It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 49


heeellllllllloooooo guys…… i srsly missed allllllll of u nd ur ffs….. matlab sirf 4 din bhi internet ke bina….. tum logo ke bina nhi reh saki… i m happy tht i got my internet connection back as well as helll sad as today kunj died nd today was my last day of tei…. now i will never ever watch zee tv at 8 pm….. soch ke hi kuch hota hai yaaaaar!
nd 1 more thing i deleted my last epi on all yr demands… so i will give u a short recap

Recap: kabir went to jail…. twinj got married nd consumates their marriage

The episode starts…..
its moring…. a new beggining…. a new start… new expectations… new journey.(for me too…. widout sid…. twinj nd tei… oh god! )… new relations….. birds r chirping outside nd our two love birds r sleeping peacefully in eo’s embrace…. but ye gustakh kiranein (sunlight)… it spoiled our kunj’s sleep…. he woke up…. nd the first thing he saw was his twinkle…. sleeping peacefully in his 1 arm… he kissed her cheek….. she woke up due to it

K:(still on bed nd leaning slightly on twinkle)good morning Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna

T: good morning beauty queen

K: hmm…. wait wait…. what!…. beauty queen??…. u think i m gay?

T: r u stupid…. i m talking to my self

K: haan toh thik.. thik?….. kya thik… i told u gm naa!

T:yaa(trying to act smartly)

K:so where’s my reply (frwrding his cheek)

T: oh i completely forgot it

K: ur sooooo smart yaar

T: ya… so…. gud morning kunj…… done?…. now get up…. i need a bath

K: (searching 4 words) tw… twin.. twinkle…. yaar….. u r damn unromantic…. i asked for a gm kiss… but u…. kis unromantic biwi se pala pada hai yaar

T: oh so u thik i m unromantic uh!

K: hmm

T: oh is it?


hehe guys u must be thinking y kunk didnt speak bcus his lips were busy….. ya ya his lips were busy in recieving a short but shweet peck frm twinkle

they broke the peck…… kunj was aalllllllllll shocked… no no… surpried… no no yaar…. he was happy regarding this… he widens his eyes

twinkle felt too shy to handle his expressions nd ran to the bathroom… wrapping a towel

K: arre…. arre twink…

but she was all gone by now

K: hayye mai marr javaa

jst then a knock-knock

K: kon gadha hai jo mujhe marne se rok raha hai…… kunj tu ye kya bol raha hai yaar…….. sach mei kal raat ki thakkan utri nhi hai

again….. knock-knock

K: aa raha hu yaaaaar

he lazily gets up frm. the bed nd opens the door

K: tu…… be uv tu yaha kya kr raha hai

U’: i will tell u everything…. first let me cm in

K thinks: arre baap re… agar usne room ki halat dekhli toh kya sochega….. mar gaye

(guys the room was alllllll messed up with kunj’s shirt lying on the chair…. twinkle’s all the cloths scattered here nd there… bedsheet messed up)

K: nhi nhi…. tu idhar reh ke bol….

but be4 he could speak further uv bashed inside… but kunj stood there…. closing his eyes tightly with both his hands…. uv went in nd understood everything…. he quickly made a u turn nd again stands where he was
kunj opens his eyes

uv: sorry honeymoon couple ke room mei permission ke bina nhi jate.. bhul gaya tha…. vaise my room is less messed up than urs…. aisa kya kiya kal

nd then they both laughs

K: accha tell me y did u came

Uv: oh yess…… how much tym will u both take to freshn up… it seems u hv not taken bath yet

K: arre…. ye twinkle bathroom se bahar nikle toh na

Uv: srsly u r waiting fr her to cm out… mai our mahi toh aaj ek hi saath nahai the (i nd mahi had a bath together only)……..

nd then he realises wht he said so….

Uv: u knw…. pani bacho (save water) nd all

kunj was all red bcus he was controlling his laughter to gr8 extent

K: haa (then again controls) ya ya i knw everything

Uv runs frm there

Uv:(while running) accha me nd mahi r waiting fr u both near the swimming pool then we will go home together

K: arre… arre uv… wait…. wait… na…… hehe..

he again closes the door nd turns….. nd again…. he goes all numb…. again a gr8 rush of adrenaline through his body…. again the gulping starts…. again the fast tapping of eyes…. again the opening of mouth

ya ya i knw u all r very intelling to guess when kunj gets all these expressions….. obviously when his love is in frnt of him… but today everything was doubled seeing twinkle in the s*xy pink bathrobe…. with wet hair… nd wet body…. she was drying her hairs

K thinks: kunj…… y r u getting soooooo nervous…. itni nervousness toh 10th ke results mei bhi nhi hui thi…. nd ye toh teri biwi hai yaar….. be a man….. come on come on……..

he starts walikng towards twinkle nd holds her frm her waist nd turns her towards him

all this happened soo quickly tht twinkle didnt got tym to react…. her hands automatically landed on kunj’s bare chest (he was still shirtless)

T: kunj!

K: (kissing her wet neck) hmmm

T: g.. go… n.. nd hv…. ba.. bath

K: hmm

T:(releasing him frm her neck) kunj!

K: twinkle yaar…… y u had bath…. cm lets bath together

saying this he takes out her bathrobe

Now twinkle was only wearing her undergarments

T:(wrapping herself wid hands) kunj!

K:(pulling her towards himself… by holding her bare nd wet waist) arre tu sharma kyu rhi hai….. dont u remeber i already saw u like this…. nd even more yesterday

T:(digging her head on his chest) kunj!

kunj lifts her in bridal style nd walks towards the bathroom again

to be continued….

sorry guys for short update…. but as u all know mom’s opression nd all…. so i hv to take care of her…. nd sorry i will not describe the bathroom scene too….. as it will be too much 4 u guys… np…. nd ya krystal i think u only asked hv i experienced this….. look its nothing like tht ok….. this writing skills is jst bcus i m bookworm nd i hv read all the series of twilight soo i jst got an idea to entertain u guys but i failed….. sorry guys…. so noe twinj roamce will be in limit…. sorry to hurt u all….. but ya its not tht i hv eliminated romance…. jst chill

sorry for not commenting in yr ffs guys….. u know abt internet issues nd all

so if possible…. will meet u very soon

but with ony bcus of ur love nd ur support i hv reached till epi 50…. srsly i dont believe it…… thanks a lot guys…. srsly thanks to all of u

Credit to: Ritzi

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  4. Get well soon for ur mom…..ritzi even I have read twilight and books by Nicholas sparks, I can imagine how u describe such scenes so well , line by line….keep it up….

  5. Awesome pls post soon

  6. Arre yaar plzz show deir roamnce waise b abhi se todi dekhne ko mile ga sirf padna padega bt i tll u i imagine sid in evry scene so plzz post watever u hav taught

  7. finally after 4 days d much awaited ff is here awesome episode ritzi congratulations for wonderful journey of 50 episodes n as I said earlier I will always read ur ff n comment I know u were hurt because of some comments on ur last episode but u saw na everybody supported u specially richa everyone has their own POV so for me ur last episode was nice u made great efforts to entertain us n i liked it so I would say because of others don’t change ur writing be ur self n write what u want n after all I’m there to support u in ur every siyappa take care of ur mom luv u dear …

  8. Amazing Epi……take care of ur Mum

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  11. Nyc one ritzi …. hope your mom recovers soon ….

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  13. Awesome epi ritzi luved it….take care of aunty

  14. Ritzi only 1 episode to go for half century. Congo in advance. Take Care of ur mom. Hope she is fine now. BTW fab episode haan
    Love u?

  15. so uh havent forgived me yet yaaar m so so so so so srry bt plsssss dont eliminate romance n yeah i jst told uh nt to write openly in that ff n i jst joked about that xperience thing yaaar m so srry if my comments hurt uh

  16. listen ritzi today i am giving hindi speech

    duniya me kitne sare log hote hai
    sabke apne apne view hote hai and before starting any work people have to face negative and postive comments both and about your previous epi i didn’t feel any type of undesent or vulgar
    even i know about that when i was of 9 or 10
    that scenes make a story more effective and make a writer more better
    it help them to eliminate their awkardness and in hindi subject also you can see much more than this and even in my hindi book their are different words used but my teacher told that writer does not feel shame because every people know that and they wan’t to give knowledge to us
    and don’t be sad because of some comments and yaa i enjoyed previous epi a lott
    as we are growing up we have to take more knowledge
    and if u are not satisfied with this speech also think of doctors
    as doctors help a child to come out from it mother body so think ki unhe kinta ajeeb lagta hoga but no they doesn’t feel awkard because if doesn’t do that work who will do

    hope u are not much sad now due to previous epi
    see i take half hour to make understand u and be happy
    ok i will tell u a joke so listen

    in a office , boss of that office make a rule that if anyone came late they have to wrrte a reason in the register
    then one day ten employees of office came late ( all employees aremale)
    they all fill the register and write in place of reason that ” same as above”
    then boss give command to them to meet to him in his office to all employees
    then all employees go and boss fill sweets in the mouth of employees and congrates them

    because before the ten employees a female employee came late and give the reason that she is pregnant
    hope u understand this joke
    this joke was told by my classmate in front of teacher and very very awkard jokes are also told because teacher know we are old enough to listen these type of things

    ritzi now i will not waste your precious time more so about epi

    it was worthy of an oscar infact u are worthy of an oscar
    keep smiling and take care of your mum 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Ritzi ur epis are fab dont think much about others u just cont with ur story line . Because there are numerous people of numerous demands . So u will not able to fulfill all the demands .

    Anyway take care of ur mother.

    Love u

  18. Plz continue with ur storyline!
    And take care of ur mom!

  19. Hi Ritzi,
    Awesome episode.
    keep smiling. take care of your mother…

  20. Why did u delete ur Episode pls show it to me again I didn’t read it

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