It was a mistake to love you.. Chapter 9

Hey guys, this is Pavithra here. I am back with my ff’s ninth chapter. A big thanks to those who commented on my previous chapter. Thanks to silent readers too. I dedicate this article of mine to my second friend here and my best friend too – Mansi di (Naina0411). She deleted her account but I still love her and adore her. This is to you di. Luv u. Hope you guys like this one too…..

Recap:- Keerdhav dreams of each other….

Next day, at class…. Teacher gave the children a good news.

Teacher: Children, here is a good news to you all. Day after tomorrow we are going for a one day tour to the amusement park. You all should come here at morning 6:00. And we will reach back here by 10:00 at night….

Everyone agrees and everyone was quiet happy about this and excited too.

Madhav looks at Keerthi who was happy and talking joyfully to her friends. And he feels happy too.

Soon the tour’s day arrived. Everyone was excited and jolly except Keerthi who wanted to enjoy with others but can’t…

Soon they set off in a tourist bus. Everyone was enjoying even Keerdhav..

They reached the amusement park. Everything went fine. Everything was perfect and most of it was everyone enjoyed perfectly..

Soon they set off from the park to school in the bus. And it became night 8:00. They were all dancing according to the songs even Keerdhav. Disco light was there. It was fully dark except the light of disco.

While dancing, Keerthi reaches the back end of the bus. She didn’t know that her Madhav was there.

Kerrthi’s leg unknowingly strike at one of the seats and looses her balance and she goes back and goes to fall down when Madhav comes and holds her..

No one saw this..

They looks at each other. Their love for each other was in their eyes.

Madhav holds her but he too looses his balance and both fall on the seat. Madhav falls on Keerthi.

They look at each other’s eyes. They have an eye lock.

The gutter roads interrupts them. They both came back to their senses….


Keerthi: Leave me,Madhav

Madhav: No I won’t

Keerthi looks at Madhav and asks why?

Madhav: Because I want to hold you like this for my entire life and never let you go as I love you.

Keerthi’s eyes waters…

Keerthi: Madhav, even I …..


It was all over. It was Keerthi’s illusion…

Keerthi: Sorry,I lost my balance.

Madhav: Even I lost mine.

Keerthi smiles and starts to go.

He called – Keerthiii

Keerthi stops and turns.

Madhav: Sorry for that humiliation in class. Actually it was later I came to know how you have….

Keerthi: That pain won’t end with Sorry, Madhav.

Madhav stood there without knowing what to say.

Keerthi goes.

They reaches school and everyone goes home.

Next day,its morning. It was a holiday.

Keerthi: I have to hate him. And I will. Schools are going to close after the exam. So the day school closes, if he didn’t say that 3 magical words which would change my life, I will surely hate him…

She cries.

Keerthi: I love him but I cannot show it, want him but he cannot know it, need him but I know it will never be, if only he needed me. I will say bye to my love the day school closes…

Precap:- Valentines day special….

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes. Ignore the short forms, of any…

I remember you all again that this story doesn’t have any happy ending. I mean in this story you won’t find the leads united… To know more about this story check out intro revised..

I will try to update as soon as possible. Do let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading…



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