Chapter 2: all are happy and kushi is preparing for her grand party. Arnav reaches office and is happy about kushi suddenly arnav finds that work is undone in his absence and asks his manager about all the work and why models pics aren’t forwarded to agency their deal might broke then manager says that the pics went waste as that agency wanted some 1 new. Arnav gets angry and scolds him and agency and cancels the deal then suddenly he starts murmuring abt agency 1month loss troubling but mrs india sponsoring and kushi’s happiness r happy moments and suddenly stops remembering kushi saying she wants to do smething in lyf! And smiles saying got it! Scene shifts to arrangements in anjali nivas kushi’s mrsindia frnds come and payal welcomes them and goes to call kushi kushi is sitting in front of mirror remembering arnav rabba ve… Plays payal keeps long frock instead of saree which she brought frm germany tour with akash and anjali cmes and cals payal down. Kushi sees that dress and thinks arnav has kept for her she wears it and remembrs al the moments with arnav. She was abt to change bt mrs.india frnds drags her down arnav cmes and kushi feels the heartbeat arnav is shocked by reporters al around house he sees kushi and her leg struck in camera wire. Arnav pushes reporter and catches her. Rabba ve… Plays precap: reporters ask arnav is she the new model ur launching bt kushi signed a contract already fr mrs.india r8? Then he is in loss then another reporter says that the great asr wil fall on his wife’s feet and laughs arnav gets angry arnav catches kushi tightly and blames her for his loss. Her dress torns and she gets hurt. Kyun dard heh itna.. Plays kushi cries and says she is only model for her arnav!

Thanks guyz fr respönse i’l post them daily thank u – sindhu (arjuni tendulkar) do leave ur cmnts down!

Credit to: arjuni tendulkar

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  1. nice tomboy

  2. ThnqU vry much for this… I m really excited!!

  3. Hi Sindhu, I loved this story. From long time I wanted to see or read about continue with ipkkd same characters Arnav and Khushi. Please continue with it. Loads of love and a very very tight hug…. Keep it up.

  4. Hi arjuni, in what serial page are you posting this story. I want to read the first chapter. Please reply….

    Msg from Team: You can find all fan stories in Fan Fiction –
    Specifically this one, you’d have to search:

  5. plz tell me ver dis serial s cuming?
    vat time?

  6. Hi Arjuni, just a little feedback on this story and your writing skills. Please don’t mind it but I just felt to mention that your story is good but there should be more explanation in the scenes. I mean I’m reading lots of stories on manmarziyaan page and every single story is mind blowing, in order of choosing words, scene selection and explanations of things very deeply so we fans can imagine the scene in our eyes. Please continue but explain more each and every trace of the scene, give pauses and full stops, so we can understand the story better. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but I felt like telling you the mistakes so you can improve your work and we will get a very very good story to enjoy. Thanks and keep it up….love you…

  7. Heyy guyzz has ipkknd truly startd again ??!!!! If yeah plzz tell me channel..time..nd also youtube search link plzzzzzz….!!

  8. Nice arju keep it up

  9. Thank u guyz! And i wil write them as u like. With utmost care and up there’s the link where u’l get my chapter 1 in one of the comments. Loads of love and hugs to u too! And which time do u want this update? Pls reply. And in which language hindi or english?

  10. Awww my Arju congrats for ur ff…u write so beautiful…keep it up dear…luv u and miss u….

  11. nyc 1 dr keep updatng

  12. Thnx a lot dr sindhu…if u can update it ipkknd time.i mean 8 Pm..if u write in english evry1 can me kahungi ki hindi me hi likh do :p

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