It is all about HER..(INTRO)

I am new here ..till now I was a silent reader and did not have courage to comment or write a fan fiction but now I want to try this..this will not be much good as others here but please do tell how it is..

It is a swasan fiction but u can see Swasan scenes only after a longg time as first I want to concentrate on only swara’s life…it is actually a modified real life story

Heroine’s family
Swara Gadodia:17 year old introvert from a middle class family..she doesn’t not talk much to her relatives but is open and talkative with her besties Tia and Gia.a very simple and innocent beautiful girl..

Sharmishta Gadodia:mother of Swara and Sia(swara’s elder sis ) Sia more than Swara and make Swara do a lot of household..Swara thinks that her mother loves her a lot but is not showing it thinking this she does all the works given by her mother happily..

Shekhar Gadodia:dad of Swara and Sia Swara more than Sia and also try to fulfill all the wishes of Swara..don’t like sia because of her arrogant behavior..he works in Dubai while sharmishta,Swara and sia lives in Kerala

Sia Gadodia:20 year old girl..sis of arrogant girl who just cares about her beauty and a fashionista ..always demanding for expensive products ..does not like to do household works so make Swara do all those works..

Hero’s family

Sanskar maheshwari:a 22 year old carefree mature boy who is a second hand car dealer..son of sharmishta ‘s close friend so they call him for going out as in their family no one knows driving..

Annapoorna maheshwari:mom of 3 children including sanskar a sweet lady and love Swara as her own daughter.her husband died of heart attack earlier..

Lakshya maheshwari:younger son of annapoorna a flirty and prankster boy but understanding also..he is 20 year old

Uttara maheshwari:youngest daughter of annapoorna a sweet girl of 19 and is also a friend of Swara..

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  1. CuteVanshu

    Nice start… Plz continue

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?Continue reading

  2. Nice plzzzzz do continue 🙂

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?I will continue writing and u continue reading..☺️

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    Awesome dr

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    Wow its really gud

  6. SNY

    Interesting dr…
    Plz nxt one soon…

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Yes..will try my best to post it soon..thank you..?

  7. Raina

    i think you are new here because you mentioned in the first that you were a silent reader. welcome to TU. am glad that you opened up. nice start and really interesting. so friends *giving my hand for a handshake*

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Yes ..I am new here..and thank you and friends..?

  8. Nice dear

  9. Sri

    it’s nice plzzzzz continue
    Good start
    I have a doubt
    Is this a ff or os or ts or ss

    1. Sri

      Welcome to TU writing world

    2. Twinklingjasmine

      It is a ff..thank you..?

  10. interesting. continue soon

  11. nice..continue

  12. Anurta

    Awesome dr???
    Do continue soon waiting eagerly for ur 1st part
    Post it soon……
    And yes welcome to TU…..
    Well I’ve also not written anything on TU still I’ve been commenting on many writings here from many days…….
    Hope u will rock here and if possible then I will also try to write a story on TU
    Best of luck…..??????
    Bye and Tc…..
    See u soon with ur next part

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?I am so glad to get new friends here..☺️

  13. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

  14. Good one

  15. Rabia

    Awesome dear ??

  16. Srusti

    It was interesting and welcome to TU dear actually I was a member of TU and I am not much talent to write a story but u r great by writing a story by joining and I have a little double about swara’s age because u mentioned uttara age has 19 nd swara age has 17 then y they become friends I am totally confused ? of it dear plzzzzzz clarify my doubt yaar

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Bcuz most often when annapoorna visit sharmishta she will take uttara with that they can become friends right???

  17. SRSL

    Its Awsm dear…but is swara sumi’s step daughter…cause no mom will make her child suffer…

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      That u will get to know?

  18. Nice… Continue…

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