The episode starts with arshi smiling. Dadi calls every one down for puja. Kushi and arjun start playing dandiya. Arnav comes down. While talking on phone arnav says we’ll reach. He smiles seeing kushi. Rabbave plays. Arjun gets anjali dandiya sticks and starts playing dandiya. Arshi plays dandiya. Rabbave plays. Arnav is mesmerized by kushi’s beauty. Her bindi on forehead and body wrapped with a pink plain ghagra made arnav more close to her. Shyam watches sheetal going towards car. He follows her. Sheetal goes to govt. Department and talks about her visa and 2 hours she would be here itself. He says 2 hrs hmm lets reach anjali nivas. Sharon gets ready and reaches there.

Shyam says lavanyaji? Here? She gets shock seeing arshi too close and that too arnav playing dandiya. She says i want to kill her. Why is kushi in arnav’s house? Shyam says dusra nishana. Payash , arshi, arjun, anjali play dandiya. Dadi smiles. Arnav gets too close. Sharon says arnav and interferes. Nk takes her away saying lets play dandiya and starts playing with her. Arjun gets a call. He says ok. And says arshi i want to talk.

Precap: arnav asks di u should marry arjun. shyam gets closer to anjali. Arjun is going back to his house. He starts packing. Shyam says he would never leave her. Anjali says arjun stop i want to talk. Shyam gets shocked.

Credit to: Sindhu

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  1. nyccc short n sweet jusst as i likee 🙂

  2. These chapters r too short….pls make it as long…..this is like a ten minutes story make it as double,then it will be too good….and ur imagination power is too good…arshi had a good chemistry…that pair was awesome….we miss the serial very much….thanks for giving the story at least….

  3. storry only… which chanel yaar pls tell me yaar.. which chanel…

    1. This is not a serial …. Just a imagination by fan of certain Serial …. It’s just a story … Sorry for this disappointment ….

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