Well beginning with a hiii and sorry this is nidhi here. Some of you guy’s might remember me I’m the writer of the ff’s sister’s forever, swaragini – the beginning, swaragini – meant to be together. Due to exams and admissions procedures i couldn’t continue those ff’s two of them are available on my wattpad id Nidz_055.
Here’s my new ff and this time i promise to be updating it at alternate days and sometimes regular. I would love to continue updating the above ff’s if you guy’s are interested so do comment and yeah do coomment about my new ff too
Iss Rishtey ko kya naam doon …

The maheshwari mansion;
“Good morning maheshwari’s aaj ki taaza khabhar; A mother blackmailing her son with her emotional drama since time unknown”
Uttara (the youngest daughter of maheshwari’s)chirps in the hall as ap stares at her “Uttara..”
“Ohho badi maa, what wrong am i saying just look at my mumma’s nautanki all the time get married beta get married as if she’s telling bhai to get a adhar card or pancard.”
“Even that’s easy uttara but getting a perfect soulmate is next to impossible !” replies swara the third bahu of the maheshwari’s wife of laksh maheshwari and mother to shashank maheshwari(1year old ).

“Naah chori tell me one thing your on my side or her, give my son reasons to get married dont make him run away.”sujatha speaks angrily.
“jiji till sanskar doesn’t budge to me i’m not gonna let a single sip of water go down my throat it’s final now!”sujatha sit’s back on the couch miffed.
“ohh aunty’s on a anshan today so sad ” all turn towards the door ” i thought she would help me decide what’s best for Manav’s birthday tonight dadimaa’s maal puhe or nanimaa’s chena payaash.” Ragini pout’s cutely as the other’s smile knowing what’s gonna happen next. Sujatha gets up from the couch taking in the aroma ” Liar i can smell the kheer from here !”
Ragini smiles at her entering the house ” that’s because my kheer isn’t in the competition aunty ”
Uttara runs and takes the tiffin box from ragini as sujatha yells at her” Naah chori stay away from her it’s for me to decide so i will taste first !” sujatha takes the tiffin box from uttara ” But you were on a anshan right till your son say’s yes to get married ” she sticks her tongue out at her as ap smile’s at the mother daughter fight” let her come in and sit atleast first ”
“Don’t try to be my mother i’m your mother so listen to me and go get the plates ” sujatha drags ragini inside and makes her sit next to her

” Well technically i should be angry on you now, he called you right ” ragini looks down at her hands “Well how can i let my aunty be hungry for that stupid “she touches her shoulder “don’t worry aunty when the time is right he’ll get married”
“Why don’t you talk to him on this topic ragu you guy’s are friends since ages he won’t say no to you” said shivanya the second bahu of the maheshwari’s and wife of ritik maheshwari. They have two son’s (Rehaan and rishabh twins 5years old)
Sujatha looks at her with hopes “Fine i’ll try but… ”
“No if’s and but’s ragini it’s final now you’ll talk to him tonight okay??” Parineeta the eldest bahu of the house wife of adarsh and mother of Aryan (8years ) .
Ragini nods and looks at swara who smiles and reassures her.

The Gadodia mansion,
“Shekhar! look at him! what have you done to him?? Manav! come here dadu is so stupid. This is how you make your grandchild ready on his birthday?? Sunaina!!”
“Maa it’s okay he’s looking so good.” sunaina the bahu of gadodia’s and wife of Harsh gadodia has one son Manav (3yrs)
“Don’t take your papa’s side alway’s let ragini come only she will make manav ready today shekhar go and check whether all preps are done and then call maheshwari’s and ask them to come soon. Till then sulekha go get ready and call your husband if he come’s late tonight both father son duo won’t get dinner”
“See Manav dadi’s gonna keep you hungry on your birhtday”he looks at manav with pity ” Shekhar, I meant you and harsh!”

“But why me!!” shekhar sulks like a kid and manav laugh’s ” Baby dadu” Both saas and bahu laugh together as shekhar chuckles.

Hope you like the ff and don’t forget to comment sorry once again 🙂

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  1. superb I want other ff also

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