iss pyaar ko kya naam doon phir (episode 1)

Story starting when Shyam kidnapped arnav,khushi tried to save him.but goons killed khushi.arnav tried to wake her up.but no use.she died.arnav cried lot. She carried khushi in her arms and went to house. He remembered all moments with khushi.

In home all r shocked to see dead khushi.arnav told abt Shyam and kidnapping and also khushi.hearing this all r shattered.
Police tried to catch Shyam. But no use he already one cant console arnav. He is fully heart broken. His love gone from his life.

Then khushi was cremated. Anjali tried to console Arnav.Arnav didn’t talk with anybody. He didn’t eat anything. Anjali also shattered knowing abt shyam.she worried abt her child but now Arnav his brother need her.
So she took food and went to meet Arnav. He was holding Khushi’s pic.anjali came and asked him to eat.he didn’t speak. Anjali told tat if he didn’t take food, she also won’t take her food and medicine.
Hearing tis arnav got shocked, and asked”di, u didn’t take food &medicine,?r u mad.u also want to go away from me?like our parents and khushi”

Arnav cried and anjali also cried hearing this. Anjali told tat “no chotte,i won’t go any where leaving you”.
Arnav told tat “promise me di,u won’t leave me.u r my only hope, if u went i’ll die”.
Anjali told “no chotte,don’t speak like tat,i will be always with u.first eat tis plz”.

Then both of them eat food.their family smiles seeing their love bond.

Credit to: paree


  1. Khushi

    Hey paree,, it’s nice… But really Khushi is dead?? Then what will happen next??…

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