It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 8


I m very glad to read ur comments…….pls continue to comment and also tell me which scene u liked the most and in which scene I need to improve……. The episode starts…….
The boys are laughing as twinkle and chinki were very scared especially twinkle
T: w…wh…why u guys are laughing so much??
C: tell tell
K: uv I hv heard that girls get scared very soon but this much fast I mean only because of a ghost story I didnt knew that
U: ya actually uh!
T: oh hello we don’t get scared that much easily but today we got scard because…..
U: because of what??? Bolo bolo
T: b..because chinki’s farmhouse is haunted, ri8 na chinki?
C: y..ya ri8! She gives an angry glare to twinkle

All the three boys got scared but didn’t showed to the girls
K: h..h..hahaha come on yaar we are boys we don’t get trapped in lies so easily ri8 uv?
Uv is busy in his scary thought, kunj shakes him
K: uv!
U: h…ha sun raha hu…ya we are scared….I mean we are not scared
C: ok forget about it. Now my farmhouse has 4 rooms, so let’s do one thing I and twinkle in 1 room and u three boys sleep peacefully in 3 different rooms…ok?
Boys: no ways!
K: kya chinki no need to waste electricity we 3 will sleep in one room only
But the girls could say anything the boys rushed towards their room
C: twinkle why did u told my farmhouse is haunted???? U know its nothing like that
T: ya darling I know that but the boys don’t know that…. I hv a plan
Twinkle tells the plan to chinki they both smirk

Boys room
Vivek gets a call from his mother and he is very tensed
U: what happened vivek

V: uv actually my mom is not well so I will have to go home so…
K: ya ya u go and take care of your mother
Vivek goes back home ( guys I did this because I wanted this moment to happen only between twinkle,uv and kunj)
U:kunj now only we both in the room….d..don’t be scared I m here we both will sleep by holding each others hand so u don’t get scared
K: mere zyada to tujhe darr lag raha hai…no problem yr idea is good
They both sleep just when kunj sees someone’s shadow ouside their room he signs this to uv, uv also see this and gets scared
U: k..k..kon hai???
They see the shadow getting bigger
U: k…kunj ye bhoot to slowly slowly bada ho raha hai!
K: be voh slowly slowly b..bada nahi ho raha…voh slowly slowly paas aa raha hai
U: o god pls save us
Just then the ghost comes inside the room it is having a scary face and wearing black cloths
Boys: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
K: jai hanuman gyan guru sagar

U: kunj what are u doing?? Seriously u are in mood to sing a song
K: I m singing hanuman chalisa
They both sing hanuman chalisa together, just then the ghost takes off its mask and it is revealed to be twinkle, chinki also comes in , she was hiding behind the door. The girls start laughing like anything.
U: t..twin..twinkle….. U…..u don’t know howmuch u scared kunj
K: look twinkle uv was so scared that he doesn’t even remember that he was scared and not me
U: oh accha then who was so singing hanuman chalisa
K: who joined me?
C: shut up u both we know that u both were scared!
T: exactly chinki
Boys: no we were not scared
T: oo accha?

Just then twinkle makes a scary face
T: kunj,uv w…what is behind u..u both
Kunj and uv got scared and jumped out of the bed
The girls start laughing again
T: come chinki now let’s go and sleep….bye boys….good night
Kunj and uv were full of shame and they also went to sleep

Precap uv and kunj come to know that the girls have made a video of that ghost incident!

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Hahahahahaha omg ritzi… amazinggg no words i was dying of laughter ???? i was laughing my sister was staring at me like having no clue damn u rock ritzi love u for that ?????????

    1. Oo sweetie…..I too don’t have any words to thank u ya but tell ur sis why were u laughing or else she must be worried of u…lol

  2. Oh my god lol?????

    1. Thankss akankhya from the bottom of my heart

      1. Welcome my love???

  3. Ritzi ! !!!!!
    Wow wow woooooow
    Srsly yr it was so awesome especially hanuman chalisa part 😀

    1. Glad that u liked it dear sanam

  4. hahahaha………it is really really amazing yaar……

    1. Thanks for yr amazing appreciation gopika

  5. Omg ritzi…can’t hold my laughter…it was mind blowing yaar

    1. Awww akansha love u as well as thank u …lol

  6. kunj and uv’s bond…. i loved it too much…. really laughing like anything…..

    1. Thanks a lot twinj I m glad u liked their bond

  7. too funny yaar ….now it will b more fun when they will know abt the video…rofl…

    1. Ya actually loveleen

  8. OMG Ritzi………it was so funny…………just cant hold my laughter…….keep going

    1. Drink some water callmeprincess3 if u want to control ur laughter…… Haha just kidding

  9. Ahahahaha ??????? Funny nd Amazingg Epiii Ritzi!!??? keep writingg???????

    1. Thanks for yr appreciation suu

  10. kunj and UV bonding lovely yaar I was laughing throughout the episode precap is also funny

    1. thanks riya love u dear

  11. Omg yaar Ritz the scene of Shadow wos really osm lol?????

    1. OK so zikra the shadow scene was best for u……thank u go yr precious comments

  12. Omg…that was a laughter ritzi..u rock!!!

    1. I don’t have words to thank u prapti

  13. rofl..hahaha cant resist my laughter…amzing dear…love u..

    1. Aww Tara I love u 2,3,4,5……..infinity

  14. wow ritzi …. so funny episode…. nyc….

    1. That’sreally sweet of u panchi

    2. Thanks for such a sweet comment panchi

  15. Muskan{News reporter}

    The ghost ?. Moments were really LOL… Anyways ur ff was superb.

  16. Guys I wish a day comes when yunj will share such bonding in tei serial also

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