ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-13 {last episode}


Arshi in car {arnav stops car}

ARNAV: khushi what happened to you why are you so silent

KHUSHI: I was just thinking arnavji

ARNAV: what

KHUSHI: she hugs him and says no im so happy that we are going to married and my house came I didn’t saw ok bye arnavji…….

ARNAV: no im not going to leave you{saying this he pulls her more to him}

KHUSHI: arnavji please

ARNAV: hmm ok bye

KHUSHI: bye……


LAVANYA: arey khushi why did it take do much time to come home we reached long back

KHUSHI: {blushes} lavanyaji

LAVANYA: first stop calling me ji yaar please

KHUSHI: ji lavanya

LAVANYA: sounds good so now can we sleep im so tired and tomorrow is some ritual and asr had gave me a big work to do


LAVANYA: just relax it is easier………..ok good night you too sleep


ARNAV:{was sitting on the pool side} I wanted to talk with but what if she slept

KHUSHI:{on the other side} what is this I cant sleep I just wanted to talk to arnavji but what if he slept

ARSHI: one idea I will message her/him

They both reaches a blank message at a time so arnav calls her

ARNAV: didn’t you slept till now

KHUSHI: you also didn’t sleep no but why??

ARNAV: your question is not an answer for my question miss guptha

KHUSHI: so mr. raizada is back ah??

ARNAV: ha ofcourse anything to became your prince charming

KHUSHI: arnavji I love you don’t ever leave me{tears formed in her eyes}

ARNAV: khushi why will I leave you please don’t cry


ARNAV: ok now go and sleep and don’t think more about me

KHUSHI: if I will think more what will happen mr.raizada

ARNAV: nothing ms.guptha after applying haldi also your face colour doesn’t change from red{says by suppressing hi smile}

KHUSHI: arnavji……….

ARNAV: ok ok I wont trouble

KHUSHI: good night

ARNAV: good night

Arshi goes to bed with a smile on their face……

Next morning:

Haldi ritual goes well…….

SHYAM: khushiji don’t worry !!! arnav’s shadi will be happening and you are with me aur after 2 hours your shadi will happen but with me{he laughes cruely}

KHUSHI: shyamji please bhagavan ke liye humme chhod dijiyae


PANDIT: ab saath phere ke liye samay hogay hey

The bride and groom are doing seven steps

LAV:{st} im sorry arnav but what to do I found khushi,s letter stating that lavanya should marry arnav…..

PANDIT: vivaah sampan hua

SHYAM: ab toh shaadi hochuke hogi

ARNAV: khushi………..

KHUSHI: arnavji…

SHYAM: arnav how are you here? If you are here then who is there??

ARNAV: how did you thought I will not watch you while kidnapping khushi and the second answer for your question is………..{he smirks}

LAVANYA: im sorry everyone but I didn’t find any other option

ALL: lavanya!!!!

SHYAM: who is it??

The groom removed his veil and he is NK…

Nk: sorry lavanya but I too didn’t have an option…

ALL: nk !!!!


ARNAV: yes!!! You have another surprise!!!!he looks in a direction{police comes and arrest shyam and now he is under the bars}

LAVANYA: nk!!!! I married you thank god!!!!!

NK: arnav is saved from you but me???

ANJALI: but where are arshi??

ARSHI: here

ANJALI: arnav where were you ??

ARNAV: wait di first let we get married…..panditji start the mantras…

In this twisted way aur iss pyar ko kya naam doon continues…..and aur our arshi remains together forever and ever…..

Sorry sorry uncountable sorries…..please forgive me but do reply this last episode………

Thank you my dear friends….for supporting me from first to last episode……. i will be back within few days how many were interested to read my next story…….please reply…

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