It just happened!!


Girl’s POV,
I am so nervous and tensed when my mother told “ ladke waale aagaye!” (groom’s family has come) , of course it was happening against my wish, its not bcoz I don’t trust marriages it is bcoz ………..

Her thoughts were disturbed by her mother
Mother: ragini !!! come down beta
Ragini comes down and takes his ( groom’s) parent’s blessing and sits down opp to him, she lifts her head and sees him , she remembers something

8 years before,
Ragini’s pov,
Ah……………yeh!!!! finally I would be able to be with my whole family and I am also excited to wear new clothes and jewellery, what? Don’t get shocked, I am also a girl!!

At my sister’s marriage function,
Ragini’s pov,
I am the youngest of all sisters I thought I would jst sit like a doll like without doing any work but all my dreams got shattered , they made me a bridesmaid- its cool! (I will definitely do that for my sister ) But still I hav to go wherever she goes , sometimes in a roomful of complete strangers ( jiju’s people) I hate it u know, honestly speaking I am really very talkative and here I have to act extremely sweet and quiet.

I was sitting with her to support her , so that she doesn’t feel alone and lost between jiju’s family. Jiju was not that bad he was so much fun, my sister was so lucky atleast she will not get bored . we three were talking -jiju , di and me.
Jst then jiju’s brother from no where came and sat with us , I noticed he was the same guy who was taking weird selfies with his other brothers!!, I guess.
My jiju got a call and he went to attend it but his brother was number 1 shameless he started to flirt with my sister!!!, his bhabhi , hw could he?

He was saying ,” bhabhi yaar plz search a beautiful bride for me jst like u” , I was shocked bcoz he was very young he seemed jst a 4 or 5 years elder to me but still he was talking about getting married , shameless and my sister started laughing hearing him.

he asked my sister hw was I related to her and she explained , but I should admit he too was so much fun. After that wherever I went I could feel his gaze on me but I acted as if I didn’t notice that .

after that there was a long photography session with the bride and groom , where the guy ( the same flirt) took a photo with his bhai and bhabhi and bid bye to them, I felt bad I couldn’t understand why?.
At that time I was standing down my sister asked why is he leaving so soon, he replied that he had college 2morrow and had to go , he came down and was talking to his family and when he was about to leave he turned and told “ all my fans, bye” , I could tell surely that it was for me, he couldn’t tell me directly bcoz it would seem wrong ,but after he left I felt restless but I couldn’t do anything .
that’s the last time I saw him.
Pov ends.

Ragini’s pov
He is the same guy !! oh my …….he is the same guy they guy I saw 8 years ago at my sister’s marriage, he was sitting infront of me asking for my hand I had so many questions first of all will he remember me?
Pov ends.

Mother: ragini why don’t u show laksh our house?

I nodded and thought so ur name is laksh.
We both reached the terrace,

Lak: hw r u?
Ragini: do u remember me?
Lak: hw could anyone forget u?
Ragini: u have not changed still!!!
Lak: neither did u!! and I was born flirt no one can change me
Ragini: are u meeting me with ur own will?
Lak: yes
Ragini: love someone?
Lak: yes!!!
Ragini gets sad :who?
Lak: u!
Ragini gets happy but doesn’t show it
Lak: and do u love……
Before he could complete it ragini came and hugged him and he too reciprocated it, they both were so happy .( and don’t ask me when did love happened bcoz it jst happened)
And after that what could have happened u guys know it very well.

So guys did u like it?
Tell me through the comments.
Thank u.

Credit to: asheeyana

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