ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-6

ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-6
Arnav:kya hey di
ANJALI: kya huva chote
ARNAV: di I was not here for a week and she didn’t even turn up to call me……she didn’t feel anything for me??
ANJALI: even you didn’t turn to call her chote
ARNAV: ha I thought………she will call me……….i was thinking that……I should do this di actually I should have done this right back……
ANJALI: are you sure that this was the solution of your problem…….
ARNAV: ha yes it was the right thing and it is right time to do this
ANJALI: do you think she will be happy??
ARNAV: that you to know di

Guptha’s house:
KHUSHI:what is this laad governer thinking??he left for one week and came but didn’t informed me??and also he didn’t phoned me….i wanted to talk to him…I wanted to say him that I missed him so much and..and”I LOVE YOU TOO ARNAVJI”
KHUSHI:yes I will surely say this to him and I cant hold this anger on him for so long
(all are in guptha’s house except arnav)

ARNAV: I love you dear
KHUSHI: arnavji I …
ARNAV: oh khushi when did you came…..wait I will talk to you
(saying this asr cuts call saying I love you to the caller once again making khushi stand like a lifeless person)
ARNAV: oh khushi why did you came??
KHUSHI:i..i(she cannot say another word as she heard her love saying love you to some another person)

ARNAV: oh you came to meet payal right??
KHUSHI: ha yes…..
ARNAV: khushi I meet a girl in this trip and she is of my type and I didn’t even knew when I fell for her
ARNAV: khushi as you don’t have any feelings for me and I too didn’t have
ANY FEELINGS FOR YOU(he stressed the last line making her knees go weak)
ARNAV:so I was thinking of…….i mean……we should move on in our life,as I already done
KHUSHI was not able to hear anything except move on she felt so weak and left the place without saying any word to arnav
ARNAV(thought):I know khushi……you will happy for what I did…..promise you will be happy
KHUSHI(thought):what have you done arnavji…….i cant move on in my life without you she cried and reached her house

GARIMA:arey khushi tum aagay??
KHUSHI: ha kya huva amma??
NANI:actually we.. I mean you got a proposal of a guy
BUAJI:most handsome,well settled
PAYAL: and a good pair to you
KHUSHI: if you all ok with him then I was also ok
ANJALI: khushiji take your own time there was no force on you
KHUSHI: no no anjaliji I was fine
ANJALI: khushiji are you happy
KHUSHI: ha I was………..

Khushi’s room:
KHUSHI:(crying) hey devi mayya!!1why this happened to me… his love is so weak ki who hamhe bulakar kisi ko…….kisi se pyar kar raha hey……..but I cant be like him……what to do I cant……I already gave my heart to him….she gets a message then
ARNAV: did you liked him so much that you said yes to him on the day itself
Khushi replied
KHUSHI: ha he is soo good matlab soo good ki I cant resist him……samjhe aap…..
KHUSHI: how come that laad governer came to know about all this……ohh how can I forget Anjali di was also there na….she might have said him…

PRECAP:thinking and you too think guys
Guys I thought to write as it was Sunday as I got some time that I utilised to write this one………tq frnds for your comments and support till know and I was expecting the same ………love you all……share your views it was nice or not????????


  1. Veronica


    |Registered Member

    Nice??…Buddy its more than nice….You are soooooooo talented…It’s a very bful story….I really enjoyed and coming to the nice wala comment….ur ff is just awesome! I really missed it too

  2. Amani Gatta

    Nice😍❤️Arnav and khushi ohhhh I just love them😍episode is mindblowing😇I m too busy in papers will not be able to comment miss it alot😕

    • Sravs



      oh……….i know that you were busy…….although you supported me……….tq tq tq keep supporting me…… u all guys

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