It was a mistake to love you.. Chapter 11

Hey guys, this is Pavithra here… I am back with my ff’s 11th chapter.. Sorry for this very late update. I was really busy for the past 2 months. So guys, here is the next chapter. Thanks to all those who has commented on my previous chapter. Thanks to silent readers too. Hope u guys like this one…
Recap:- Valentine’s Day Special..


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Exams ends. The last day of the academic year arrives. The last day, Keerthi wants to love Madhav. But she don’t know what destiny has planned for her and Madhav. And Madhav didn’t say that three magical words that day too.

She was sitting in her bus.. The bus next to her was Madhav’s.. She scanned the bus to find him.. But she didn’t. After sometime she finds him playing with others on the bus.. He didn’t care to look for her.

Keerthi: He didn’t care to look back. This makes sense that he hates me or doesn’t love me..

She turns and didn’t look back again..

When she turned he looks for her…

Madhav smiles seeing her.. 

Will Keerdhav ever unite?? The answer is always no..

Keerthi: I am gonna hate you….

At night, keerthi was in bed..

Keerthi: So, it didn’t happen this day too. And after this day, my love for him will be over. But how? I will try to forget you through this 2 month vacation. So you are no more my love..

Its morning,Keerthi wakes up…

Keerthi closes her eyes again and suddenly a picture of Madhav comes in her mind..

Keerthi: I love you, Madhav..(with a smile).  

Keerthi: I love you,Madhav…

Keerthi suddenly comes to her senses…

Keerthi: Oh my god! What did I say? This seems impossible for me..

Madhav was fast asleep this time

After 2 months……

Keerthi couldn’t hate Madhav. She was really sad for that!

Previous day before school reopened…

Keerthi: This two month vacation went so fast and still I love him. Oh god! What is this? When will I be able to hate him?

Madhav: Keerthi, I am gonna see you tomorrow after a long time. I am really happy..

School reopens….

First day…

Keerthi comes to class. Now 13 years old and in 8th std..

She meeta her friends after 2 months.

Keerthi: hey Mishal! How are you? You have become a little bit fatty!

Mishal: Keerthi, you will get a punch from me if u say that ever again!

Keerthi: oh no! I won’t say a word again!

They laugh..

Sera comes to the class..

Keerthi: Areee Sera..

And goes and hugs her.

Sera: How are you, Keerthi? I feel very happy seeing you all..

Keerthi: I am fine yaar!

Kalyani, Neha enters class.

Keerthi: Hello, Kalyani and Neha. Nice to meet you all after a long time..

Kalyani and Neha smiles…

Rakhi was sitting next to Mishal…

Rakhi: Are, Mishal, give me some space to sit. I don’t have any space as you have become too fatty!

Keerthi: No, Rakhi.. Don’t say a word about that! You will get a punch from her!

They laughs!! And teases Mishal!

Madhav comes to class. Some boys were there to welcome him..

Keerthi looks on..

Some kinds of love stories can be like this too…

Mishal comes to her..

Keerthi : ha! Mishal!

Mishal: Keerthi, I told you na? You will never be able to hate him..

Keerthi: Uh! You were right! I am not able to forget him nor hate him..

Mishal: Do you want to hate him?

Keerthi : I want to, Mishal… Just never this question of mine.

Mishal: what?

Keerthi: You know, I love him..

Mishal: Yes..

Keerthi: but he hates me..

Mishal: that we don’t know..

Keerthi: no, I know he hates me..

Mishal: So, I love him and he hates me.. Knowing that I still love him.. But the question is, Ain’t I wasting my life for him?

Mishal was speechless. She didn’t know what to say.. Mishal knew that what Keerthi was asking was true.. But she cannot say so..

Mishal: uh! Keerthi, I don’t know wh..

Keerthi: I know the answer..(cuts her short..)

Smiles and goes. .

Mishal: oh! Keerthi understood!

Love can be like a red rose.. When someone wants to stop loving, he\she will stop just like the rose’s petals peels off..(I know its such a stupid thing!)

Keerthi at her house…

Keerthi: Madhav, I don’t know why I am loving you.. I don’t know why you hate me.. I want to hate you, Madhav.. I really want to.. But how.. I tried for 2 months..I couldn’t… I don’t know what I am gonna do now.. But one day I will definetly hate you…

PRECAP:- School day programme practise starts.. Keerthi to dance with Kevin and Madhav to dance with Neha..

Hope you guys liked it.. I know you guys hasn’t liked it.. Because me myself has found this too boring… I guess it will become more interesting after two or three chapter s as there is a twist coming..

Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes. Ignore the short forms, of any…

I remember you all again that this story doesn’t have any happy ending. I mean in this story you won’t find the leads united… To know more about this story check out intro revised..

I will try to update as soon as possible. Do let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading…


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    Amazing update! ❤️
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    Pavi it was amazing ?

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    I remember but I really felt bad that we will have a sad ending but some love stories are never complete. I am waiting for the upcoming twists and turns, It is ok dear! It was really good! We are always there! Love you my Pavi! And post next very soon! I love the way you write! Lots of LOVE!

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  6. It is so amazing Pavi…..loved it to the core & pics too …..Well, I know that it is sad ending but really want to couple unite …..Some love stories are incomplete ……Keerthi is in dillemma how she is going to hate Madhav as she loves him a lot ….You described very well …..Update soon & love u ? ?

  7. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbbb update????Loved it a lotttttt❤❤❤❤❤Keerthi wants to hate Madhav but can’t as she loves him….U have written it so beautifully???Lovely pics???Precap??Update ASAP?

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