“Ahaan! my Rockstar!!” manav run’s into ragini’s arms as she twirls him ” Birthday boy miss me??” she kisses his forehead as he chuckles ” Dadu will not get food tonight if papa doesn’t come on time . Poor dadu” Ragini grins ” Dadi’s punishment?”
He nods ” come let’s call your papa then ” she make’s him sit on a chair and gets her phone on speaker The phone rings ” ragu just five minute’s and i’m leaving ” manav facepalms himself as ragini laugh’s “bhai even your son know’s your five min’s are like five hours please come fast or else even papa will have to bare the consequences ”
“Okay i’m leaving now and tell champ to be ready just few more birthday’s and then he’ll be on maa’s list too!”
Ragini chuckles “come soon ” the phone cut’s off and she looks at manav with a weird look “who dressed you? ”
He smiles widely as shekhar replies from behind “Am i so bad at dressing children ?” Ragini laughs “Ohh god, papa but I still love you !” he sighs as ragini picks manav up “come lets get ready fast or else?” Manav keeps a hand on his forehead “Dadi” she grins.
It’s evening and the gadodia mansion is beautifully decorated. As the guest’s start coming one by one Sulekha(wearing a blue saree and looks mesmerizing) and Sumi (a maroon saree) welcome them.
Ragini’s looks mesmerizing in a beautifull pink dress and manav is wearing a cute blue jacket, white t-shirt and black pant’s. He pouts at himself looking in the mirror ” Manav Gadodia, you look really handsome my boy” she pulls his cheeks as he looks at her annoyed “Bua! don’t pull my cheeks i’m a grown up boy now.” he says miffed.
She laughs ” Ohh god sorry my SRK now come lets go down before your dadi come’s up ”
She takes him down and just then the maheshwari’s enter, laksh is holding shashank who looks cute and bubbly just like swalak.
Swara runs towards ragini and manav “Hii my handsome!!” she pulls his cheeks and takes him from ragini. He hits his head lightly “Offo! you both sister’s when will you stop pulling my cheeks??” he speaks cutely and ragini laugh’s ” I just got a lecture on that a minute ago shona”
Swara pouts innocently ” But we have just one bhanja to do that ”
He points towards laksh and shashank ” Do that to lucky just like mumma does to papa !”
Sunaina blushes and takes him from her ” SHaitaan! go play with your brother’s ”
As the other’s have a talk ragini has her eye’s glued to the door, waiting for someone to come but then as she turns to leave Sujatha stops her midway “Naa chori you’ve promised to talk to him tonight and I trust you please don’t break my trust okay??”
Ragini’s still thinking “Fine, i would stop talking to you also then !” she fold’s her hands and looks at her with anger and ragini smiles ” I promise i would talk to him aunty let him come first atleast. You go and have something till then i’ll be back in a minute ” she reassures a tensed sujatha and leaves towards the lawn as she’s walking, trying to call someone
“I never knew you missed me so much !” She turns and is taken into a bear hug, crushing her.
Taken by a surprise, though not so surprised she pulls away from him and pushes him “Sanskar!” she stares at him annoyed but then he’s so cute to be stayed annoyed at she turns her face aside looking away from him.
He shrugs ” Really? Is this how the gadodia’s treat their guest’s??” he goes towards her and pulls her towards him.
“Is this how guests are supposed to behave ? Hug someone and then complain about them not co-operating ?”
She stares at him, trying to pull away from his grip but he doesn’t budge and she finally give’s up, ” Do you know how much I hate you??” He closes his eyes and grins “Well you could really show me how much you do?” He leans closer to her and his grip on her hands loosens as his finger’s trail her cheeks slowly pulling a strand of hair behind her ears and Finally ragini pushes him making him land straight on the lawn’s bench “Seriously !” he shrugs annoyed as she laugh’s ” One on one sanskar maheshwari this is what you get to make me face the situations you create” she winks at him and runs.
“My son” shekhar looks at harsh emotionally “I thought I would be dying of hunger on my grandson’s birthday”
All laugh at them as harsh gives him a sorry look scratching his head lightly, Ragini come’s in just then and followed by her is sanskar. Swara looks at them worried as ragini speaks ” Bhai let’s cut the cake before the birthday boy himself falls asleep” Harsh nods and all go towards the middle of the hall surrounding the big cake and the birthday boy as the song play’s Manav looks at Ragini who says “Birthday wish first ” he closes his eyes and then blew’s the candles. All clap as he cuts the cake and takes a big piece looking at everyone he feeds it to himself and speaks with the cake in his mouth “Lucky say’s on your birthday you should eat the cake first”
All laugh looking at laksh who seems embarrased by now “It’s a good thing right?”
“Yeah ! being selfish is a real good thing hubby ” swara fake smiles at him .
As the party gets over the guest’s start leaving,
The maheshwari’s leave after a while as swaragini share a hug “take care ” swara caresses ragini’s face worried “swara i’ll talk to him soon and if he doesn’t budge this time I promise I would move on..”
Its 12am as the clock ticks ragini starts turning and tossing on the bed, she gets up with a start screaming “Tarun!!”
Everyone enters the room, just then sumi switches on the light’s and run’s towards ragini, who’s by now sweating profusely.
“Ragu, bacha shushh! calm down there’s no one here breathe .” she complies and calms down slowly. Shekhar closes his eye’s in anger and punches the wall” Shekhar!! not now please just look at her go and sleep i’ll stay here ”
“No maa, I’m fine ” sumi looks at her as she reassures “trust me I am .” As they leave ragini curls up into a ball and closes her eye’s frustrated, tears start flowing through them as she sobs silently “Why did you do this to me tarun? why…”
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