ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – so far but so close – episode 1


ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close

The sky is full of twinkling stars and moon which is so attracting is shining on the sky but our arshi were in dilemma as they cannot judge themselves they don’t know what to do right now they were so confused…………..
KHUSHI: I will definitely say arnavji about shyamji but what would he think about me what if he didn’t believe me hey devi mayya!!!!raksh karna hame bahut dar lag raha hey……no no khushi arnavji will definetly believe you afterall he trusts you…..ok devi mayya I decided that I will say to him today……..she starts going to him and he pulls her to his room


KHUSHI: arnavji I wanted to tell you but her words are stopped by arnav
Arnav: I wanted to marry you khushi………with an angry face which was not noticed by khushi
Khushi: but…app…she felt so happy hearing this words from his mouth but wanted listen him for confessing his feling towards her

Arnav:nothing but or what you have to marry me for a six months and it was a contract between us and you have to otherwise I will brek payash into pieces
KHUSHI couldn’t speak anything as she felt someone scracting the earth from her legs………………
ARNAV: why are you behaving as if you were sad by my decision afterall you will be happy that you can enjoy a beautiful life as a businessman wife for atleast 6 months but after that you can do whatever you wanted to do and whomever you wanted to meet
KHUSHI: arnavji why are you speaking to me like this please say this is a joke
ARNAV: what is joke in this you made my life a joke and I cant imagine you are so cheap that you can have a relation with my….

KHUSHI: with whom arnavji what do you wanted to say she screamed now
ARNAV: I know that you are having a relationship with shyam I came to know this and I didn’t thought that you were such a cheater….
KHUSHI: enough arnavji devi mayya ke liyae chup ho gaye please what do you think about yourself that I can keep a relationship with shyamji and its not me who cheated you its he who cheated me saying that he was unmarried and is staying in my house and when I come to know that he was anjaliji’s husband I broked my youngagement but he was all time behind me…..arnav was so shocked to hear that as he can clearly see her pain and this time his heart won over his mind he belived in her

KHUSHI: there is no difference between you and him he also forced me and you also forced me but the only one difference is shyamji is the only person whom I hate more in this whole world and you are the one whom I love soo much than anyone…………
Arnav eyes were turned into red by hearing her confession…..khushi regaining what she said
KHUSHI: no but after this moment I hate you so much than him

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  1. Amanigatta

    Khash Ye dramai Mai huwa hota?I always wanted this?Thankyew sravs☺️itx superbbbbbb continue

  2. Veronica

    Awesome dear

  3. Superb yaar please write next episode fast

  4. Cheryl11

    Too good.. just wished this happened in the drama as well but wen there is Lil bit hatred there is more love… loved the episode. .

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