ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – so far but so close – episode 4


ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – so far but so close episode-4
KHUSHI: im sorry di
ANJALI: no khushiji you did no fault I believe you…infact I was happy that I came to know that…
Arnav’s heart broke to hear to his di as she believed khushi but whom she loved didn’t believed her…………
ARNAV: di are you alright

ANJALI: ha chotte I’m alright
ARNAV: khushi are you fine(khushi just ignored him)
KHUSHI: di I was alright but I think you should take rest come with me now sleep ,drink water
ANJALI: khushiji I’m fine ok ok don’t stare me angrily I will sleep
KHUSHI: ok I will cook something for you she leaves to kitchen
ARNAV: please khushi I’m …..i’m
KHUSHI: huh arnavji don’t say sorry you cant say sorry to me…as I was so cheap in our eyes as I was not
ARNAV: bus khushi…please I’m sorry I’m really sorry don’t talk to me like that….
KHUSHI: oh I forgot I have no right to speak to you like this….i’m really sorry
ARNAV: no you have every right on me as you love me
KHUSHI: small correction mr.arnav singh raizada I loved you but not now
ARNAV: but…but…please don’t do this to me khushi………….i love you khushi.

ARNAV: that day when I saw you on that night actually I came to propose you but…
KHUSHI: but what you misunderstood me and that was your love and I didn’t even thought that our pillar of love is so week
KHUSHI: no arnavji I think you are free from me as I was proved innocent you will not marry me for sake of di….you should be happy
ARNAV: no I will definetly marry you for not di’s sake but for my sake for my love sake be ready miss.khushi kumari guptha I will not leave you until you forgive me and don’t worry I will not force you to forgive me and I’m sorry baby
KHUSHI: her mouth opened in ‘O’shaped haring him saying like this wha…what??
ARNAV: what what baby please forgive me I love you so much baby…………

KHUSHI: wow!!!how cute he is no khushi you shouldn’t fell for him but what is his fault he cant keep his di in danger but he shouldn’t behave like this to me but he also realised his mistake that day only thats’y he asked whether I wanted help…… no khushi noo you shouldn’t do this…….
KHUSHI: don’t call me like this mr.arnav singh raizada
ARNAV: like what khushi
KHUSHI: baby…
ARNAV: wow my baby called me baby..tq he kisses her
KHUSHI’S mouth opened in a big’O’shape and her eyes popped out

ARNAV: I will bring some medicines baby for di and you too as you both are looking so week……bye baby I’m sorry and I love you baby
KHUSHI: ha ok go and bring fastly baby(arey what have I did)
ARNAV: what did you called me
KHUSHI: no I was saying baby that means I was going to say that don’t call me baby
ARNAV: ok if I will keep talking to you like this I will never be going
KHUSHI: slightly blushes but hides from arnav ok go
ARNAV: ok sweetheart love you and I’m sorry

Arnnav leaves and khushi keeps her hands on her cheeks and blushes………..she takes food and goes to di to feed her…..

Guys do comment please please please or atleast like my episode that I will come to know how many are interested in my ff……amani thanks for your comment…and vero tq for commenting do support yaar I once again request you to please reply me my dear friends……………………….

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  1. that was awesome really i just love IPKKND

  2. Veronica

    Wow yaar tht was soo cute

    And plz mention whether its Khushi monologue or Arnav’s as I am getting confused in some parts

  3. Soo sweet

  4. Amanigatta

    Awwwww???itx so lovely a broad smile appear on my face while reading it❤️❤️love?miss ipkknd serial more after reading it may drama also had continued like this…but ur ff❤️❤️❤️??upload regular…

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