ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-12


ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON- so far but so close EPISODE-12

Thank you friends for your support……….and now lets begin our story…………


ARNAV: khushi you are so innocent but I thought that whatever but I’m so……….

KHUSHI: arnavji what happened to you are you the same arnav singh raizada hey aur you came from another world…….

ARNAV: he shakes his head in negative

KHUSHI: hey devi mayya!!!! Now where should I find my arnavji………I only love him not this person who is infront of me…………now what should I do??

ARNAV:{hugs her} so miss.khushi kumari guptha you don’t love me ah?? So from where will you find your arnavji now.he in the process of loving you stopped behaving like an arrogant and the credit goes to you only future mrs.arnav singh raiazada

KHUSHI: arnavji{playfully hits him}

NK: oh nannav mera bhai sorry ii think I was in wrong time

ARNAV: of course you are nk………now leave we will come soon
KHUSHI: arnavji what have you done…….nanheji wait I will also come with you

NK: oh khushiji come we will go down

KHUSHI: wait for one second I will be back

KHUSHI: {comes to arnav} arnavji I love you{she hugs him}

ARNAV: I love you too

KHUSHI: you also come nah please



KHUSHI: lavanyaji this is nanheji I mean nk arnavji’s cousin and nanheji she is lavanyaji arnavji’s………

ARNAV: business partner

LAVANYA: and khushi’s best friend

KHUSHI: haan{she says smilingly}

NK:ok lavanya you just call me nk you know shortform……………..nanda Kishore is so old fashioned name

BUAJI: hey re nanda Kishore what di you say just now??

NK: nothing buaji I want to go wash room bye……..lavanya meet you soon{he runs from there}

LAVANYA: hahahaha{smiling} is he always like this


GARIMA: so we will leave now

BUAJI: ha ha sanka devi oh sanka devi!!!!!!!!

KHUSHI: ha ha buaji chalo

ANJALI: but cant you stay for some more time??

GARIMA: beta we will meet frequently nah

NANI: ha yes ji ok we will meet next time on haldi

ANJALI: arey no no haldi is not a combination for us did you forgot nani

ARNAV: what the..thats means I cant meet khushi

NK: nannav mera bhai its just a few days matter

LAVANYA: wait nk cant you see asr is s madly in love with khushi

NK: {looking at her} ha ha right whatever you say is right lavanya

AKASH: hmm…nk bhai are you there or you have been

NK: no n im there

NANI: ok ok tomorrow is haldi ritual and payal beta you and akash beta go there to help khushiji ok and we will be here for arnav…………

PAYASH: ok naniji

GARIMA: ok now we will leave

ANJALI:{giggles seeing arnav watching khushi} chote you go and drop khushiji

ARNAV: ok di

ANJALI: nk you drop remaining members and

NK: lavanyaji too na I know as she is khushiji’s bestfriend she will be with her hey nah lavanya???

LAVANYA: ha yes…… lets leave

GARIMA: ha yes come

ARNAV: khushi come lets leave

KHUSHI: ji arnavji………….

Guys im sorry I didn’t upload till now and my exams had finished and I will try to upload regularly ……………..tq keep supporting……………..

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  1. Veronica

    Awesome yaar loved it…. And badly missed ur updates buddy and now finally ur exams are over i hope u get time to update regularly ??

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