Recap: Sanskar’s pov and he accepts he love swara. He thought to express his love to swara.

Swara’s pov:
I wake up lazily as it’s Sunday and there is no office. I was not willing to get up though it is already 9 but then i heard my phone vibrated and looked around to search it. I found it under my pillow and saw it was sanskar’s call. Why he is calling me on sunday?? For God’s sake he should not ask me to come to work because I’m really tired. But he never call me on holiday. Ohh it’s better to pick the call and get to know the reason why he is calling. I clicked on green color and said ” Hello” ” hey swara good morning, how are you and what are you doing??” He asked me without taking breathe. He is full of enery on this sunday morning also. Don’t know what he eat. ” morning sanskar, I’m good you tell?” I answered. ” I’m good ohh actually what are you doing this evening swara??” He asked me. ” nothing much just taking rest ” i said. It is true because after eating some thing i was again going to sleep. ” very good you need to come with me it’s really very important” he told me. ” but where??” I asked getting confused.  ” that’s surprise just come to XYZ hall at 7 in the evening” he further said. Don’t know what’s going in his head.” But atleast tell me something ” i almost pleaded him. ” ohh sweatheart you will get to know have patience ” my heart flutter when he said ‘ sweetheart’. ” okay fine ” i said there is no use of arguing with him because he is not going to listen. ” be ready 10 mins before, a driver will come to pick you” he said. “Okay ” i said and cut the call.
Urgggg now the curiosity that what he is going to do will not let me rest. I signed and put my phone on charging and then went to fresh up.

After eating some snacks, i came back to my room and opened my cupboard to see what should i wear for the evening. I don’t know why the hell I’m so excited. I picked peach coloured saree with black border. It is plain and simple one and easy for me to carry. I got distracted with the phone call.
” hello” i received the call without caring to see the number. ” hey baby” that was enough for me to know who is on the other side. ” parth why can’t you let me live peacefully??” I asked getting frustrated. ” i called you bcoz you didn’t replied my message” ohh i remember he messaged me that he is coming soon. “parth i don’t want you in my life why don’t you understand” i said. “Listen I’m coming after two days and then we will be together forever moreover you will get punishment for leaving me” he warned me and i can see the smirk on his face. I cut the call and my heart beat increased. “Ignore him swara you should not be scared” I encouraged myself.

It’s evening and I’m ready in my saree and my hairs are left open and i did minimal make up. Driver came to pick me up and i went with him. I asked him twice that where we are going but he didn’t answered me. Soon we reached at some farmhouse and at the gate it’s imprinted Maheshwari’s Farmhouse. ” why sanskar called me at his farmhouse?” I thought. Keeping my thoughts away i came out of the car. The weather is cloudy and very pleasant. I went to the door and pressed the door bell. Soon the door opened and i saw sanskar standing at the door. He is looking handsome in white shirt and black pants. The upper few buttons of his shirt are open revealing his chest. Above that his hairs are little messy and are spreaded on his forehead. He is handsome to extreme level.
Swara’s pov ends

Sanskar’s pov:
I saw swara standing at the door. For a second i forget to breathe after seeing her in the peach coloured saree. Her face is looking more pretty as she seems to be confused. ” hello swara” i came back to senses and said. ” hi” she nervously smiled at me. ” please come inside” i said remembering that we are still at the door.
I was observing swara’s expression and she is surprised to see all the decoration i did for her. The hall is decorated with flowers, balloons and lights. “Sanskar what’s all this??” She asked getting perplexed.
” did you like it??” I asked. ” yes it’s beautiful but why you did this??” She said. I got nervouse as finally it’s the time when I’m going to convey my feelings to her. I stepped little close to her and then leaned on my one knee. I know it’s filmy but i want to make it special for her. ” swara i want to say you some thing” i said looking intensely in her confused eyes. ” san..” i cut her in between ” listen to me first” i took breathe and said ” i love you swara and i want to spend rest of my life with you” as soon as i said these words, Swara’s expressions changed. She doesn’t seems to be happy with it and her face show some fear. “I’m sorry sanskar but this is not possible” she said. I got up and went close to her. ” swara you can take your time” i said cupping her cheeks. ” no we can’t be together ” she said with teary eyes. ” but why??” I asked because i know she has some soft corner for me. ” because I’m married ” her words came as a whisper. I think i heard something wrong. ” what you said??” I asked for confirmation. ” yes I’m married sanskar so, end this here itself. I know it’s your attraction and you will easily recover from it” she said. I got furious. How can she say to my love as attraction. ” i really love you swara and how can you betray me??” I shouted this time. My heart is bleeding so i put all the blame on her. ” when i betrayed you, it was you who developed feelings for me without trying to know about my personal life” she shouted. Yeah she is right i was the biggest fool to do all this. ” see sanskar I’m happy with my husband so, better forget all this” her words break my heart. My eyes got teary and i felt like everything comes to an end. Swara turned and left the hall. I didn’t have the courage to stop and how can i stop her when she belongs to someone else. I collapsed down and cried my heart out. The day i thought to make the best and thought to start my new life with swara got spolied and everything finishes. The mere thought that swara can’t be mine is killing me. My eyes are getting heavy so i lean on the sofa sitting at the floor and closed my eyes.
Sanskar’s pov ends.
To be continued:

Precap: parth’s entry.

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