

The flight landed at Lucknow Airport. The terrorists communicated with the Govt, which was not ready to accept their conditions.
Terr1," The game is in our hands now. Even after all this happening, your Govt. is still not concerned about your safety. I ll finish all of you now, starting with….you…"
He pointed towards Anika.
"You have troubled me enough on this flight, young lady, and I dont care if you've had a heartbreak or anything. All I care is that now, you're finished…."
Anika was grabbed by her hand and pulled up to the empty place in front of the aircraft. The terrorist left her hand and she tried to run, but fell off before the strong and armed man. The terrorist pointed the revolver at her…..
Now that the flight has safely landed, the terrorists can still run away without any mess. So will the passengers be safe ? Find out in the next part…..

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