HELLO GUYS I AM KIARA BACK WITH ANOTHER OS HEHE!!!? hope you all love this as much as you liked my other os??

I’ll start when aniri find out they are sisters and both are married to shivom respectively.

Anika and gauri are seen sitting by the pool late night talking.
Anika: gauri I am so glad I met you after so many years. I always had dreams of my chutki and how she was being snatched from me. I’m so glad that my chutki is now with me and she is om’s wife!!
Gauri: ha di I am also so happy to have my Anika di back!!! I never knew that my long lost di would meet me in OM as her husband’s brother’s wife and both laugh

Anika: by the way gauri how is your and om’s relationship? Do you both get along good?

Gauri says yes di I’m happy I got om as my husband and before he hated me but when he found out bua maa’s truth he started believing me and then slowly he started liking me.
Anika: haan chutki even with shivaay. All he cared about was khoon, khandaan, and family but when he realized that true love isn’t just about that he started loving me too!!
Suddenly gauri says di I was saying since om and shivaay jiju have troubled us so much let’s do something with them. Anika says but chutki I can’t live without shivaay. Gauri says don’t worry di I’m sure it’ll be fun and I would like to see them tensed too.

Anika says okay but not for too long. Gauri nods. She tells Anika the plan and both hi fi eo.
The next morning in shivika’ room
Shivaay is seen getting dressed and says Anika wake up. Please make my breakfast for me. I’m getting really late and I have to leave for a meeting. Anika says shivaay please let me sleep. If you want to eat go make it yourself. Shivaay is like Anika please I don’t have time. She says shivaay! I’m very sleepy and tired. Please let me sleep. He gets surprised by her outburst and says okay never mind. I’m leaving for office and please at least send my lunch to office because you know I hate canteen food. He leaves and Anika wakes up and smiles. She recalls gauri telling her the plan.

we should pretend we are annoyed with our husbands and make them think why we are ignoring them and not doing things for them. Anika says great plan chutki!

in rikara room
Om gets dressed and sees gauri doing puja. He says gauri I have a meeting with some people about sculptures so I won’t be able to have breakfast. Can you have someone send my breakfast over to my office and my lunch as well. You know I never eat office canteen’s food. Gauri pretends she didn’t hear and om leaves. She thinks you have been angry on me before na now it’s your turn mr. Omkara singh oberoi.

Scene 1
Shivaay calls Anika’s phone and she is happy seeing his name flash but she doesn’t pick up the phone. Shivaay thinks Anika please pick up your phone. Anika keeps ignoring his calls and he is like damn it why is my lunch still not here. He checks the time and says 4 pm. I still have long way to go.

Scene 2
Om is seen talking with some sculptors and they ask for his designs. He checks the files but doesn’t seem to find it. He thinks shit I forgot the file at home. Let me call gauri. He calls her and she keeps ignoring his call. Finally she picks it up and om says gauri list….gauri stops him and says what? What? He says gau…she hangs up the phone and laughs. Omkara thinks if I don’t get the files in time I’ll lose this deal and this is my dream project.

I’ve worked for 2 years on this and I can’t let this slip out my hands. He thinks I’m gonna have to go home myself. He gets in his car and starts driving and as soon as he takes off we see someone under his car. It was gauri. She laughs and says omkara singh oberoi you always ignored me too na now I’ll make sure you are troubled. She laughs and recalls cutting the wires so his gas runs out and his car stops. She thanks her internet chachi for the idea.

She says I’m having so much fun but I’ll say sorry to him at night. Om is seen driving and very tensed. Suddenly his car stops and gets mad. He says damn it why did this car stop!? He gets off and sees his gas is out. He says what the hell!? How can my gas finish. I filled it up till the top this morning itself. He checks his watch and says shit just 20 more minutes. He tries to find a lift but can’t. He thinks he has to run home. He starts running and gets home after 10 mins. He has 10 more minutes left. He goes and finds his file and runs out. Gauri says omkara ji! He stops and says gauri not now I really have to go.

Gauri smiles in her mind and thinks not so soon then says at least tell me what you will eat when you come home. He says make whatever I’ll eat it. She says please tell na. He says okay fine just make some paneer masala! He hurriedly leaves. Gauri laughs.
He runs out and thinks shit 7 minutes. He tries going as soon as possible. He gets there but sees the sculptors clients mad. He says mr.das I’m really sorry for…but before he can complete the client says enough mr. Oberoi. You think this is some joke!? We have been waiting here for the past 10 minutes and you’re coming this late. He says I’m really sorry.

Mr. das says no I’m sorry mr. Oberoi but we are braking this deal with you. The person who isn’t punctual at all I wonder how he will handle the project. Om’s eyes get teary but he says please Mr. Das I’m really sorry. He leaves and Om gets teary eyed. He thinks all my 2 years I worked day and night for this and just like that it slipped out my hand!!

Scene 3
Shivaay is seen coming home. It’s late night around 8 pm. He comes home and says Anika! Anika! She comes out and says yes? He says is food ready? She says almost. After sometime omkara is seen coming home. He says gauri! Gauri! She says yes? He says my food? She says almost. He nods. They both go to freshen up while aniri heat up the food. In the kitchen Anika says gauri you know what to do na?

Gauri nods and both hi fi. They go out with the food. Om and shivaay are seen sitting tiredly because they both haven’t eaten since morning and om is more angry because of his dream project that he couldn’t get.

They serve them food and shivom are about to eat when aniri stop them from eating and says one sec let us taste first if it’s good or not. They take it and say yeah it’s fine. They give it back to them. Shivom are about to eat again when aniri stop them. They say wait let me feed you. They are about to put in their mouth when they themselves eat it. Shivaay says Anika what is this? Can you just let us eat? Aniri says sorry and give plates back. Every time shivom are about to eat aniri stop them.

Shivaay is getting annoyed because he is hungry and he feels weak. Om is getting annoyed because he’s hungry and also because his dream project slipped out his hands. After sometime they say okay now you can eat. We won’t disturb you. Shivom look at them and start. Anika and gauri smiles at eo. Shivaay is about to take his first bite when Anika says wait shivaay! People say when people eat from one plate then love grows and she keeps talking and talking and here shivaay is starting to feel weak and dizzy. No one notices yet. She keeps talking and suddenly boom they hear a loud crash and there shivaay is unconscious on the floor. Now aniri get really worried and Anika is shocked. She says shivaay!

om runs to shivaay and says wake up shivaay! Anika says shivaay. Anika says chutki go get some water. Gauri worriedly goes in the kitchen and gets water. They sprinkle water on him but doesn’t wake up. Anika gets tears in her eyes. She says shivaay. Om says bhabhi did shivaay eat his lunch? Anika recalls shivaay asking her but she ignored him and says om he even didn’t have breakfast. He says what! Bhabhi you know na that shivaay is supposed to have his food time to time because he has heart problems and he feels weak when he doesn’t eat. Anika says I know om and I’m really sorry. I was just playing with him. Om says you were playing with his life! Anika is really sorry for what happened.

Gauri can’t see her sister crying so she shouts om why are you yelling at di!? She said na it’s her mistake? She told na that we were just playing with you two. Om says wait a minute “we” what do you mean? Gauri says me and di thought to trouble you both and act as if we’re annoyed with you because you guys were always troubling us before too and you both didn’t really give much time to both of us. Om shouts what!? Gauri you are so childish!? How can you play with someone’s life. Wait wait wait so does this mean that everything that happened from the morning was a plan of you two? Gauri nods yes. It means you were purposely not picking up my calls!? Gauri nods then realizes what she did and is shocked. Om says gauri! Do you know because of you I lost a deal!? Anika says om! Why are you shouting at chutki!? Om says bhabhi you don’t even say a word. I’m sorry I have to speak to you like this but today was very wrong. Gauri do you know what that deal was!? That was my damn dream project!! I worked 2 whole years for that day and night and boom just because of you I lost that project!!!

My mom dreamed of me doing that but you! Om shouts gauri I was calling you because my designs were left home so I was gonna ask you to send it to me through someone but you kept ignoring my calls!!? Plus my gas ran out. Then he remembers something and says one second. I know I filled my gas in the morning itself so there is no way it could’ve ran out unless someone purposely messed with it. He looks at gauri in anger and says it was you right!? You messed with wires and made my gas leak right? Gauri nods teary eyed and scared. He slams his fist in the table near him and says what the hell!!? How can you do this gauri? If you wanted to trouble me you could’ve done something else but why did you have to do it with my work!!? And you bhabhi I didn’t expect this from you either. You are the older one so you’re supposed to explain younger people but you also joined gauri!? I can’t believe you two would do this much just to annoy us. Om says I agree we were not believing you when you told us and we misunderstood you both a lot but what does that have to do with someone’s life and someone’s dream project!!? Om runs in the kitchen leaving aniri shocked and teary eyed. He brings some sweets and feeds him.

Slowly shivaay wakes up. Om says are you okay? Shivaay nods. Anika is coming towards shivaay but om pulls him away and says stay away from my brother and gauri you stay away from me!! He leaves angrily with shivaay towards the room. Shivaay and om stare at eo then suddenly both start laughing and shivaay says oh my god you said all this to them. Om says of course shivaay we had to. If we didn’t overhear them the other day. They both recall that the day gauri was telling Anika the plan shivom were there and heard everything. They thought if they think they’re strong sisters then we will show we are strong brothers and the whole day shivom were acting. Shivaay says now this is called tit for tat. Om says now shivaay let’s go back and tell them everything. Shivaay says yes om I can’t stay mad at them for long.

They turn and get shocked seeing aniri. They are shocked but have a small smile. Gauri goes to om and Anika to shivaay. They say so all this was an act!? Shivom nod. They start playfully hitting them and says you two are so mean. Shivom says well you sisters are mean too. Both laugh then anika says so you falling down was an act shivaay? He nods and then gauri says but om you really lost the dream project na? That was the only real thing na? He says yes but it’s okay because I have you so we both can start again on another dream project. Gauri smiles. Shivika hug and rikara hug. In the background the music iss pyaar ko kya naam doon plays.

Jo pehle huaa naa
Ab hone laga hai
Dil humko jaga kar
Kyun sone laga hai?
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali-khaali shor hai
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali-khaali shor hai
Ho isko main kya kahun?
Kya kahun? tu hi bata…

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? … [x4]

Tujhko dekh kar
Tujhko dekh kar
Aankhein muskuraane lagti hain
Tujhko mill kar
Dhadkne gungunane lagti hain
Aisa hota hai kyun
Mujhko khabar nahin
Pehle kabhi huaa
Aisa asar nahin

Jo mere dil ke paas hai
Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hain
Hoye aise mein kya karun
Kya karun tu hi bata

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? … [x4]


please tell me how this was?

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  1. Awesome. Keep writing dear.?????
    I loved it.?????
    I was hell scared by the condition of Shivaay,and suddenly outburst or anger by Om on Aniri.
    Shivom u rocked today.
    Loved Shivika and Rikara.

    1. Kiara86

      Thank you so much!!


    1. Dear Kiara
      Aapne tho mujhe shock diya.ShiOm Rock,AniRi shock?iam missing RUMYA in your OS.agar wo bhi hotha tho aur maza next time SHIVIKA,RIKARA,RUMYA ko add karke os banana???

      1. Kiara86

        Haha sorry for no rumya but I’ll try adding them in some other OS but thanks again!

    2. Kiara86

      Thank you so much!!

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