The epi starts with payash fighting. Anjali laughs. Arjun smiles seeing anjali. Payash leave frm there. Payal catches akash’s ear and says now you speak what were you saying? Ha! Maami enters saying hello hai bi bi! U how dare catching my son’s ear. Akash says hah! Nk says maamiji but he said bad about ladies that they speak a lot and only anjali di doesn’t speak in the whole family. She says ha? Then payal. She says mummyji. She says then u should beat him. Akash sees nk and gets angry saying he lied he too said that. Maami and payal catch akash ears. Payal says then we should punish him also right? Akash laughs. They both runaway from there as payal and maami starts beating them. Anjali loudly laughs. Arjun says you look too gud while laughing. They have an eyelock. Dadi comes there saying kushi where are u? Ur mom and dad arrived. All reach hall. Dadi says u came here first tym after u got cured and takes their aarti. Kushi’s bua says its all krishna’s daya. They come in. They bless anjali. She hugs them. They give prasad to dadi saying they just came from temple. Dadi takes it. Bua asks payal where is kushi and arnavji? Dadi says yeah from morning they didn’t came down. Now also she didn’t reach down. Aarav comes down. He hugs his naana and nanu. They bless him. He asks for sweets. Anjali says ur coming afternoon na cutie! He says yes bua, we’l go shopping and hugs her. She kisses his forehead. He says and hah iam not cutie. All laugh. Nk says he’ll drop him outside near the bus. Here kushi and arnav starts doing arrangements. Arnav says he called sharon. She’ll reach here. Arjun says 1min. He comes up and ask arshi ur done. They smile saying yah di’s surprise is ready! They laugh.

All do aarti of anjali saying no buri nazar wil touch u! She starts enjoying her wedding preparations(though they didn’t get started) arjun says to arshi what have u decided about anjali’s question? They say what? He says anjali wants u to marry again right? Arnav laughs and says its thrice they married but no change i have to see kushi daily! Arjun laughs. Haaye haaye plays. Kushi says hoh? Arnavji? He says jokes apart me and kushi have faced many pbs. But we r 1. Hehheh plays. Rabbave plays. Our love just increases day by day. They have an eyelock. Arjun smiles and says u stay happy. That what matters. His phone rings. He says they r coming. They all smile. Arnav thanks him saying i want u to keep my di happy thanku for thinking abt that. They hug each other. Dadi calls them saying ur mom,dad came here kushi. She rans downstairs and hugs them. Arnav hugs them. They bless them. Nk makes aarav sit in the bus. Sharon reaches there. She handshakes nk saying gud morning. He too smiles saying gud morning my love. She says love he says love love love marriage going in na so.. She says oh he says u here. She says asr called me. In mind she says and i can’t stop myself. She says ok and goes in. Nk says i love u too and u make me crazy and says nannav mere bhai thanks! He goes in. Arnav says sharon. Gudmrng. She says mrng. He says he called her to make a nyc bridal design for her di. She says congrats di. Anjali says thanku lavanya i mean sharanyaji. Just then dadi says no need for that dress. Anjali would wear her mom’s lehenga and kushi says i wil make some changes. Arnav smiles. Sharon says what is she doing here? Maybe arnav called her in same way as he called me. Arnav says sorry i didn’t thought. Nk says u can make my dress. Anjali smiles. Arnav says yeah gud idea why don’t u work upon it. Sharon says yes and says i will make our wedding dresses also asr. Time has come and smiles. Maami says so listen today night there wil be engagement, tmrw morning haldi, night mehendi. Next day marriage what say hello hai bi bi! All clap arjun happily hugs anjali. She is in shock and feels shy. Kushi coughs. All smile. Arnav says kushi ur plan worked to reunite them.

Precap(enemy’s union)maha episode! Shyam stops sheetal and says all about wedding! She says how we wil stop! Shyam says they didn’t give us divorce yet and laughs loudly! And enjoy anjali’s wedding preparations

guyz” love u all.

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ok guyz! Bi tc love u all. And leave ur cmnts down and was it somewhat longer?

Credit to: Sindhu

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