It had to be you….Twinj os

Hii friends…

Happy new year. May this year brings happiness in your life. May you get everything that you deserve.
Missed you all to the core.
Waise Yaad hoon ya bhool gaye ? I know yaad to hongi nhi….
But koi nahi…

Ab to tere liye ajnabi hum ho gaye
Comment ke silsile bhi kam ho gaye
Naye saal main kya naye hum ho gaye
Khushiyo se jyada hamare paas gam ho gaye
Kya pata ye waqt bura hai ya bure hum ho gaye…

Chalo lets move to my os….

Now enough of my boring talks lets move to story..

It starts with a bus which is moving and moving. Inside the bus there were a lot of children’s. They are playing , singing and doing fun.

Camera shifts to a girl. She is wearing a red and black top and jeans. She is simple yet looking beautiful. She is drinking water when one of her friend calls her.

Frnd: Twinkle come fast. See boys are winning.

Twinkle: Just 2 minutes.

A voice come and everyone gets lost in that only.

Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Ye meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai aa…

Twinkle is the only who is singing. She is singing so melodiously that everyone just get busy in listening to her. Its looking like she is singing the song from her whole heart.

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de naye bahaane de
Khabon ki barishon ko mausam ke paimane de

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro rahi hun main (x2)

As soon as she stated that line her eyes get filled with tears.

Waqt bhi thehara hai
Kaise kyun ye huaa
Kaash tu aise aaye
Jaise koi duaa
Tu rooh ki raahat hai
Tu meri ibaadat hai
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro rahi hun main (x2)

She stopped singing and everyone starts clapping for her.

Twinkle p.o.v.

I know this song is from my favorite heroine Shraddha kapoor movie and is sung by my favorite singer shreya goshal but i don’t why i feel a connection with this song. I feel this song is actually written for me. I just get lost while singing or listening to this song. I wish………

Her thought get disturbed when the principal announced that they had reached the picnic spot.

They all get busy in roaming with their group as soon as they get down from bus.

They clicked a lot selfie and groupfie.

And they went for visiting the place.

Next scene,

A girl is seen who is none other than twinkle.
Help. Help. Please. Anyone there. Please help me i am lost.

And she started crying. Due to crying a lot she faint.

Wake up. Wake up.
Are you listening?
Exclaimed a boy by sprinkling some water on her face.

She gained Consciousness after some minutes.

Boy: Are you Ok? Who are you? How you came here?

Twinkle: Be away from me. Help. Help.

Boy put his hand on her mouth to stop her from saying.

Boy: Hello madam. Stop it. I am just trying to help you.

Twinkle: Mmmmmmmm……

Boy: I am Kunj. Naam to suna hi hoga.

Twinkle: Mmmmm…..

Kunj: Sometimes back you are doing nonstop bakbak and now you are not telling a word like you are dumb.

Twinkle: (pulling him) You have covered my mouth from your hand.

Kunj: That’s why i thought how can bakbak queen become silent one.

Twinkle: What?

Kunj: Nothing. What’s your name?

Twinkle: Twinkle . You can call me twinkie.

Kunj: It means you twinkle like star but i thought…..Leave it.

Twinkle: What? Ok leave it. But tell me Where we are?

Kunj: I don’t know.

Twinkle: It means we are lost. Oh my God. Babaji save me.

While Kunj just get lost in her beauty. And after some time leaving his thoughts away. He stated

How you come here? You can’t come here alone? Right?

Twinkle: Yes i came with my group but i get apart from them. And she narrated the whole story.

Kunj: It means you are not only bakbak queen but also siyappa queen. Not bad. So how many more insidious qualities you have. I have to tell you are talented.

Twinkle: ( She is getting more and more angry listening to his talks. )
Done it? Now can you help me to find my way? Wait how come you be here?

Kunj: I have a hobby to roam around alone in jungle. Idiot. Obviously i am also lost. (Answered kunj having a bit irriatated).

Twinkle: Khadoos Kumar.

Kunj: What?

Twinkle: Not of your buisness. So can we start?

Kunj: What?

Twinkle: You’ve not thought to spend your whole life there alone in jungle with animals. Right?

Kunj: Ok i understood.

Twinkle: Thank you Babaji.

Kunj: Why are you thanking god now?

Twinkle: Thanking him For granting you some brain.

Kunj: Bad joke.

Twinkle: It wasn’t a joke.

Both at same time….
Leave it. Let’s find a way for our groups.

Exclaimed both.

And they started to move…

After a while, Twinkle whooped wait..

Kunj: Now What?

Twinkle: Aren’t we forgetting something?

Kunj: ?(having no idea)

Twinkle: We left from home on 24 th December. And one day passed by its….

Kunj: (cutting her off) I know its 25 th of December. So what?

Twinkle: Kunj…
Kunj: What??(irriatated)

Twinkle: Its Christmas……

Kunj: So….( and he realizes what she exclaimed)

But before he can react anything Twinkle hugs Kunj.

Twinkle: Merry Christmas Kunj.

Kunj: Twinkle same to you.

And they apart themselves from hug.

Twinkle: You know what Kunj?

Kunj: Hmm..

Twinkle: How can you know if i hadn’t told?

Kunj: Yes. So tell me.

Twinkle: Kunj you’re my gift from Santa this year.

Kunj: Am i that much special?

Twinkle: Kunj, No you’re not. Because we are together till the time we won’t find our way. And after that we have to apart.

Kunj: Yes. I know. And By the way who wants to be with you. I want to reach the place as soon as possible.

Twinkle: I also don’t want to be with you. I hope we will reach to our destination soon.

As she said that she heard a voice from back.

Voice: Twinkle…..Twinkle…..

They move towards the voice as fast as they can..

Her friend hugs twinkle….
Frnd: Where you went? We were worried for you yaar.

Twinkle: I lost the way.

Kunj who is just busy in listening to their talks.

Twinkle: Meet him he is Kunj. He helped me a lot. He also lost his way.

After a silence She asked from teacher
“Sir can we help him?”

Next scene;

So Kunj here’s your group. Thank you and Bye….exclaimed Twinkle.

Kunj also bid a bye.

They both wanted to tell so many things to each other from which they themselves are strangers. Only their heart know.

Camera fades away and shows a big lavish mansion.

Next scene
A young girl is seen on the bed. She is none other than twinkle. But she is no more a kid now.

Twinkle p.o.v.

Like this 10 years passed with a hope that i will meet Kunj one day. But it never comes true. I always wake up with a hope to meet my lost love. Yes it was like love at first sight. I realized it after he left. But i wish i can get him back.

I wake up from my bed and saw many gifts around me.

One of them stated….


Tamanna karte ho jin khushiyon ki,
Dua h wo khushiya aapke kadmo me ho
Khuda aap ko woh sab haqiqat me de,
Jo kuchh aap ke sapno mein ho….!!!

I hope you will get everything in your life.

I love his blessings. It makes me cherished for whole year with a hope that i will meet Kunj.

Oh sorry i forget to tell in this 10 years i am changed.

I am no more that old Twinkle. I am a singer now. And that greetings were sent by people who loves and cares about me a lot. The thing which hasn’t changed in these is my habit of doing bakbak. Now i use to laugh how i fought with Kunj that day. My sadu sarna i missed him. But moreover i love him.
Hope to meet him soon.

Now i have to get ready for Christmas party.

I put myself into red gown. I do a light make up and designed my hair after all i am a singer now.

As soon as i reached the party i saw him. No its not the Kunj neither i know him but yes somewhere i am falling for him and because of that mere reason i use to ignore him. Actually i feel the same connection that i felt with Kunj that day when i met him.

Uggh…again i started to think about him.

As soon as i blink my eyes for a second. I heard a voice…..

Khuda ki fursat me ek pal aya hoga,
Jab usne ap jese pyare insan ko bnaya hoga,
Na jane kab dua kubool hogi hamari,
Aur hamare milne ka waqt usne banaya hoga…!!!!

As soon as he ended the crowd starts to clap for him. And in this crowd i am also the one. Yes i like him and his shayari. Oh i forget to tell he use to tell amazing shayari. Actually i am one of his fan.

Ok leave it.

As he leave the mike. The crowd starts to cheer for him. Sid..Sid….

Sid p.o.v.

I saw her moving towards me. But i can’t talk to her because…..

I am thinking when media starts to stroke me with questions…..

Media: So as well as we know you’re single.

I: Yes you heard it right.

Media: Are you waiting for someone or there’s some other reason?

I: Aapki yaad hi meri jaan hain,
Shayad iss haqeeqat se aap anjaan hai,
Mujhe khud nahi pata ki mai kaun hu,
Aap ka pyaar hi meri pehchan hain…!!

Media: It means you love someone?

I: Yes I do.

As soon as i answered i saw twinkle face turned pale. Maybe i should tell her the truth now or should i wait.

I get out of my as soon as i heard her.
Yes she is singing……

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main,
Tera intezaar karun,
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko,
Tere hi naam karun,
Khudko main yoon kho doon,
Ke phir na kabhi paaun,
Haule haule zindagi ko,
Ab tere hawaale karun,
Sanam re,
Sanam re,

{She imagines Kunj. How they met. Their sweet convo.}

Tu mera sanam hua re,
Karam re,
karam re,
Tera mujhpe karam hua re,

{She remembered how he helped her to find his way}


Baadalon ki tarah hi toh,
Tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai,
Baarishon ki tarah hi toh,

Tune khushiyon se bhigaya hai,
Aandhiyon ki tarah hi toh,
Tune hosh ko udaaya hai,

{She imagines her condition when she gets to know she is in love with Kunj.}

Mera muqaddar sanwara hai yoon,
Naya savera jo laaya hai tu,
Tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko,
Mere saare janam re,
Sanam re,

{Sid is not able to control himself and he is just moving towards Twinkle }

sanam re (sanam re..),
Tu mera sanam hua re,
Mere sanam re mera hua re,
Tera karam re mujhpe hua ye,

They get lost into each other eyes. They shared an eyelock which get broken due to clapping sounds.

And twinkle left from there. Sid also left behind her.

Twinkle p.o.v.
I went to garden outside and is reminiscing my moments with Kunj when Sid…..

Sid: Hii
Twinkle (without having any option left):
Sid: (after a long silence)are you trying to ignore me?
Twinkle: No, why do you feel so?
Sid: Don’t know.
Twinkle: May i ask you something?
Sid: Yes.
Twinkle: No leave it. I will ask it later.
Sid: You are changed(he said in his heart in low voice).
Twinkle: What?
Sid: Nothing.
Twinkle: Bye. I have to go.
Sid: Wait. Here’s an invitation.
Twinkle: (takes it) New year party.
Sid: It means you’re coming?
Twinkle: Hmmm….
Sid: You love me. Right?
Twinkle: Hmmm…..what?
Sid: I guess you’re lost somewhere else. Your heart is not with you.

Twinkle: Hope to see you soon.

Twinkle p.o.v.

I reached home and went to my bed i closed my eyes and saw someone. Yes its Kunj only but wait what Sid is doing with him. Do they know each other?

How can he know him? I am getting mad it will be better for me if i sleep.

Days passed with same hope of meeting my heart once again.
Now Its 31st morning and as soon as i wake up i was surprised because of…..

Bahut dinon se intejaar tha
Tumse milne ko dil bekarar tha
Dil ki ye bekarari hone wali hai kaam
Kyunki aaj hone wala hai
jiska hamein warso se intezar tha…..

I was just abstract by thinking who is the one who use to sent me these. Is it Kunj? Does he know it’s me? Do he also loves me? But according to this tonight i am going to get answer of all my question. And having all these thoughts i went in my own world i.e. World of love…

Sid p.o.v.

Its too late now almost everyone has reached the venue except……

I just get lost for a minute because my heart starts beating fast. Yes its because of her only. She is looking breathe taking i wanna tell her but I can’t atleast for some more time.
Ok don’t be confused it will be known to you all soon….

And here the party starts its 11: 30 pm and only half hour is left for new start of my life with a new year.

Twinkle p.o.v.

As soon as I entered i just get glued to my place because i found Sid with mike. And he started singing…..

Main si Sidha Saada Bnda
Oh si Husna Di Raani
Age Meri v si Ghat
Matt Ohdi v Niyani . . . . x2

{It shows how Kunj met twinkle. Their talks}.

Pehle Halle Dil di Oh Rani Ho Gyi
Fir Shuru Mere Pyar Di Kahani Ho Gyi
Fir Shuru Mere Pyar Di Kahani Ho Gyi

{How they both hug each other. Twinkle to tell Kunj that she got him as Christmas gift.}

Ikk Bokeh c Manga Leya Letter Likha Leya
Haal Dil Da Sunawa Ga Main Haunsla Juta Leya

{Twinkle is seen reading one of shayari stating;

Zindagi hasin hai zindagi se pyaar karo,
Hain raat toh subah ka intzaar karo,
Wo pal bhi ayega jiska intzaar hai apko
Rab par bhrosa or waqt pe aitbar rakho….

Ratti Saari Raat Jo Angrezi Yaaro Bhul Gyi
Roop di Pitari Jdo Nede aa K Khul Gyi . . . .

{The moment when Twinkle started her bakbakand Kunj to give her title of bakbak queen.}

Vakt di Haneri Ghane Baddla Luko Leya
Mukadra de Khed Satho Chann Sadda Kho Leya
Si Oh V Majboor Satho Ho Gyi Jo Door
Palle Reh Gyi E Ohdi Bas Yaad Marjani

{How they both get apart and twinkle moments when she misses Kunj.}

Bas Eni K C Yaaro Mere Pyar Di Kahani . . . .

Ikk din Shatt de Chraunda c Patang
Dis Gya Menu Mera Chaudvi da Chand
Tapdi c Rooh ohnu Takk Thar Gyi
Chandri Miln da Ishara Kr Gyi
Menu Takkde he Oh v Marjani Ro Pyi

{Twinkle eyes get moist. She left the place and started crying.}

Fir Shuru Sadde Pyar Di Kahani Ho Gyi . . . .

I am crying when I heard a voice..

Judai key lamhe beqarar karte the,
Mere halaat hi mujhe lachaar karte the,
Kabhi toh pad leti aankhein meri….
Kaise kahe hum, ke tumhi se pyar karte hai…..

I was surprised moreover shocked so i turned and found Sid in his knees….

It means he loves me but i love Kunj.

Sid: I know you’re shocked twinkie….

As soon as i heard the word twinkie my happiness went no bound.
He is Kunj……my Kunj but then why he didn’t told me till now if he is with me.

He continued I wanna tell you I love you twinkle. The day when I will be on knees for another girl, is the day i will tie a shoe lace for our daughter. I love you so much. I am sorry not telling you the truth till now. Actually Twinkle i got to you are same two years back but i wanna surprise you. So i was waiting for perfect moment. But the only thing i know is jitna tumse durr raha utna tumpe marta gaya. I love you. Do you love me? Sorry. Saying this he my love starts to walk in backward direction.

I am on cloud infinity after listening to his words. But seeing him going far from me.

I just stand there being numb….

Intezaar tha hamein…
Sirf Tumse pyar tha humein…
Tum aaoge laut kar
Iss baat pe aitbaar tha hamein…..

Yes it was me…I can’t believe i am telling these line. Actually he is also shocked to hear. He just stopped and open his arms just like sharukh khan used to do.

And i being his Kajol went to hug him.
I love you too was the word that came from my mouth as i reached to him.

And we went into a bone crushing hug telling our passion and love for each other.

After sometime We wished each other happy new year and get lost again in each other embrace.

The end….

I know it was boring. Actually much boring. Sorry for wasting your time. Bye. Love you.

To all my very good friends…
Har Koyi Pyar Ke Liye Tarapta Hai…
Har Koyi Pyar Ke Liye Rota Hai….
Mere Pyar Ko Galat Mat Samajh Na….
Pyar To Dosti Mein Bhi Hota Hai.

Do comment.

I forgot to wish you all Happy New year once again….

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    Hi lover … I m purvi … yre ur os was amazing …
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    Love u ❤❤❤❤

    1. Yes dear why not. I love to be your frnd. Thank you so much for commenting.
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  2. It ws nt at all boring bt a soooo sweet. …………os

    1. Thank you so much. ?

  3. Sameera

    Hayeeeee lover sooooo cute os yaar loved it sooooo much amazing awesome fab speechless ??????????
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    Wow yaar shayari is just fab you nailed it yaar
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    That ws such a beautiful story dear..

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    Hey Survi
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    Hey Survi, it was awesome mindblowing os…. simple beautiful and heart touching story… and shayeries were too good n superb….. loved it too the core… do post like this more….

    By the way I’m Shalini 22 years college going girl, new writer of Twinj “TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)”… I’m big fan of your and your shayeri…. you can call me Neha also

    Ishq mohabbat toh hajaron karte hain,
    Gam-e-judai se wo sabhi darte hain,
    Hum na toh ishq karte hain na hi mohabbat,
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