ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – so far but so close – episode 3


ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON EPISODE-3 so far but so close

KHUSHI felt so free as her jiju promised her that he will never leave her jiji……….but at the same time she is so determined to prove herself to her arnavji………………
KHUSHI: I will surely prove you arnavji
ARNAV: khushi………this broked her thoughts and made herself stand straight in front of him
KHUSHI: ha boliyae..kya baath hey ??
ARNAV: khushi vo….khushi… you want me to help you in…
KHUSHI: bas arnavji…for gods sake stop this drama I can solve my problem and how you thought that I would seek help from you that means can anyone takes help from the person who let them into the touble…
This is so hard to arnav to listen these words from her the person whom he loved so much…
ARNAV: khushi please do forgive me I don’t want to do this to you
KHUSHI: arnavji do you trust me
ARNAV: yes khushi I do
KHUSHI: then why didn’t you trust me that time im sorry arnavji after proving myself I will never show you my face………….
ARNAV: khushi………….she leaves that place

KHUSHI: today I will definitely prove myself as no one are there in my house I will try to expose shyam
Door bell rings
KHUSHI: tum yaha ..??what are you doing here
SHYAM: first let me enter in ………….he comes in pushing her without caring of the door opend

ANJALI: chotte khushiji is alone and I need to give her some gifts come we can go and give her company
ARNAV: ha ok di……………….
KHUSHI: just get lost from my house
SHYAM: I came here to make you mine for ever no one can stop me now
KHUSHI runs from him and he runs after her
SHYAM:how long will you run today no one can save you after that I will kill Anjali and you will b mine
ARNAV beats him so hard
SHYAM: Anjali don’t believe I was just
ANJALI: starts beating him
ARNAV goes near KHUSHI and she hugs him so tightly as she was so tensed
ARNAV: don’t worry khushi iam there
ANJALI: just get lost shyam and don’t show me your face………….shyam leaves
ANJALI: khushiji are you fine
KHUSHI: leaving arnav goes and hugs her sorry di because of me
ANJALI: no no you were not fault I believe you,and I was so happy I came to know this now………..

To be continued

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  1. Amanigatta

    Awwwww❤️its wonderful khash Ye dramai Mai huwa hota itx superb do continue

  2. Veronica

    Awesome yaar… one soon

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