Hello guys, I’m not going to reveal my name now as I dont want you all to know. But lately, I have seen many issues arising here regarding Swaragini fans and fan fictions.

#1 Analysis problem.
I know you all have your own opinions. And we all would love if you share it. And if a few people are writing analysis or praising their writers I guess there’s no problem in that. They claim the following fan fictions to be best but that’s their point of view. So what’s the problem? And if you have any problem with that, then ignore or write ur own analysis where you feel so and so writers are good.

#Swasan / Raglak vs Swalak / Ragsan.

*I will read only this.
I read fan fictions if the story is good. And honestly I am a Swasan fan but I do read a few Raglak, Swalak and Ragsan fan fictions. The thing is, here the pairs don’t matter but the story does. A few stories have been so good by writers like Vini, Anu, Anjali, Sree, Azure, Eva etc. So don’t care much about the pairs because if you do that, you’re going to miss some great stories which I am sure you don’t want to.

*Bashing because of not revealing the pairs
I mean this is craziness. Let the writer do their job. If you don’t want to read just stop. Don’t stoop so low that u start cursing the writer and use cuss words for them and their families.

#Copying others works.
Copying and taking inspiration are totally two different things. If you just copy the whole story and just change the pairs and a few names that’s totally cheap. And taking credits for others works is not good. Please stop this and also readers, c’mon don’t encourage this because if you think as a writer you’ll get to know how much hardship one goes through while writing.

#Silent Readers issue.
Being silent is your wish but what I think is that writers go through a lot, writing for hours and then posting it so I think they deserve some appreciation for their good work. Not only you would motivate them but also make their writing a useful thing and lay them with their suggestions.
So don’t be a silent reader, its annoying sometimes.

#Using some words.
We know many writers are using words like f**k, ass, blo*dy, etc. And readers request them to stop using them. What’s the problem here? If they are using them, it means its important to convey the feelings and there’s also freedom of speech and expression so let them be flexible in their writing.

#Big One.
I guess you have also noticed that a few jealous writers/readers change their names and post all sort if non sense in others comments page. That’s ridiculous. Please don’t do this.

So that’s all. I would like you all
–post ur own analysis without hesitation

–no bashing

–read all the good stories.

–not copy others work and be flexible.

–not be a silent reader and comment.

Thank you for reading. And I’m sorry if any one is hurt but this is what I feel and I will never shy away from showing what I feel.

Credit to: A well wisher

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  1. This is the truth…

  2. All true

  3. well said

  4. Gd message…actually a necessary one…..

  5. I think u are right I am a swasan fan but I read the stories of other pairs like Ragsan ,raglak and swalak so we should stop bashing others I think writers deserve so much of apperiacation and the writer whom I most like is anu her FFs motivate me to you are my inspiration dear and fixing broken souls is one of the best FFs u write I have read all ur FFs destiny,fix u, arranged to be his ,childhood sweethearts and my favourite ff fixing broken souls and anjali ,sujata,sree harini ,Sindhu rm ,namrata,dolly,neha,asheeyana and many more are awesome writers keep writing all the best keep smiling always

    1. Thanks Sriya. Im glad u liked my work. Really happy. Love u! ♥

      Keep smiling ??

  6. I appreciate your analysis

  7. I too agree

  8. Well said truth x x
    Thanks for supporting we writers :):)

  9. Iam with you.whoever u are its the truth

  10. i agree

  11. Totally agree with u

  12. Hey! I totally agree with you. The points you have taken care of was very well dealt with. Thank you so much. And yes, I too request those readers/writers to stop doing all those non-sensical facts. Tellyupdates MUST FEATURE THIS UPDATE INTHEIR HOME PAGE TAB. So that it can help spread the message. Thank u so much again.

  13. if silent reader do not like ff
    if he/she do not comment u people say them to comment
    if he/she comment something u people don’t like it
    tell us what to do

    1. Well if you don’t like a story please tell but in a polite way. And at least comment in the fictions you like.

  14. Well said n I agree with u

  15. truth….n I agree wid dat. n I also read all d stories not only swasan…imp is story…

  16. Very well said dear…???I agree with u…??

  17. Well said…yaar

  18. Well said but this will be better if people follow these things☺

  19. A very much needed post…
    l’m new to this place n came here only when my friend suggested me a ff to read….was hell shocked on reading that…few of u may know on what am talking about…
    Pls don’t do that…we writers work really hard on every single line to make it perfect…some times the writers need to be awake for the whole night just to make the readers happy…n if their readers do this how does the writer feel..we feel like getting cheated…
    Now will he/she feel like writing again??

    1. I understand Ashi. Its really hurtful

  20. well said!

  21. well said….

  22. really yaar ..i totally agree this!

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