Twinkle sitting in room thinking about Ammar.

Twinkle:so much I’ll try that Kunj habits will not come in ammar but every time I failed day by day I’m recognized that ammar totally become like kunj not in features but his all habits exactly like him.

I never let fall down kunj shadow on my ammar but that relation they have between I never ever cut out how hard I’ll try but end of the day ammar is part of kunj only.. she busy in her thoughts just than there Leela come and sit beside twinkle.

Leela: what happened Twinkle Puttar??

Twinkle:nothing MAA.. Leela read her face.

Leela: I know twinkle what you were thinking about. About ammar na..??

Twinkle:hmm MAA. Don’t you think MAA day by day ammar becoming same like kunj that I don’t wanted. I can’t see my son become like that devil.

Leela: laugh out slightly she took her hands in her hands see twinkle.One thing we can’t change it how much we try to do. When ammar born we all wanted to cut kunj name behind his name haa.But even we too know that not possible if we not connected Kunj name behind him this truth we can’t deny ammar is kunj son only no matter kunj is bad or good.Kunj blood only running in ammar nerves.ab humhare Khush hone ya na hon yeh Kabhi nahi badal shakta hai.I understand this twinkle.

Twinkle:Maa what I’ll do I try myself best.

But what kunj did with me that I can’t forget.I never deny that ammar isn’t kunj son this I can hide from this world but from myself never Maa we all know this truth.

Leela: now you should sleep it’s too late okay.Leela went from there while twinkle sleep along with ammar..

At other side kunj drinking lemonade back to back to get over with varies hangover.
Kunj sitting alone Aditi and Yuvi come with dinner. Aditi keep the food tray on table.

Aditi: now leave this have your food. He look at her.

Kunj: I’m fine.

Yuvi: now please not make us beg in front of you so please have your food without doing any drama. Kunj smile.He having his food. Kunj now leave this all things we should Concentrate on our mission.

Kunj:you were right. I didn’t understand how our plan turned into against us I mean we set up everything. And you aditi what you find??

Aditi:wait she went inside and bring whatever she find in Deewan wardrobe.

See bf this pictures.Kunj and yuvi see pictures.Both caress the photos..

Kunj: what my papa and Yash uncle photo doing in his wardrobe.

Aditi:it’s common sense na bf they work with him so he keeping their photos against them you see this man who he is now?? Kunj and yuvi see and get confused to see this man..

Yuvi:who he is??

Kunj:yup I see him but didn’t clear who he is actually leave it this we have this papers.We don’t have conformed and solid proof against him. First I’ll find out who take my name to twinkle.

Aditi:is it necessary to explain her..

Kunj:not for her but for myself.. if same thing again happened to her that I can’t tolerate Aditi.. Aditi look at Kunj face with love eyes.

Aditi:itna pyaar karte ho bf still.Kunj look at her back.

Kunj:don’t know aditi.This word doesn’t exist in my life.My life main motive is to punish those culprits because of them We lost my life most important person.Till I’ll not make them sufferer I’ll not stay in peace.

Yuvi:yes aditi..we are very near to our destination. We’ll not leave that buster he have to pay for his deeds..

Kunj:he will cry and cursed himself for his sins.He don’t know history will repeat once again in life time so get ready mr Purushottam Deewan your end is come now.I’ll make your life hell whom you thought your heaven that only put you in real hell thats promise of a son..
next day kunj send Yuvi office because if anyone asked about him he can give any excuses nobody doubts on them.Kunj went Deewan mansion secretly he become service man and tell Purushottam caretaker that he come to for service.

Caretaker: show me your card please.

Kunj:yup. Kunj show him fake ID card he see and tell him to come. Please show me the rooms.

Caretaker: yes she take kunj upstairs show him room.While kunj tell aditi to do fake calls on Deewan mansion landline continuously landline phone ringing. You do your work I’ll Come okay she went.

Kunj:chal beta Kunj let’s find it out. What happened in bday party if I find Purushottam you behind this than get ready to see your real bday blast today actually. He leave the room and went in one room there whole mansion cctv camera control room. He went inside and lock the door otherside Aditi keep teasing caretake due to calls.Kunj open the laptop he don’t have that much time to see all clips so he copy in his Pendrive..

At office everyone present there expect that Kunj. Purushottam was very curious where is kunj??

Puru: where is Mr Sarna he didn’t come today also.

Yuvi: sir he is not well that’s why.

Puru: what happened to him.?

Yuvi:woh sir he have some health issues due to this doctor Strictly warn him to not go outside.twinkle get worried about Kunj after Listen Yuvi about kunj she think about him with soft Concern.

Puru:okay he tell him to come back soon he is very important for this project after all his master mind behind this project.

Caretaker:stop doing this nonsense calls okay she cut the calls went upstairs Kunj waiting for to complete the update. He heard someone footsteps get panic. Scene turned&;Caretaker entered in room and see kunj doing his work.Good do it fast. Kunj turned and look at her give smile and take deep breath went in flash back. He see she is coming before her update complete Kunj delete that clip who entered in this room recently so nobody come to know about him he run in room before her. After.

Kunj: okay mam I’m done.

Caretaker: your payment how much??

Kunj:no need of money mam. It’s a free service from our company..

Caretaker:okay. Kunj went from there.

Kunj:finally I’m successful in this.Firstly I’ll go office I had meeting in this I didn’t pay attention on my work.kunj keep bag in his cabin and left for office. Everyone was sitting for meeting Purushottam tell twinkle to give presentation behalf of kunj. Before twinkle get up Kunj open the conference room door everyone look at towards door and see kunj.


Kunj:yes me. He went inside.

Puru: you here I mean you are not well na. He look at Yuvi and understand like usual he make this nonsense health excuse..

Kunj:yes sir but I know my work commitment too. Didn’t care about my health I have to give you presentation so I’m here.

Puru:you never failed me surprise very hard working man I must say. Your parents are really blessed to have son like you.

Kunj:I’m bless I have parents like them. So shall we start the preparations.

Puru:go ahead my man.All settled down while kunj play the CD.Twinkle and abeer looking at Kunj in these days he really become so dull. Kunj didn’t give look to twinkle. Giving his presentation.

Puru:very impressive Kunj.

Kunj: so what you all thinking about this your question please if you have any kind of problem with my ideas..

Abeer:not at all kunj.Everything is perfect. If we go with you than we get profit lot.

Kunj:yes. meeting get over.Twinkle look at Kunj but he turned his gaze.After meeting kunj went in his cabin and busy in something.

At [email protected]@@

He didn’t sit in office immediately left sit in his car and see all party clips Kunj see how waiter come actually he take kunj name to twinkle.She is right at her place who send him.kunj eyes went on Purushottam and Vijay.Kunj

Zoom the and listen their conversation.
Vijay:I wanted this girl.

Puru:she is your tonight enjoy with her. Kunj closed his fist but control on himself..
Kunj see vijay give cheque to Purushottam and he understands now whole actual story.

Kunj:so I’m totally right this two buster behind this now both buddies wait I’ll make your tonight so special.Kunj closed the laptop and call somone.He went somewhere lounge vijay was sitting with some others man kunj take the drink glass and went to him and take seat beside vijay see kunj and started sweating.. he about to get up while kunj held his blazer collar. Arey old man where are you going didn’t you recognise me haa. Arey we met na..
Kunj take him in side.

Vijay:who the hell are you..

Kunj:when you take my name now you don’t know me why you did this haa who told you.

Vijay:that none of your business.Just for that girl you collide with me what so special in her haa saali kunj slap him hard.

Kunj:first mind your tongue don’t dare to take her name from your blo*dy mouth. And she isnot just a girl what you thinking about her.Now open your mouth.. before I’ll call cops and send you in jail and you know the punishment of try to do rape of girl.. and I’ll waste my whole money behind you now it’s good like a good boy open your mouth..

Vijay: if not than.

Kunj: okay kunj take his phone show him cops numbers about to press the call button.. before he did..

Vijay: okay tell me what you wanted.

Kunj:that’s my boy pulled his open your mouth kunj sit on car hood..

So bro why you take my name to twinkle answer me this..

Vijay: Purushottam Deewan told me to used your name when I went to twinkle for to.. he stop.

Kunj:and you take my name she thinking I take 10k from you for her May I right he nodded his head in yes kunj again slap him hard he hold his cheeks. If you do something with her than you know don’t what I’ll do with you both never leave you both.Even you both never ever think about to use any girls for your needs. Cut it down vijay look down and than Kunj. Don’t be scared I’m not heartless I’ll not this 😂😂 man will be man 😜😜.He told you and you did it. Now I’ll give you double money.

Vijay:why what you wanted from me??

Kunj:do one thing for me give any type of statement to cops against you and Purushottam.

Vijay:and they put us in jail are you mad I’ll Hit on my head Itself.

Kunj:Arey wait vijay. Immediately I’ll bring you out of the jail..

Vijay: why you wanted this?

Kunj:you just eat mangos don’t counts gutli okay.If you not than I have proof against you both anyhow you both will go to jail.Now it’s your choice.vijay thing..

Vijay:okay.. he smirked..

Kunj:get ready tomorrow at morning if You open your mouth than I’ll not leave baby.

Vijay:hmm. Kunj leave from there..

Ammar missing kunj like anything but kunj was busy in his work.Whole night he was just counting soon as morning come kunj call vijay but he didn’t answers his calls and understood.Kunj is too smart.

He check the time and left for office he know everyone there only.. he reached office wearing black sunglasses carrying tashan smile on his face he went inside twinkle cabin call everyone twinkle see kunj and get surprised..

Twinkle: what??

Kunj:I come here to clear something Mrs Taneja..

Abeer:now what left kunj. you put allegations on me na that I take money to that person.

Puru: kunj leave this things..

Kunj:myself respect is very important for me. He call someone he come
Purushottam see him started sweating.
Vijay try to run but kunj caught him and bring him here. Kunj grab his collar. He is your culprit he told you na my name now tell her truth that I take money.

Vijay:woh…. no.. twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle: than why you take his name..??

Vijay:someone tell me to take kunj name you both don’t have good terms so I take the advantage of this situation tell you kunj send me and I give money but this all wrong he toh save you from me.

Twinkle:what she come near to him slap him. Kunj look at vijay.

Kunj:good now let’s go.Kunj call cops and send him in jail.Purushottam surprise how kunj get to know about this.Now you all understand I’m not like this type of men’s. Kunj went from there twinkle was hell guilty.Due to misunderstands she told so much to kunj use harsh words for him. She sit on her chair tears escaping from her eyes.

Mehar:see twinkle and abeer I told you na.Kunj is not like this he can’t do this cheap thing.

Abeer:yes mehar you are right I’m so feeling bad I thought so much about him.

Twinkle:he tell me numbers of time but I didn’t trust him.Babaji what I have done I should apologize him what he didn’t do it I put all those unwanted allegations on him. Without any mistakes..

Yuvi and Aditi get so happy but surprised how kunj do it this..

Aditi: you didn’t tell us about this kunj..

Kunj:everything happened at last moment.

Yuvi: whatever but you did great.

Kunj: still something is left. One is went in jail real devil still outside Yuvi.Listen you both I have a solid plan now we don’t have proof against see this project going to complete soon once this completed than we’ll run away again we have to do something to stop him.

Aditi:did you have any plan..

Kunj:yes.i get some information about Purushottam.I know he only tell vijay take my name I can use him for Purushottam.

But I don’t wanted our name comes in this we’ll do something like saanp bhi mar jaye aur laathi bhi na toote..

Yuvi:But hows it possible Kunj??

Kunj:everything is possible Yuvi when you wanted something nobody will stop you.
kachua aur khargosh ki chali bhut now its high time.. let’s began the plan…

Aditi:still kunj did you plan everything..

Kunj:yes without planning I’ll not say this all Aditi.

Yuvi: let’s go and do it..

Kunj:nope today Yuvi let Purushottam sleep today in his luxurious house after tomorrow he’ll sleep in lockup floors..

Ab chalo.. Kunj come out of the cabin Purushottam was standing in side.. he turned and see kunj he went near..

Puru:hey kunjjj..

Kunj:yes sir..

Puru:how you got to know about this he is culprit..

Kunj: sir he was talking to someone so I was there and listen everything. You know him sir.

Puru:no just common friend I don’t know he stoop so low.

Kunj:yes he staying with busters being in their company he too become like them..

Kunj can read Purushottam face he feeling so good to see his condition..After sometimes later.Purushottam was hell shocked what happened today if he take his name than he’ll surely gone.he didn’t getting anything..

Twinkle was hell guilty..ammar come to her and sit beside twinkle.

Ammar:mamma what happened??

Twinkle:nothing baby.You tell me. What my baby done today in school..

Ammar:mamma you know tomorrow in my school fathers day celebration is.. twinkle look at ammar face who looking little gloomy.

Twinkle:haa so..

Ammar:so I’ll not go to school..


Ammar:because mere toh Papa hi nahi hai na( in very sad voice tears formed in his and her eyes immediately) mamma everyone have Papa why not me.even my dost have Papa like you old nanu.Twinkle smile.

Twinkle:ammar who told you. You don’t have Papa I’m your both na baby.

Ammar:no mamma I wanted my Papa who can play with me like my dost pampered when I see my friends I feel so bad..

Twinkle cupped ammar face.. mamma just tell me one thing mere Papa hai bhi hai kya.twinkle can see father cravenness at ammar face.she caress his hairs and cuddles him and closed her eyes and see kunj face.

Twinkle:yes ammar even you too have Papa.
Ammar:where he is mamma..

Twinkle:ammar baby don’t think about this and you’ll go school okay..

Ammar:but what I’ll do Father’s Day celebration for those kids whose have Papa.I always ask you where is my Papa you never tell me anything just one thing he went somewhere you are only my papa and mamma.but sometimes I wanted Papa.

Twinkle:ammar try to understand mamma.

Ammar:you try to understand me mamma.

Twinkle:you have na Papa nanu.

Ammar:he is your Papa not my Papa.My real wale Papa where is.he get sad lay down his back facing to ceiling.Twinkle went near him and lay down next to him teasing him but ammar didn’t stop her.

Twinkle:hey babaji what I’ll do now.Till when I’ll hide this truth from ammar his Papa is here kunj doesn’t interest.First I have to sorry him what I done with him.Twinkle take out kunj photo and look at Kunj photo.She make turned ammar and wiped his tears.My baby.She look at Kunj photo than ammar face.Sorry ammar for this but mamma is helpless my baby your papa don’t know about you baby.Twinkle keep the photo back and sleep with ammar.

Kunj and yuvi find out all details about Purushottam work.Vijay tell kunj some details he used that and send everything to cops..

Kunj:next morning bring surprise for you Purushottam..

Yuvi:right get ready.

Kunj:don’t do anything like that you both know each and everything about this if he went in jail it’s become easy for us to find some proof against him.

Aditi: if he went in jail than problem solve na..

Kunj:not at all Aditi.We don’t have very strong proof saale ne his all crime hideout.

If I wanted to send him in jail that I’ll do long back but I wanted my same his way first I’ll make him trust at me than I’ll break his trust like same he did with our fathers.

Aditi:really kunj you are so sharp mind.. 😂.
Yuvi:you get to know today.

Kunj:just wait and watch Aditi.Whole night kunj and Yuvi didn’t sleep just waiting for morning.Kunj and Yuvi is very happy both didn’t have their breakfast in happiness just left..

Ammar was still sad everyone knows the reason but didn’t tell anything.

Twinkle:baby let’s go school but before we’ll go to gurudwara.

Ammar:mamma please I don’t wanted to go school.

Twinkle:ammar baby please..

Ammar:okay huhu.twinkle and ammar left for gurudwara.They both sitting in front of Babaji.

Twinkle:hey Babaji what I’ll do please help me I can’t see ammar like this.from where I’ll get his papa.

Ammar:god please bring my papa.Today at Father’s Day I wanted to see my papa please. Ammar went outside and closing his eyes still praying to Babaji.From same direction where ammar looking at Kunj and Yuvi coming together. Ammar open his eyes slowly slowly his vision not clear but slightly Kunj glimpse come.First he get surprised closed his eyes and next time he open Yuvi And kunj went from there.. ammar leave this I will sit here till mamma not come back. Kunj and yuvi sits and folding their hands..

Kunj:babaji help us today.

Yuvi:babaji please today not leave that Purushottam he deserves.Twinkle open her eyes and found kunj she lost while kunj too open his eyes see twinkle both look at each other face deeply.Yuvi see this went near kunj ears.Bhai stop staring her not place for romance office there don’t worry 😂😂.KuKunj 

kunj give him death glares and both get up and went from there while twinkle get shocked if kunj see ammar here than become a huge problem.She went and finding ammar before anyone see ammar twinkle lift him and went from there immediately.She drop him school gate and See all kids coming with their fathers.. ammar went in school.

Twinkle:I’m sorry ammar.soon they all reached Purushottam office there he call today everyone.Purushottam too come they all discussing about work till now they had complete.Purushottam get a call from someone he talk to caller get to know something get shocked like anything looking at Kunj.

Purushottam:leave this work here we’ll do it later.All get confused why so suddenly he did this.Kunj and yuvi didn’t understand.They went down in garden. Purushottam stop kunj Sarna..

Kunj:yes what?? Purushottam take out his gun.

Purushottam:did you think you were very smart person haa but not smarter than me.

Kunj:acha I know what I m.. put your gun down..

Purushottam:I’ll not.You didn’t see real face of Purushottam Deewan. Purushottam press the trigger he shoot kunj.Kunj get hurt on his arms.before he shoot more Kunj all others come there after heard gun shoot sound. Kunj body guards come there raise their guns at Purushottam.

Yuvi:kunjj are you fine na.

Kunj:put down your guns.. police come there and see Purushottam having gun in his hand pointing towards kunj who already injured.

Police:what’s going on here haa???

Yuvi:inspector sir please see this Purushottam Deewan Just now he try to kill my friend.

Police: acha inspector went to
Purushottam take gun from his hand.

Purushottam:leave me you don’t know who I’m..

Police:I’ll tell you in jail who you are..

Aditi:don’t leave this inspector sir please.

Purushottam: look at this Kunj Sarna he is absolutely fine you can’t arrest me..

Kunj:yes I’m fine leave him😛😛😝.. he went near Purushottam grab his collar. Did you think you’ll shoot me and I’ll leave you more than you I take self protection. If I wanted than my guards shoot you in one go but that I don’t want. Sorry sir you are wrong at this time if you are Purushottam Deewan even I’m too Kunj Sarna 😎😎..

Police:now let’s go mr Deewan.inspector put handcuffs in his hands to see this kunj and yuvi remember same thing they get so happy to see handcuffs in his hands.

Purushottam: you’ll pay for this kunj I thought you are good man.

Kunj:heheh very lame this from your mouth I mean when you are not good man how can you think I’m.went near his ears.

Wait and watch now I’ll bring your all truth in front of world what you are real. Kunj put something in his hand Purushottam see and get shocked.don’t be shocked it’s help you lot in jail.Now your whole life I’ll make sure stay behind bars..

Purushottam:that’s impossible did you think just Because of this..

Kunj:I know too I can’t be just because of this but wait and watch you’ll get to know in jail in some hours.. please inspector take him in a very nice way. Police taking Purushottam while going Purushottam just looking at Kunj..

Twinkle:what is this..

Kunj:in loudly What goes around comes around..😎😎😎.Yuyu

yuvi and Aditi see kunj slightly blood coming.

Aditi:let’s go hospital..

Kunj:I’m fine Aditi.bullet just passed..

Abeer:kunj you should go hospital..

Twinkle:yes kunj look at twinkle.He didn’t said anything.They all left from there while abeer and twinkle get confused whatever happened just now.Twinkle pulled the curtains and see kunj working in his cabin.

See this man didn’t do dressing of his wounds.twinkle think something. After sometimes later kunj come back in his cabin from washroom see his cabin condition everywhere sorry balloons and card there kunj get confused he turned and find twinkle standing. Kunj started looking down twinkle come near to him.

I’m really sorry kunj whatever I said you that day I don’t have words for my mistake really please forgive without any mistake of yours I blamed you for what you have don’t done it. Please if you can forgive me please. In front of whole office Staff I m guilty for my mistakes everyone come there.I M TWINKLE TANEJA SORRY TO YOU KUNJ SARNA FOR MY WORDS..

Abeer:yes kunj we all sorry.

Aditi:I told you all na my BF can’t do anything like this..

Twinkle: that man only take your name kunj Itself I didn’t..

Kunj:I know this it’s not your mistake you do what you see twinkle and I’m not angry with you about this.Because I know you didn’t do Itself.

Abeer: what about that whatever today kunj I mean Purushottam..

Kunj:if you’ll get to know about him than you’ll get shocked.. wait I’ll show kunj on the tv and in all channels just Purushottam news coming vijay give statement against Purushottam. He is not any business man abeer.

Abeer:than what kunj??

Kunj:he is a pimp not any business man. All get shocked.

Twinkle:how you know about this kunj??

Kunj:you people are just blind went in his bday party can’t you all see what type of peoples are there haa.even never used yours mind who made Orphanage In outskirts place.

Vikram:True kunj..

Kunj:he just wanted we make orphanage for him but he used in his cheap things. What project he give us not for orphanage but it’s a brothel house.he is buster even that night he only take money for twinkle.
Saala procurer..

Twinkle:it’s mean he making us fool.. but world thinking about him he is very nice man.

Yuvi:he hide his crime just because of money Twinkle.Police and all’s in his control you just see he will come out of the lockup too because of his money power..

Twinkle:how you both get to know this much about him..

Kunj:all I can say this dhoka bhi badam ki tarah hai jitna khaoge utni he akal aati hai.

Vikram: what about this project almost we dId it our all hard work will gone.

Kunj:why I already take his sign he handover this project to us now he is no more part of this project what we thought about this project that only happened. Kunj give paper to abeer they see and understand.

Abeer:great kunj I mean..

Kunj:end of this project he put all blames on us run yeh uski fitrat hai.we thanks to god we are safe from this buster.Now it’s your choice if you people wanted to work with us or not if not than we are okay.

Twinkle:I’m okay..

Abeer:even me too.

Yuvi:than let’s cheers Aditi bring champagne she pour in glasses for everyone give them they all cheers up..


At school all students celebrating Father’s Day While ammar was unhappy because he missing his father whom he never ever seen.

Ammar:this dost also not good.. ammar see his friend father give him car in gift which he wanted it..

Kunj:chalo now take rest than from tomorrow we’ll do work..

Abeer: haa.. no negativity..

Kunj:chalo let’s meet with Deewan ji first than I’ll celebrate today is Father’s Day na. Kunj and yuvi left went to police station. Police see them they asked about Purushottam Deewan they both went to him he see him he was sitting inside the bars they both give smile.. tuuuu Yuvi see what happens to him..

Yuvi: haa kunj no ac more important no girls here for his pleasure. Purushottam get up went to them..

Kunj:don’t worry Purushottam uncle.. we are not heartless if you wanted than I’ll provide for you here 😛😛😜. But not girls you wanted pleasure na it’s not necessary only girls can give you 😜.you will get pleasure but In my style Purushottam Deewan.when this police hits you it’s really made me feel so good.

Purushottam: I’ll come out from there than I’ll not leave you both.

Yuvi:let see.Your bad time has come now baby.forget about this you’ll come out from here that we’ll not let happen..

Purushottam: what you people showing

Kunj:yes your truth.but I know you used your power and come out from here. tu dal-dal mai Pat Pat. You’ll come out at morning that’s sure but how this I’ll decided.

Purushottam:don’t think yourself cleaver.

Kunj:stop using your mouth now.Your keys in my hands now. Now you’ll dance on our moves only.

Purushottam:I understand in morning Only.

Kunj:I know this you get someone call and get to know about me and yuvi. Now your all brothel is sealed Purushottam. You know what funny is it your best friend vijay give statement about you 😂😂😂. Here we both dying to collect any proof against you so you come your real place but we are failed every time you decrease our work you take money kunj garb his collar biwi tii Meri woh jiss ki izzat ke saath you think to play haa.. yeh Uska badlaa hai.

Purushottam: biwi what.what you both wanted from me money I’ll give it.

Kunj:money hehe very lame what did you think about us. I’ll used my everything behind you.

Purushottam: you got success in one thing now flying at ninth clouds..I’ll payback to you..

Kunj:if payback is a b*t*h and revenge is a sweet than I must be the sweetest b*t*h you’ll ever meet. I hoped that karma slaps you in the face before I do but I have to do it Itself your karma starts.Yuvi and Kunj laughing.

Purushottam:I didn’t understand why you both behind me..

Kunj:now just sit and think this..

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO HURT SOMEONE’S FEELINGS JUST TO LET THEM UNDERSTAND HOW IT FELT WHEN THEY HURTS OTHERS.okay have your food bye see you soon.They went out of the police station. Yuvi let’s celebrate fathers days what’s say..

Yuvi:But I don’t have father 😛.

Kunj:idiot you are someone father..

Yuvi:yes I totally forgot in this all.

Kunj:you go Sarna Mansion I’ll come there only.

Yuvi: okay they both sits two cars and left.

Kunj went for shopping buy something for Manohar. He call someone he come kunj meet with him.

Man:sir specially for you we bring….
Kunj:thanks for this you don’t know what you have done for me thanks.. Kunj give him payment and left from there.

At Sarna Mansion Yuvi went inside and see ammar and Romir playing video games mahi was feeding them food. Yuvi see this get surprised to see mahi like this.He went towards them.
Yuvi: my bacha party.

Romir:Papa you coming now haa happy Father’s Day.they hugged each other’s. Romir give Yuvi card which he made for him Yuvi see and read Lines which his little baby write for him..

Yuvi:aww my bacha so beautiful.Ammar see Yuvi and Romir get happy sad as well somewhere. Kunj come there he finding Manohar Bebe bring Manohar Kunj went to him and sit on his knees in front of him.
Kunj:Papa happy Father’s Day. Manohar just give plan smile.Papa please get well soon I need you you know what I did Papa that buster is finally in jail.he hugged him.

Today I’m so happy Papa.Everyone celebrating Father’s Day even I too wanted but you are not well.

Bebe:don’t worry soon monu will be fit and fine than you’ll enjoy with him.

Kunj:yes kunj give gift to Manohar.Papa this for you from your son. Yuvi look at wall see his father photo hanging on wall he went near to photo.

Yuvi: all sons bring gifts for their fathers on this day but I’m the one son who bring this flowergarland for my father. Yuvi unroll that old flowergarland and put on new on his photo.Happy Father’s Day Papa.He didn’t get emotional too much now used too he and Kunj exchange days only.

Romir: kunj Chachu what you give Manohar dadu..
Kunj: Kyu you tell me what you both have done for your fathers haa.Romir show him
Hoo this kamine ke itne sweet words 😂.

Yuvi:shut up just spoiling my son.

Kunj:what about you ammar..


Kunj: what??

Ammar: I just celebrated Mother’s Day..


Ammar: I don’t have Papa..

Kunj:hoo so what you can celebrate Father’s Day too. Mahi went from there.
Ammar:on every Father’s Day like other’s I too Make cards but don’t have Papa whom I can give kunj see his card.
Kunj:so cute..
Yuvi:when I’m at your age I used to so same and keep it in drawer.
Ammar:hmm same..
Kunj:where is your father..
Ammar:don’t know mamma just saying I have father but he is not with us..
Kunj: he didn’t stay with you.
Ammar:I never seen him my mamma is single mother.
Kunj:okay ammar don’t be sad.
Yuvi: give your card to kunj and think him as your father for today.
Kunj: what nonsense..
Bebe:so what Yuvi idea was good. Bebe bring cake kunj Yuvi or Ammar,Romir cut the cake together on cake happy Father’s Day written.They feed each other’s.. Romir apply no ammar face he making puppy faces.
Ammar:don’t do this I hate these girls do this,Bebe and yuvi look at each other this line he always used 😂😂..
Yuvi:Bebe in ammar and Kunj there is no difference they are same to same..
Bebe:haa..ammar put cakes on Romir face.
Ammar:I’ll give back sud samet.. Kunj pulled him.
Kunj: today you tell me what your mother really eat your time..
Ammar:hehe Kyu.. 😛😂..
Romir:hiya was always calling him those devil blood he is😂😂..
Ammar:she is devil blood..
Kunj:you come with me.. Kunj take ammar with himself in his room he closed his eyes with his hands. Now open your eyes slowly. Ammar open his eyes and see kunj having box in his hand.
Ammar:what is this dost..
Kunj: take and itself you can see. Ammar take the box but he can’t hold it. arey wait Meri pidhi pehlwan😛. Kunj help him. Ammar try to open the gift wrapping but can’t at all kunj see ammar style and remember something flash back.

Twinkle and Kunj entered in their room they found gift box keeping on bed as soon as Twinkle see the box she gets excited and went to bed started opening the gift box but not happening.
Kunj:Arey wait Meri Amritsar express.

Twinkle:don’t disturb me.
Kunj:you can’t do it
Twinkle: bas sadu.. at last twinkle itself give up and look at Kunj.
Kunj: what any help😂😝.

Twinkle: no woh it’s your gift too na MAA give us both..
Kunj:acha jiii., kunj open the gift box. So chaapter girl pulled her cheeks..

Twinkle:kunnjjjjj.. flash back end kunj see ammar too struggling.
Kunj: ammar I’ll help you na.
Ammar:no dost I can do Itself you don’t disturb.His style of open the gift it’s same like twinkle.
Kunj:even twinkle too same,.but kunj help ammar. He take out the car and look at Kunj.
Ammar: car..
Kunj:yes car which you wanted..
Ammar: it’s real na. Pinch me.
Kunj: okay he went near his cheeks kiss and bite it..
Ammar: ouchhh😂😂.. it’s real my car how you get it..
Kunj:when my dost wanted I’ll get it from anywhere.Now you are happy na.I know nowadays I didn’t meet with you. So it’s a penalty of this..
Ammar: has he hugged him tightly rest his head on his shoulder that night I call you but you didn’t talk to me dost..
Kunj:I know ammar nowadays I’m busy now I’m fully free I’ll give you time.Kunj and ammar joint foreheads..
Ammar:dost you are the best thing happened in my life.when I’m with you. You complete my father empty place in my life.
Kunj:acha.your father is blessed he had son like you.
Ammar:if you had than.
Kunj:find myself the luckiest person in this world to have such a cutie pie😍😍.Kunj and ammar laying down on the bed.Aur what my boy did In this days haa.
Ammar:nothing dost.just playing with my maamu..
Kunj:hoo outside heavy rain started otherside twinkle worried about ammar.

Twinkle:Maa and Papa he didn’t come back till now.
Leela:Twinkle don’t worry he calls me that he is with Romir only.

Twinkle:still Maa see this rain. Just than landline phone ringing. Rt pick up.

Yuvi:hello I’m Romir father ammar is here only due to rain all ways are closed so he can’t come he staying here with us.

Rt:okay please take care of him.
Yuvi: yes don’t worry about him. Rt thinking he heard this voice.They end the calls.

Rt: Twinkle ammar friend father call come that due to rains ammar come so he staying with there..

Twinkle: papaaa how he’ll stay at night you all know he wanted me at night anyhow.
Leela: we know twinkle but now can’t do anything you don’t think about him come let’s have dinner they all sit for dinner. Twinkle thinking about kunj and tell Rt and Leela everything what happened today and Purushottam truth too.

Rt: thanks to god twinkle
Twinkle:yes papa he act like so innocent..

Now happy such a cheap..

At Kunj room ammar watching cartoons happy while kunj just admiring him.
Kunj:after see his smile I feel so good. Till now I didn’t understand our this connection babaji I never felt like what I feel with ammar. Oyye pidhi don’t you want dinner haa..
Ammar: haa I’ll have it you go..
Kunj:okay. Kunj went downstairs sit with everyone for dinner.
Usha: kunj come I’ll feed you today.
Kunj:no Maa you have your food na..
Bebe: haa usha rani nowadays don’t know where you busy always hardly see in Home.
Kunj: what Maa where are you going haa.
Usha: Arey kunj just went in mandir here I feel suffocated so sit in mandir pray for you and your Papa.
Kunj:okay good Maa.
Bebe:aisa lagta nahi hai Usha..
Usha:why Bebe you always thinking this can’t I pray for my son..
Bebe:yes you can.Manohar look at Usha with anger eyes he can’t speak.Usha feeding him in bizarre way….
Romir:ammar didn’t come
Kunj:busy in tv..maa I wanted to tell you something why maya staying here Maa send her to family na without any reasons.
Usha:kunjjj she is your friend na now what happened to you. Don’t know what happened you again this twinkle filling your ears against us haa.. you working with her na..
Kunj:what and how you know I work with her.Usha get stuck now what to do.
Usha:woh mahi told me this you all went in party na mahi was quite surprised she didn’t tell anything Usha gesturing her.
Kunj:haa so what Maa why she’ll fill my ear haa she is happy in her life..
Usha: karamjali..
Kunj:Maa stop it don’t know why you behind her haa always now she isn’t staying with us all relation we break na still.
Usha: what she had done with you. Did you forget..
Kunj:Maa you didn’t like twinkle from the first day when she entered in this house as my wife whatever she did woh baad ki Baath hai..
Bebe:right kunj.You didn’t let her give explanation her.
Kunj:leave this Bebe.Maa please or Maa your maya bahu dream will never fulfilled because..
Usha:because what kya kami hai usse she is know you better than that girl. Understands you kunj and love you too.
Kunj:tears comes in kunj eyes Listen Maa last time she is perfect at her place i m not interested in her at all.she love me it’s her mistake not mine. Mene shadi ki ek baar life me twinkle se first and last.
Usha:why you still thinking about that whore type girl..
Kunj:maaaa In loud way..don’t dare Maa last time in anger I play with someone self respect just come to in your words..
Usha:kunj if you defense her that doesn’t mean she become pure.
Kunj:Maa you are women still you talking like this about another woman. Maa she cheat me not you when I don’t have problems why you..
Usha: tell me one thing why you taking her side..
Kunj:because I love her still get it happy..

Don’t know what happened to you Maa can’t you see my pain for my sake stop abusing her for your son happiness Maa hona na aap Meri. Anita about to speak something kunj cut her please you are my mother na just think about me Maa. Logo ki Maa toh apne bacho ke liye apne dusham ko bhi apna banaleti hai apne bacho ke pyaar ke liye.
Usha:kunj I can do anything for you you know na how much I love you.
Kunj:yes Maa I know how much you love me I love you too.
Manohar in heart: kunjjj don’t come in her words she is not what you were thinking she just playing with our feelings till now she snatch my love did same with you kunjj I’m helpless can’t speak anything tell you that twinkle is innocent even that pictures too.She make our life hell. And that girl too yours and twinkle marriage life.Tears coming from Manohar eyes.
Kunj:Maa please next time don’t.
Usha:Terimarzi kunjj me toh Teri woh hu na.
Kunj:Maa not emotional blackmail. Kunj take food plate for ammar and went in his room. Kunj entered in his room see ammar he went near him. Now stop this cartoon come have your food.
Ammar:hmmm aaa open his mouth kunj smile to see him.He feed him food with his hands.Ammar take hours to have food while kunj didn’t said anything. Later bas dost I’m full.
Kunj:you didn’t have anything just few bites you have to finished this.
Ammar:you behaving like my mamma same.
Kunj:yes now have Kunj make him finished his dinner.Yuvi and Romir come with games they four of them sit on bed playing ludo games.. after games they site ammar and Romir running in whole room kunj and yuvi see them just.
Yuvi:they both get mad kunj whatever you said today to usha chachi correct kunjj..

I don’t know when she knows maya just want to marry you for money still she wanted her only.
Kunj:stop talking about her think this who tell Purushottam about us.we had backup plan today so Save.
Yuvi:even I’m thinking too kunj I mean whatever we planned he come to know and turned our plan. I think someone giving our in formation to him don’t you think.
Kunj:Teri biwi toh nahi hai 😂😂.
Yuvi:can’t say anything yaar.
Kunj:just kidding Arey he can get to know from anywhere..
Yuvi: what about vijay.
Kunj: jail me bas I play game with him too. After statements he thought I’ll leave him nope. After what he have done with twinkle. Yuvi look at Kunj face.
Yuvi: Kunj really you still love him.
Kunj: no I just said to Maa.
Yuvi:you can hide from everyone but not from me kunj.Since childhood we are together. We laugh together cry together falls down together. Both look at each other tears drop falls down.And we lost them together they said together.😭😭..
Kunj:Yuvi we know about Purushottam but I don’t know where is that baby went I mean if Purushottam not than who.why anyone stole someone new born baby.
Yuvi: we don’t know na maybe Purushottam let’s asked him.
Kunj:I’ll apply for his bail papers in some days he get bail than he’ll stay in our custody we’ll do same with him har din woh marega.
Yuvi:kunj you still love twinkle than why you didn’t give her one chance I told you man that time but you just listen your mother.
Kunj:raat gai baath gai Yuvi.. ammar and Romir get tired.
Romir:I’m going to sleep Mamma waiting for me okay.
Ammar:haa go and sleep.
Romir:papa come na..
Yuvi:good night Kunj Sarna and Ammar our Junior kunj 😂😂😛.They both went. Ammar open the drawers and see some photos little baby.
Ammar:dost yeh baby kon hai.. Kunj see photos take from ammar hand.
Kunj: he is my first little friend.
Ammar: ho.
Kunj:see he is so cute ammar get jealous with baby he take photo.
Ammar:kaha he is cute I don’t think so just normal. Kunj sense he is jealous.
Kunj:Acha 😂😂bachu. I miss him.
Ammar: I’m here.
Kunj: haa meri jealous queen 😂..Kunj keep the photos back in drawer.Ammar mess up Kunj hairs while he enjoying it.
Ammar:dost I’ll pulled your cheeks. He pulled kunj cheeks Kunj closed his eye love his sweet Tortured.. he come all over on kunj. While kunj cuddles him with his hands Bebe see this from window both laughing loudly.
Bebe: Babaji this boy bring happiness in my kunj life again he come like a angle in my kunj Sore life.bless him both stay like this..Kunj see ammar sleep on him he place him on bed. Kunj see hand band in Ammar hand he touch and see.
Kunj:this band where I saw. I give same type of hand band to twinkle baby. Kunj this is a band anyone can have.Kunj went in balcony Kunj look at stars. One level finished.Kunj stay like this there in sleep ammar wake up with jerk sit there started crying as soon as Kunj heard his voice he run to him.. what happened ammar don’t. He try to console him but he crying Miserably. He understands get scared in dream. He cuddles him bas bass don’t cry. Kunj left him and take him in balcony keep patting on ammar back.

Twinkle:don’t know how is my ammar.He had habits to wake up in middle of night and started crying.there who will console my son. Later twinkle went in room and sleep while kunj sit in side and sleep in swing chair.Next morning Ammar sleeping on kunj arms and sunlight coming on Their face.Both wake up at the same time and look at each other’s
Kunj:good morning.
Ammar:hmm good morning.
Kunj:let’s get freshen up okay.Kunj and ammar went in washroom.
Ammar:closed your eyes I’ll take bath itself haa..
Kunj:you know how I’ll give you.
Ammar: okay. Kunj giving bath to ammar both playing with water had a great fun..
than Kunj warp towel and he went in room get ready Yuvi come there ammar coming from washroom while holding towel which around his waist.. looking hell cute Yuvi see him and laughing.
Yuvi:hooooooo.. Kunj see this Kitni shy😂. Ladki Teri.
Ammar: I’m not girl okay.
Kunj:leave him Ammar you come to me okay.Kunj bring new clothes for ammar. Yuvi went near bed about to pulled the ammar towel 😂😂..
Kunj: yaar.. Yuvi..
Yuvi: what Yuvi Kunj why he act like girl.
Ammar:I don’t want anyone see my cuteness 😂😂😂😂. Tell him closed his eyes.
Yuvi: why don’t worry we have everything Same 😂you have just in small size 😛😛. Kunj throw cushion at him.
Kunj:closed your eyes na yuvi.. ammar let him see na..Kunj make him wear his clothes
Yuvi: hoo black boxer impressive 😂😂.
Ammar:you have a very bad humour.
Ammar get ready went to dressing table set his hairs.They went downstairs. Have their breakfast later ammar went Taneja Mansion.He run inside twinkle see him get relief.

Twinkle:my baby come back it’s a first time when you stay away from me. How’s you.
Ammar:mamma fine.

Twinkle:looking good..
after sometimes later twinkle spend sometime with ammar than she left for work.Kunj and Yuvi busy in some works..
Kunj and Yuvi in cabin,
Yuvi: after so many days later I feel so good.
Kunj:same Yuvi.. just than twinkle entered in her cabin Kunj and Yuvi see her though window.
Yuvi:she didn’t look like mother 😂😂.
Kunj:shut up……
weather was so good today due to last night rain.Yuvi busy in his work kunj working but staring twinkle too in middles

Same twinkle too admiring Kunj twinkle see Kunj wearing same same to clothes which ammar wore today both looking Ditto..

Twinkle:both Sadu looking cute in this clothes 😛😛. Twinkle don’t again.. Chinki come in twinkle cabin Arey chinki come. She went to her take her seats how’s you.
Chinki:I m fine you are not home so I come here too meet with you.

Twinkle:okay in this condition not good..
Yuvi: Arey what this chinki chipku doing here.
Kunj:how I know Yuvi. After twinkle we didn’t talk to each other always giving me Tashan more than twinkle..
Yuvi:that’s true…
Chinki: aur what you doing haa..

Twinkle:nothing much.. Yuvi went in twinkle cabin..
Yuvi: Arey chinki you here what a surprise. She turned and look at Yuvi..
Chinki: you here Yuvi.
Yuvi: yes now we are partners.. how’s everyone at home.
Chinki: can’t you ask this your wife.
Yuvi: Arey twinkle why your bestie always giving this Tashan to me and kunj. Kitna toh Twinkle nahi deti hai. What kunj have done with you haa.

Twinkle: Yuvi please.
Yuvi: take this file he give and left.
Chinki: twinkle still you working with him you tell me about kunj what he done with you.

Twinkle:Chinki he is innocent..
Chinki:twinkle still yaar.. aeshe insaan ko hell me bhi place na mile maar jana chahiye..

Twinkle:please Chinki don’t said this type of words.. maar uske dushman..
Chinki: twinkle you forget your all pain.

Twinkle: this is my and Kunj matter and we don’t have anything between us..
Chinki: still you care about him why,,

Twinkle: whatever happened Chinki end of the day he is my husband he forget in his wife but I never ever I had issues with me that never I forget.He is father of my son how can I curse him.
Chinki: you love him still twinkle.

Twinkle:yes I still love Kunj she said while looking at Kunj who busy in love ever changed for him he is my first and last love. No matter today we here but for kunj my love never changed. Chinki turned and see kunj.
Chinki:he is here too.

Twinkle:we all work together na Chinki.,
Chinki give smile.
Chinki: I m happy twinkle for you. You get your love one day.

Twinkle:forget this all…
Chinki:chale lets go and have fun together.

Twinkle:hmmm right you go I’ll catch you in some time till than I’ll finish my work.
Chinki:okay bye twinkle.Chinki eyes went in kunj photo which keeping near twinkle laptop. Chinki went out of the cabin and look at Kunj cabin door.Twinkle keep Kunj

Photo back in drawer.Twinkle and Kunj wait for lift. Lift come they went inside see Chinki

Twinkle: you still here.
Chinki: woh I was waiting for lift can’t used stairs.

Twinkle:you did good Kunj standing in side using his phone while Chinki look at Kunj face.They come out of the lift. And went in different directions..

Sometime later twinkle and Chinki planned to go out today.
Ammar:mamma come back soon. And bring panna cotta for me..

Twinkle: okay.. I’ll baby. Chinki pulled ammar cheeks hardly.
Ammar:haa.. aunty..

Twinkle:Chinki he didn’t like it.. little tears come in ammar eyes twinkle see Ammar cheeks become red fully. Aww Chinki you used your all power on my son cheeks Haa twinkle caress his cheeks go and tell fuzu mamma that apply ice pack on your cheeks.
Ammar:hmm Huhu he went from there.
Chinki:just take your revenge from Kunj son 😂😂😂.

Twinkle:so bad you’ll take kunj revenge from my son Chinki.
Chinki:just kidding it 😛😛.. after sometimes later Chinki and twinkle left while they message Abeer and Mehar Rishi or sasha..Kunj went for his meeting

They all reached hotel together went inside.
Aditi:Yuvi here kunj is busy in his work let’s go out na today.
Yuvi:idea was not bad and my jaan where you wanted to go..
Aditi:hmmm don’t let bf get to know about this..
Yuvi:Arey I’ll handle him.. don’t worry mother india.
Aditi: acha father India 😂😂. Aditi get ready and they left.
Abeer:Twinkle your this idea is best I mean from many days we are in stress this needed.
Karan:yes me and my wife finding ways.

Twinkle:today treat from my side..
Chinki:cool.waiter come and take their food orders..Yuvi and Aditi entered together hand to hand.
Aditi:this time you find place very nice..
Yuvi:yes 😛. We get Time to romance.
Yuvi bumped with mehar.
Mehar:Yuvi you here.. Yuvi eyes went everyone and see his face drop down.
Aditi: you here mehar.
Mehar: yes we all friends come here for dinner what about you both where your third partner..
Aditi: he is not with us today. Just think to chill out.
Mehar: why not you both joint us before Yuvi speak anything Aditi Said yes.
Aditi:yes 😛😛. Yuvi come she went with
Mehar While Yuvi curse himself.
Yuvi: what a girl babaji I wanted to spend time with her but look at her huhu.
Aditi:Yuvi come.
Yuvi:yeah I’m coming.
Aditi:hope you all don’t mind.

Twinkle:Arey why will Aditi.
Abeer:what happened Yuvi seemed like your plan flopped.
Yuvi:no nothing is like that..
Abeer:today kunj didn’t come..
Yuvi:woh he had meeting so.he had his own business too.Their food come they started having the food. In same hotel Kunj was there his meeting going on.Kunj was just behind them glass window was between them they can see each other.
Aditi:Yuvi food is very yummy..

Yuvi:haa kha kamini before kunj see us..

Twinkle busy in her food she looking towards poolside due to this her eyes fall on kunj who standing giving his preparation.

Twinkle: what a coincidence.
Yuvi: mean??

Twinkle: last time too we all in same hotel today as well see kunj is also here.
Yuvi: where?? Twinkle show him. Yuvi started choking 😂😂😂… kunjj here.
Aditi:BF is here. Awww. I’ll call him.
Yuvi: aditi he is here for meeting so don’t disturb him.
Aditi:Arey he will not say anything to me.
Mehar: at this time people sleeping and this man working 😛😛.. Aditi calling kunj
Kunj give his presentation and all started clapping for him kunj get happy and they finalized the deal kunj see Aditi calls.
Kunj: yes Aditi.. he come near them just few step away.. bol bhi. Where are you.
Aditi: behind you only kunj see voice coming from back.. he turned and see Aditi sitting having his food while Yuvi who making crying faces..
Kunj: you here he went near table..
Aditi: yes we all come for dinner she winked Yuvi.
Kunj:hoo. Kunj pa come with file.

Pa:sir file.
Kunj:yes tomorrow I wanted report at my desk get it..

Pa:yes sir I’ll..
Aditi: kunj leave this work at this time come joint us.
Kunj:no I’m tired you all carry on..
Aditi pulled kunj forcefully.
Chinki: Yuvi you with Aditi what about mahi.
Yuvi: same question even I can to ask you you are here what about Gautam..
Chinki: very lame I’m with my bestie.
Yuvi:yes here chinki.
Chinki:hoo so she is your friend I thought he is kunj..
Kunj:you should concentrate on your work chinki and don’t take this much stress it’s not good for you.Do you have any problem if Aditi is with me and yuvi. What about mahi don’t you know about her..
Chinki:yes I know I’m just..
Kunj:good. Now complete your dinner Aditi.
Aditi:yes.. do you want..
Kunj:no you have it’s so spicy food.
Yuvi: I’ll oder something for you.. he call waiter. Waiter please bring something sweet food for him.

Waiter: sweet food??
Kunj:shut up Yuvi one pan cake,,

Waiter: no pan cake..
Kunj: okay panna cotta
Yuvi:kunj bache is better than you..
Kunj:so what I can’t have spicy food.You know this.Soon kunj panna cotta comes.

He having his panna cotta while see him.
Yuvi making faces at chinki which abeer see and giggles.. Yuvi started fighting with kunj it’s just a friendly fight he pulled his panna cotta: yuviii
Yuvi:whatttttt Yuvi put panna cotta on kunj cheeks all get surprised and laughing.
Kunj: you wait what I’ll do now. He take water and throw at his face..
Aditi: stop you both.
Kunj: first he started he make his son too his carbon copy.
Yuvi: my son will went on me only what about you. If you have son than he will

To shake this world like you 😂😂

We save..
Kunj:din me bhi you drink Yuvi.Aditi started smelling him which make kunj Laughs out.twinkle see kunj happy face.
After sometimes later kunj about to pay the bills twinkle come there while other’s went down they were in second floor.

Twinkle:wait I’ll pay the bill.
Kunj:it’s okay I’ll pay it..

Twinkle:no twinkle take the bill. While Kunj ask about his bill. Kunj I can pay your too .
Kunj:okay he give the bill and went to lift.
After twinkle too….
Kunj and twinkle went inside the lift. lifts starts.Kunj and twinkle looking at each other’s turned their gaze immediately.
Just than lift started shaking doing

vibrations.Twinkle get scared to see this while kunj started laughing to see twinkle expressions.

Twinkle:how bad you are kunjj..
Kunj:Twinkle look at yourself 😂😂😂😂..

Twinkle started crying kunj see her his smile vanished.. lights went off twinkle hold kunj hand tightly.

Kunj:Twinkle stop don’t get panic I’m here you sit here kunj make her sit down.Kunj on his phone light. Sometimes I thought who you handle son when you are too kid.

Twinkle:shut do something I’m stuck here with you.
Kunj:you should thank to me if you are alone than mummmy mummy karti Rehti.

Twinkle:huhu Sadu Sarna..
Kunj:you siyappa Queen.Than they both realized after a years they call each other siyappa queen and Sadu Sarna.they look at each other’s.tears dropping down from their eyes..kunj going went near twinkle she look at him lift shaking twinkle clutches his shirt tightly.Twinkleeeee

Kunj:you are a siyappa queen everywhere you create siyappa..

Twinkle:whatever you are siyappa queen.

Not me…
Kunj:heheh very lame.Twinkle hairs coming on her face kunj tucked her hairs.

Both can hear each other’s breaths.

While others waiting for them.Kunj pinch twinkle nose and sit in side.

Twinkle:kunjjj do something.
Kunj:wait kunj giving voice.Man come.

Man:sir you have to come lift stop working.
Kunj:okay.Kunj climb up.Twinkle give your hand to me.

Twinkle:hmm kunj forward his hand

Twinkle give to him he pulled her. She hugged him tightly.
Kunj:now let’s go from there.. they both went outside while everyone looking at them.
Yuvi:in which conference you both get busy.
Kunj:in lift.. now let’s go.. and you aditi let’s go. Kunj held Aditi hand take her with him Yuvi looking at them only.
Chinki:Yuvi I’ll give you company..
Yuvi:no need of this he too sit in his car while Chinki laughing..

Twinkle:Chinki tu Bhi na yaar.,,,

Episode end there only..


How was the episode??

Hope you all like..???

And finally Purushottam went in jail.. 

Let’s see now what happened next.??

Give any mistakes..

Bye love you all and thanks for your comments and links… 


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  1. Happy that deewan went to jail
    One more confusing thing why manohar think that
    And about chinki too looking at kunj

  2. Mehrin

    Loved it appi.feeling bad for amar.But episomde was awesome.I think usha is behind all this.Post soon plz plz plz and rssi too plz:)take care.Allah hafiz:)

  3. SSK

    The FF is going great yaar, I loved to see strong Twinkle and Ammar is so cute. The suspense that you have created made me more eager to read each and every episode in one go 🙂 . I am just so happy that you are continuing it and really eager to read what happens next.
    Please post soon dear, love you 🙂

  4. Shalu02

    Amazing episode happy for twinkle say sorry to Kunj post soon

  5. Wow yaar kiya!! This episode was so good and realistic!! Really liked this one.. try and post ASAP! Lots of love 🙂

  6. Shalu02

    Really amazing episode dear twinj little romance is too good I think Usha(hate twinkle very much) and Chinki (loves Kunj and sister-in-law)behind twinj separation. Post soon

  7. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fantastic episode dear post soon

  8. Nice update feeling bad for Aamar and Yuvi post soon

  9. Ohh wow …..mindblowing epi …..👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤
    So finally purshotom is in Jail..😎😎😎
    Kunj proved twinkle that he is innocent…that’s great ..
    Ammar is super cute …rather kunj don’t know ammar is his son …as well as ammar don’t know about his father…but they celebrated fathers day with each other without knowing their relation…loved it ..
    Twinkle too realised her mistake …said sorry to kunj …
    Many things get cleared today…👍👍👍
    Loved it ..😍😍😍😍😍
    Luv u ,😘😘😘

  10. Fantastic episode twinj romance is too good feeling bad for vtwinkle and Aamar plz post soon

  11. Siddha tomar

    Lovely update Aamar is really so cute love Kunj and Aamar bonding post soon

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing superb
    When will Kunj get to know about ammar being his son.
    Just amazing yaar
    Twinkle apologize. She is such a lovely soul.
    I truly love ed it.

  13. Wow finally purshotoam in jail, Twinkle know all truth feeling bad for twinkle post soon

  14. Fabulous episode dear post soon can’t wait anymore to read next part

  15. Tashfia

    Fantastic epi😍😍😍..kunj and ammer bonding was amazing… I wish twinj ka 2 bby jinda hoo..

  16. Hi Kiya love this episode so much and ab tug kunj ki pata chal Jana Chahiye ki Ammar uska beta hai Kitna time lagega du mujhe bad kunj Ka expression dekhna hai kyunki twinkle also suffered so much and this usha toh god knows wat she is doing Di plsss psot soon love you take care

  17. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing episode Kiya
    This usha I hate hate her I’m right bas an manoharse hi umeed h jaldi w/o theek ho jae.
    And this chinki. Now doubt is that was chinki the way she looks at kunj and bechara ammar she pulled his checks in anger I’m sure.
    Im sorry for not commenting on ur previous ff I have read ur wishes thank u so so so much. And others too thanks u so much.
    All mjhe bhi apne nana at abbu ki yaad aarhi thi mene tmhare aur mere abbu ko bhi parh kar bakhsha ar dua bhi ki. Ur like a sister to me that’s why.
    Again thank alot for all of ur wishes.

  18. The episode was extremely awesome
    I loved it
    Plz unite twinkle and kunj

  19. Awesome episode 😄😊😊😊
    Please post soon 😘😘😘😘

  20. Vibhu

    Superb update.
    Great that Deewan went to jail.
    I loved twinkle’s way of apologising.
    Amaar & Kunj are real love 💖
    I think twinkle’s baby daughter is alive and is with Kunj for sure.
    More excited for further updates.
    Seriously can’t wait
    Post soon

  21. Maddy25

    Awsome part!! Plzzzzzz updatd diiii!

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