” It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return….”

The story of sanskar who loved swara unconditionally but she doesn’t love him, instead love her first husband Aniket who is now dead. The pain can’t be described which sanskar feel when she is near him but he can’t confess his love. She is his wife, but he has no rights on her. It hurts to love her but STILL
Sanskar Love Swara.

Sanskar Maheshwari( 27 years old): Well known businessman. He is reserved and calm type of person who bury his feelings deep inside rarher than sharing with others. He has always loved swara secretly but never got guts to confess. He love her mother sujata alot.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari(25 years old): a beautiful girl who was full of life untill her love and her husband died in drastic accident. She is married to sanskar as her dadi pressurised her but she love her ex husband very much. She don’t speak much and has the hope that Aniket is alive.

Aniket Arora(played by shakti Arora): swara’s ex-husband who died in car accident. He was a businessman and loved swara alot.

Sujata Maheshwari: sanskar’s mother. She is humble lady and like swara alot. She is window as her husband died due to cardiac attrack.

Kaveri Maheshwari: sanskar’s bua, very orthodox lady and belive in traditions. She hate swara because she think because of her, aniket died and now she is dangerous for sanskar so she isn’t happy with their marriage.

Parvati Gododia: swara’s dadi, after Aniket’s death, he forcibly married swara to sanskar as she don’t want burden on her. Aniket was orphan so his whole property and company comes on swara’s name after his death. She planned with kaveri to get that property.

SwaSan were studying in same college and sanskar love swara secretly from that time. He didn’t confessed because first he want to get settled then propose swara but it got too late. After three years when sanskar came back from canada after completing his studies, swara was married to aniket. His heart was deeply broken and since than he forcused on his career and made his father’s company number one. He many times come across swara on parties because Aniket was also businessman and it always hurt him when he saw swara happy with Aniket.
But we never know destiny, Aniket suddenly died and swara came in sanskar’s life as his wife.
Will swara love sanskar??????
How their relation will begin??

Maheshwari House:
There is hustle bustle in the hall as it was the marriage of their son. Sanskar hesitately enter inside his room which is beautifully decorated for their first night. He saw bed was empty and swara is standing near the window staring at the dark sky. Sanskar don’t know what to do, he slowly close the door and went near her.
” swara” her name came as whisper from his mouth. Swara wipe her tears quickly and turn towards him. Sanskar got shocked to see her red teary eyes.
” you are crying??” He asked tensely. Few fresh tears fell down swara’s cheeks.
” i never wanted to marry you but dadi blackmailed me” swara whisper. Sanskar has expected something like this so he isn’t shocked. Now he has become habitual to this pain.
” i love Aniket and i can never give his place to anyone, sorry” swara said looking down.
” it’s okay swara don’t cry please” sanskar give fake smile fighting with his tears.
” you go and change then take rest” he further said enhaling few deep breathe.
” thank you” she mumble and went to washroom. Sanskar wipe his unshed tears and then clean the bed removing flowers and all other stuff. He went and changed in other room.

After half an hour;
Sanskar enter inside his room and saw swara sitting on the edge of the bed. Shen quickly got up as she saw him.
Sanskar understood she is confused to know where she will sleep.
” swara you sleep on bed and i will use couch” i said softly.
” okay” swara said and sit on the bed. Sanskar took another comforter and blanket from cupboard and lie on the couch.

The blurry picture of car is seen which is moving hastily on the road.
” swaraaa jump” aniket shouted as the car’s breaks are failed and he want to save her.
” no i will not leave you” swara held his hand stubbornly. Aniket saw they are approaching to the cliff and he open swara’s door and throw her out. She rolled and her head hit the rock. And the car fell down the cliff along with aniket.
” Anikettt” swara shouted getting up from her dream. She is crying and sweating. This dream she is seeing from last four months. Sanskar jerked and saw her panicked. He switch on the lights and sit beside swara.
” swara open your eyes” he said rubbing her shivering hands. He caress her hairs and wipe the sweat. She calmed little and open her eyes.
” sanskar” she sit and look at him.
” drink water and relax” sanskar give her water.
” Aniket is alive, i know he can’t leave me” swara is blabbering to herself.
” swara please sleep, you need rest” sanskar said setting her pillow.
” tomorrow we will start finding aniket” swara said hopefully.
” yes we will find him” sanskar assures her.
Swara lie and close her eyes. Sanskar was beside her till she slept. When he was about to get up, he saw her hand was still in his. He stare her disturbed face. Sanskar was about to kiss her hand but then realized it’s wrong. He softly remove her hand and place on the bed. He left to the couch and keep on staring swara. She is depressed, he felt angry at her dadi who forced her to marry and burden her more.
” i can’t bring Aniket back swara. He is dead” sanskar mumble gazing her. No doubt it hurt him when she speak of aniket but he is not selfish to feel happy that aniket is no more. But it’s the reality, he died leaving desvasted swara behind.
” i don’t know what to do that you recover from that incident. I can understand it’s not easy because you lost your love and baby on the same day” sanskar thought with teary eyes. She was happy with Aniket and now it’s his responsibility to keep her happy.
He signed and lie on the couch and slept.
To be continued…..

Hey guys!! This story will be updated on every sunday and my other story “Imperfection- perfect for you” will give on Saturdays. I had posted its one part but will give again if you all forgot.
Intense love, regretted revenge, My dangerous boss and crazy me, sufferings and intimidating eyes are coming to end in few parts and will post on week days. Then will give others. I will try to follow this schedule but if i won’t follow don’t get mad at me??.
And do leave your views about this one…if you find it similar to any other story please feel free to inform me because i don’t want to copy unintentionally also?
Thank you

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