it was always you (Promo)


promo for upcoming episodes

a big mansion is shown where about 11to 12 persons are shiwn standing with a tensed face
one man between his mid twenties 20s is shown arguing with a man between his 55s
boy:how can you do this to us han how could u why dont u think abt ur family han wt will they do now tell me u have nothing now and
the man inturpts :i dont need favour ok i can mange on my own
boy:just keeo quite not a single word now i will do wt i want to do u will not interfere in it
the boy leaves

while on the other side a old lady and man between his mid 60s is shown entering a big mansion with determined faces
who r tgese guys wt they want todo
and the two men wt they were talking wts the main reason
so here is a promo of my ff i know my ff is not worth reading but still 10cmnts u guys broke my fairy bubble and let me come in reality so a big thanx to u guys
this to i only know ke how i m writing but this only fir my milu ciz she asked me to postt soon
and my whatsapp buddies i will be offline fir abt 15days so pardon me guys
i will be absent coz of my health issues u guys know that
and no offences for less cmnts
i am ending it within few epis dont worry bbye dont have to bear me and those who cmnted thanx a ton
lovely i am sorry but ab main post hi nhi karungi sorry to upset u
ab main bilkul nhi bolungi so bbye sorry to waste ur time u guys must be thinking ke i m a attention seeker but main jo bhi karun sabko bura hi lgta hai so bbye

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  1. Sohi

    Hey why are you ending this amazing ff I know you are somewhat irregular but plz don’t end it so soon after reading promo I want read more of your ff plz don’t end it

  2. Chiku

    Hey birdy
    Promo is shocking ???????but i am waiting for the episode. Cant wait. Post soon
    Plzzzz dont end ur ff na. I seriously loved it. Yaar u know i only got 14 comments on my last shot but i am not disheartened. Plzzzz dont do so
    Post the episode soon
    Love u?

  3. Presha

    Awesome continue soon

  4. SidMin23

    Good starting

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Bulbul stop blabbering okay! No one here thinks this about you and don’t be sad! Also who said you are attention seeker,also you are not wrong if you are expecting comments…you are taking time out to write for us which really matters! And out here loves u, you are our cute si pyaari si chidia?? also ending the FF is your decision but don’t feel bad dear. And also i will suggest you to rethink about your decision once again and we all love u sweetie!
    Coming to the promo this was amazing and you write amazingly so please don’t end it so soon! Take care and get well soon! Tons and tons of love and support ????

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  6. Ramya

    Bulbul promo is interesting plsss post soon
    N don’t get disappointed n don’t stop it dear

  7. SidMin

    Hww my Vanu just love you you have to write for me ?
    Promo is so intresting
    Love you ??

  8. Kruti

    Brownie very bad….tum apni rudi ko rulaogi……yar pls dont end na everyone loves ur ff….nd mujhe bhi mere ff pe sirf 10comments mile theey……nd kisne bola ur an attension seeker…….mujhe sacch mein nahi pata what has happened but I know something has hurt u a lot….nd u know u can share it with anyone of us…….I just hope u can get over whatever it is nd continue ur ff…….nahi kiya toh mera ff bhi nxt 3 or4 epi mein khatam kar doongi

    Love u soooooooooooo much 🙂
    Take care

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    mujhe lag tha hai the old women and man were bebe and surjit… are yaar chulbul plz don’t end naa…. plz for ur aishu plz we love your ff

    love you

  10. Hey bulbul what made that think of u that u r a attention seeker….plsss don’t say like that we all love u and ur ff….u don’t believe that we r waiting 4 ur ff desperately…. And what is wrong if u expecting cmnt..u have the rights because in these ur busy schedule u waste ur precious time 4 us to write a chappy and make us happy…..and to make u happy and giving the value of ur writing we will surly cmnt….and who truly and geneuly ur ff reader and cmnt ur ff thinking of them plsssss don’t end this ff…because we love ur writing…..
    And I love this ff very much…and waiting 4 it….soo don’t end it…..
    U know i miss ur previous ff to and want read further but u discontinued it…..
    U our lovely swtttiii or pyariii si choti sis na…soo u will surly listen to ur di rg8….
    And don’t dare to think of boring urself OK…varna marungi samjhi….
    so post ur next epi soon OK……and don’t be upset…because we all support u always remember that…love sooo much sista….

  11. Hey meri chulbul plz don’t be disheartened by less comments re… U never know there may be many silent readers of ur ff… N I agree with fatu who told that u r a attention seeker I don’t think so u r… Jisne b bola hai just ignore it and continue for me n all ur sweet readers who comment regularly… Now common cheer up and post next epi soon… I’m waiting desperately for our TwiNj marriage…

    Love you re chulbul pandey????

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Seems interesting.. n dare u end ur ff this early.. i know u have many ideas revolving in ur head implement them frst☺
    N yeah sak is being really angry on u.. coz u think no 1 likes ur ff..?

  13. Baby

    bulbul darling wat can i say in it u know
    no1 cmnts gave dem a big lecture too
    plsss dont end u know its one of my favs ♥
    loved d promo mystery hmm 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥♥

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