ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-9

ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close EPISODE-9

KHUSHI: arnavji tell na where we are going

ARNAV:khushi cant you keep quiet for some time why are you shouting????

KHUSHI:am I shouting????then mr.raizada you have to habituated to this{saying this she shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh}then arnav stops car and kisses her on her lips…………..

ARNAV:{after a long time}then when ever you shout you will get this so you should also get habituated with this samjhii tum??


ARNAV:{hugs her and says} I’m sorry I cant help but wanted to kiss you and I was not like this before and I would never behave like also……….but you came In my life and changed everything of me I promise I will never do this again before this ok??

KHUSHI:arnavji……’s okay ab stop your kissing purana……..

ARNAV:it’s okay then I can kiss you again??

KHUSHI:arnavji!!!!stop your stupid talks

ARNAV: oh sorry come we can go

KHUSHI:kaha iss forest main??

ARNAV:ha come yaar you will find it interesting

KHUSHI:ok…….. they both are holding each other and crossing the row of bamboo trees……

ARNAV:khushi I love you saying this he disappears

KHUSHI: arnavji…..arnavji kaha hey aap???arnavji please come to me I was so afraid please

ARNAV: khushi I’m here come to me walk straight

KHUSHI:arnavji………mey aap se baat nahi karongi

ARNAV:ok but come fastly

KHUSHI:{whispers} laad governer I’m saying that I wont talk to him and he is saying that ok no problem I don’t know that how will I handle him after marriage

ARNAV:khushi come fast even ants also walk speedly than you

KHUSHI:until where…………she is stopped by a shower of flower petels

KHUSHI:wow!!!!!she turns round and round and was about to fall when a pair of strong hands hold her

ARNAV: khushi!!!careful khushi!!!Careful cant you watch

KHUSHI: arnavji this is not fair first I was so happy for your surprise and now you are scolding me

ARNAV:what If you will fall

KHUSHI:when you are here why will I fall???i love you too

ARNAV:will you marry me???i love you so much I will try she stops him

KHUSHI:not try I know you will keep me happy life long and stop this filmly dialogues laad governer you wont suit them and coming to marriage I will think about that ok na


KHUSHI:sorry I wont tell that again

ARNAV:khushi kumari guptha will you do honour of being mrs.khushi kumari guptha singh raizada saying this he shows a ring to her

KHUSHI:yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he slides ring in her hands and kisses her

ARNAV:khushi today morning your would be husband had send something to you and you should were that tomorrow samjhi tum

KHUSHI:why tomorrow

ARNAV: because tomorrow is our youngagement and one week our marriage

KHUSHI: sach??

ARNAV:now come we can have our lunch………..

They had their lovely lunch and arnav dropped khushi to her house and left to his place……….

PRECAP:arshi’s youngament…………..

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  1. Veronica

    Youngagement?? Your autocorrect is funny yaar…Awesome and so romantic….I hope my would be is also romantic like this….Waiting for next

  2. Sravs

    tq vero…………is it really funny…………..ha dont worry he will also be romantic like my arnav……….hehe……..i will upload the next part in this week

  3. Super yaar pls update next part soon

    1. Sravs


    1. Sravs


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